Taoist Pure Energy vs Ordinary

Taoists cultivate “pure” energy because they practice Taoist magic which requires this pure energy for the magic to work and get stronger. The purer you are, the stronger the magic gets. I am talking about when you have to face a life-threatening strong evil spirit or demon, and Taoists can go head-to-head to battle these evil things while ordinary people cannot and can only be bullied. Taoists also need this pure energy to deal with the magic attack when facing strong sorcerers' attacks, while the ordinary ones can only scream and cry for help. It’s hard, and that is why many people failed to become lifetime Taoists.

What is this pure energy? What is ordinary energy?

Well, ordinary people are “fine” with mixing energies of all sorts into their bodies because they don’t even see the difference or feel a thing. They could be going to different temples and churches and playing with people of all backgrounds. Their bodies might already have over 20 types of energies from different religious sources, places, people, and things. Of course, they won’t feel anything wrong because that’s how ordinary people are supposed to be; the energy is like the cloudy and muddy water mixed with tons of elements here and there, while your friends and colleagues are like that too. Like a smoker hanging out with many smokers, you don’t see the problem because you all smoke. However, people who don’t smoke and are used to fresh and clean air would want to die when they get close to this group of smokers!

Some people would say I am harsh and too strict about mixing religions; many do that “anyway.” Yes, many people smoke too, and many do things I don’t do, so what? Look at the pope, the priest who hosts ceremonies in the church, or those like Dalai Lama. Do they practice multiple religious paths? If it is “okay” to do so, why do these PRO-level people keep themselves PURE to their paths?  The truth is, only the crappy ones mix around, and these “masters” who mix religions are always at the lowest class of religious practitioners because they are like trying to get everything but, at the same time, are not good at anything.  Like the saying, “Jack of all trades, but master of none.”

Imagine the power of each religious sect has a specific colour, and you are trying to mix things. You have some blue, red, and green; in the end, you are nothing. The magic of the blue sect requires blue power, which you have none now. The magic of the red sect requires red power, which you also don’t have after mixing all that colours. Sad, right?

The daily cultivation of the cleansing and purification spells in our lineage is not just for show; it’s supposed to be one of the most important things for a Taoist to channel in power from the lineage’s power to purify themselves, turning their energies back to the state that it requires for our magic to work. The more you do this, the purer your magic power is, and the more powerful your magic is, which also means your protection layer is stronger and can defend you from the external elements around you. Up to a certain level, your defending power will be sufficient to keep your energies pure all the time, even with the ordinary pollution around you. However, before getting there, you will still be affected by ordinary energies daily. That is why you must do the magic daily to clean up yourself and purify your energies. It’s a good idea to do the magic before you start the day and after you come home from a day of work and travelling outside.

This pure energy that you have, which belongs to the sect, will be your “immortal energy” 仙氣 (Cian Ki) which allows you to go into the lineage’s network and ascend to the celestial court when you die. If your energy is so polluted and “ordinary,” it would be hard for the Tao to help or bring you into court later. It’s not the Tao not wanting to help you when you die; it’s just that your energy is too dirty to get into the system. Do you see how important it is to cultivate the purity of your immortal chi? If you care about the after-death journey, you must start cleansing and purifying at least 2x a day!

Some people might think staying home or away from society will be better- but that is not true. Magic doesn’t get better and stronger unless you use it more often. Getting polluted, cleaning up, and then being polluted again is a way to build your magic muscles. Don’t fear getting polluted daily; accept reality and learn from the daily experience.

Ordain today to start cultivation, and don’t forget to check out the cleansing and purification spell magic book!