Taoist Wealth Magic Quick Guide

This is a short and quick guide that anyone could pick up and start using the right way. I will cut it short.

Straightforward Fact

Taoist magic can only be done to get you money indirectly. If you don’t do anything to make money come, magic cannot make money fly to you. If you are already working and have a stable income, magic cannot grow because it’s already fixed. Magic cannot replace physical effort and skills to make money. Such as, you cannot expect people to pay you for crappy products you sell; if it’s crappy, it won’t sell well. However, let’s see what magic can do.

Magic can help you empower and enhance everything you do to create more opportunities and possibilities. For example, emailing someone could result in a yes or a no; magic can help you leverage that toward the yes. Handing out a business card with magic can increase positive feelings so people will like you and want to find you rather than throwing your card in the trash. Pasting a new poster up could also benefit from magic empowerment to make it more attractive, leading to more attention.

What’s even better is that if you don’t have any idea of how you could bring income or make money, you can use magic and ask god for help. There will be more ideas and possibilities that you might discover, which will open you up to a whole new world of opportunities. However, it doesn’t help if all you do is sit or sleep all day and not utilize the time in your life.

The Magic Lesson

I will make it easy, know the TWO God of Wealth.

Munn Choy Sun (God of Wealth for Income)

Trying to get possibilities, opportunities, or any “income,” bringing in ideas, creativities, customers, attention, etc.

Mo Choy Sun (God of Wealth for Spending)

Trying to spend your wealth (money or time) to invest in something, and you need a more fruitful result, something to return or ensure you didn’t invest in the wrong thing.

As linked above, learn the FU HEADs, prayers, etc., in their magic foundation book.

  1. Get initiated or ordained
  2. Learn the FU HEAD of the 2 Gods
  3. Draw the FU HEAD on a piece of paper, clamp it in your palm and say the heart spell 0 in your mind; stomp your left foot 3x and right foot 1x. Bow. Tape these FU HEADs somewhere like it is an altar.
  4. Facing the altar, pray for that god daily 1x. Remember to do the opening and closing prayers to sandwich the actual prayer in the middle. You can see the opening and closing prayer sections in our daily rite book.
  5. Tell the gods about your situation; see instructions in the “dark tunnel” post.
  6. Utilize god’s power by connecting things to the altar and applying the power to your needs. Keep using the magic daily and applying their powers to things.
  7. Always go back to the altar and talk to your gods about things happening recently and how you wish this and that to improve etc. The more you talk to your god, the better it is.

The god’s spell in the FU HEAD book is for the deployment of their powers on things; they use the spell often on things that need empowerment.

Daily prayers are like an investment into god’s power, which helps you build up the connection and relationship with god as you commit to the prayers daily.

Read the disciple blog and learn from it; create something with the altar to carry on you, like a god of wealth charm, which allows the gods from this altar to always stick around you and give you help for things you need help with.

Not yet ordained? Get ordained today and start using the power of the god of wealth!