Taoist Tips for The Desperate Ones

Some challenges in life are very tough; you might end up in a divorce, losing your house, or even being homeless or in much debt. You might feel like life is not ending, but you are already in hell. I have been through big hurdles too, and I know how that feels because it is full of fear and stress, you almost explode, but it doesn’t help even if you do. If you are one of those who came to the Tao here for help, this post will be for you.

What is done is done, what is happening is happening, and there are no magical powers that can undo your life and history. Let’s face reality, you cannot blame anyone, but that is what your life has led you to. It could be a bad husband or wife you have chosen or a bad business partner who betrayed you, but you chose to work with; anything like that is all there because your life, your Yuen Sun, has led you to this mess today. Part of it is your fault, and some of it could be your parent’s fault because their Yuen Sun gave birth to you, which means if they have bad stuff in the Yuen Sun, it would flow to you and bring you bad luck too. Whatever it is, blaming doesn’t help you solve the problem or bring light to the situation.

Your mindset now should be FOCUSED on one thing: finding or being able to see a path that has a light for you. Finding a path to walk on is important; at least you know how to walk out of this mess instead of just trying to cry and blame.

To begin with, you should first “re-align” your life and make everything fall back into a healthier pattern so that you are no longer being unstable and crippled. It all starts with simple steps to re-align your life.

Step 1 – A God Sets the Focus

You must understand that you are the wounded; you cannot keep helping yourself by using your power. After initiation or ordaining, you can rely on the main god Saam Law Jo Si. He is the main power that helps you for now. Learn his FU HEAD in the magic foundation book.

Draw a FU HEAD on a piece of paper, clamp it between your palms, say the heart spell 0 in your heart, stomp the left foot 3x, and right foot 1x. Stick it to the wall like an altar, and this will be the god staying with you for now.

Do the heart incense handsign at the heart level, facing the god, box 1x to connect. Then pull the handsign to the forehead level and speak inside, with eyes closed. After speaking, bow 1x. This is how you would talk to the god locally. The handsign is easy; clamp the palms together, bend down the index fingers and press the thumb over the index fingers.

Tell god what happened before and what the situation is now. DO NOT tell the god “what to do” for you. You would tell god that you wish to have a way to overcome the hurdle and get a better future. Leave it to god to decide how to help you.

This initial talk has started your god; this is your mini-altar already. You can go back to it anytime and talk to god.

Step 2 – Alignment

Set a schedule for your everyday life, such as when to wake up, when is sleep time, the meals time, and everything else should follow a schedule that you set for your day. Do not change it all the time after you have set it; try to follow it as much as you can, which will help you make the energy from your Yuen Sun fall into a pattern that will sync with you.

The eating habit needs to change, do not just “snack” or eat junk food. In this situation, you would need to eat properly so that the energy from the Yuen Sun can flow to you. For your situation now, you should focus on eating more seafood and chicken and less beef, lamb and pork. Veggies and grains are good for you. Remember to drink water with your meals and drink in small sips.

Clothing and objects at home is a big project to work on. First, find all the things that are no longer needed and trash them like a spring cleaning session. Then, find if you have anything related to the bad luck source, for example, the ex’s items etc. Trash. Then, work on slowly changing out personal belongings as described in the Bigu post.

Step 3 – Utilizing the Magic Power on Everything

You can apply the magic power to everything you do and/or let the god at the altar empower it for a better outcome. I am talking about EVERYTHING. Read the disciple blog or ask on LINE to learn how to apply magical powers to things. The more you apply the magic, the more ways you are giving the god to help you.

Nothing beats applying magic to things in life. If you stop here and hope god will “do” the magic for you, you can be prepared for disappointment. The god can help, but only if you do the magic to tell the god where to put his powers into. If you don’t do your part, god won’t know what to do for you.

For example, if you send an email, you can tell god about it and have it empowered for XYZ results etc. If you go out the door, tell god to keep you safe. Read the other posts and learn how to use the magic everywhere. It’s the only way you can get help for real.

Make use of the altar at home, talk to the god often, use its power often, and remember to ask me for guidance if you don’t know how to do things with the mini-altar. While you keep filling up your life with the magic done here and there, you will see things get smoother over time while you keep yourself focused and aligned.

If you have time, learn the prayer and daily chant, and do them daily to show your heart to god so that god would want to help you more. Nothing can replace your work and commitment, just like I cannot eat and sleep for you. Instead of sitting and waiting, take action and let the light come in.