The Magic Effect of Cutting Your Hair

Your body can be a “map” to communicate with your whole system, including the Yuen Sun, soul/ghost-altar, etc. The head symbolizes the Yuen Sun, like a round ball! The top of the head is the entrance to the Yuen Sun, and the neck is the exit from the Yuen Sun down to the “ground” zone.

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The hairs are like the connections your Yuen Sun is outputting to connect to receive things from you, which could be anything from your stress, negative energies or anything you send to it, such as the “gods” as explained in “Tao Gaming."

When you cut the hair, you can cut it just for the sake of cutting the hair shorter, OR you can make it magical by cutting it to cut off the connections going up to the Yuen Sun. What don’t you want to send up there? Evil crap, magic, and magic attacks that can RUIN your Yuen Sun.

If you are being attacked by evil magic, you can chop the hair and get those bad guys “cut off” and get a “refresh” of luck. This will not replace the official magic to battle off the sorcerers if they are getting serious with the attacks because they can be doing magic on a schedule to work on you daily. However, this “cut” cut at least get most of the attacks a “cut off,” and many might not reconnect anyway.

Extending from this, you can also symbolically use a scissor to cut a few hairs off (like trimming) to signal to “cut” to a specific source. For example, if you knew someone was doing magic on you just now, you can cut a few hairs off in the bathroom for “cutting off” that magic. Once you did it, they would have to redo the whole thing to connect to you again since this magic they have done is already “cut off.”

For the hair, you can throw them out as garbage. But if you are worried about them, you can always use the spell below to end the connections, and so they are nothing but just garbage without the possibility of people using them to track you down with magic.


Tian Whuo Gi, Di Whuo Gi, 

Yim Yang Whuo Gi, Bye Whuo Gim Gi,

Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong!

You do not need to cut the hair all the time to do magic, but if you are going to get a haircut anyway, you could use the opportunity. It’s just one of the many things we can do!

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