Truth of the Taoism Celestial Troops

Some people call it the spiritual troops, some call it the celestial troops, but to us, we just call them our “troops” because they have different levels and types, celestial is only one of the many types. What if I told you that even ANY religion has their troops as well? Maybe they don’t call it “troop”, but in another name. To fully understand what is the “troop”, we need to dig into this article and deeply dissect the whole mechanics of magic to let you understand what it is all about. You are learning the real thing here, not the HISTORY of Taoism here, so don’t ask me where this and that was stated in which book. If you want to read books, we recommend “My First Taoism Book”!

Birth of The Troop

A troop is just a person before he is a troop, the person can who gets into an army becomes the troop. Who is this person? Read up on the article on “spiritual embryo” the Sun Toy 神胎. In short, your heart (the energy heart) power gave birth to a clone of itself, and this became the embryo, and when it matures, it becomes a god in the spiritual dimension, like a person, and this person is the “troop” that you can use later for doing whatever you assigned.

You might think that how come just giving out some heart energy will become a “person” in that spiritual dimension, and then some intention and such will make it turn into a “being”?!  That sounds so absurd!  Well, let me ask you how can you picture yourself before you were a human? You were once just a puddle of white liquid called sperm. From that, and now this, can you relate the two? So how hard is it to understand that the heart power can turn into a “being” in the spiritual dimension?

Okay, now that you know how this “person” is born in the spiritual dimension, then think about it this way. If you can give birth to one and then two and then more who all reside into your altar’s spiritual inner world, they will eventually be gathered up as a group.

Now think about it again, what if not just you, but many people, or even the other people in the preheaven world such as our gods in the celestial courts are also doing the same thing to “make more people” over time. Then you have a large population of these spiritual troops, and when grouped up, there goes an army.

These are also happening in all religious paths even they do not call it a “troop” or “army”. It’s the spiritual force they use to do their magic, and it is not just a Taoism thing but something that is happening everywhere, in all religions.

A spiritual embryo is born when FAITH is being output, which is a drop of heart energy. Then when the intention is being given, and a mission is assigned to the embryo, it will mature up and turn into the “being” form, and this maturity stage only takes a matter of seconds.  Then when you “pray” and ask it to do something for you, it will become the god that does it for you. Seriously, this is happening everywhere even they don’t call it “troop”. You can call it angels, spiritual guides, whatever thing. Just that the difference is some are not systematic and organized, while Taoism has a whole systematic way to organize them, train them, and use them.


Types of Troops

There are “celestial” troops which we call Tin Bing 天兵, they are troops that are in the celestial court, which are mostly born from the preheaven side and not human-created.

There are altar troops which we call Taan Bing 壇兵, they are composed of your troop and troops sent by the celestial court to guard and help your altar.

There are personal troops 子弟兵, who are created by yourself (like what we mentioned in the previous section), and these are also cultivated at the altar later on when you do things at the altar, so they get into the altar and become part of the altar troop.

There are thunder troops 雷兵, who are responsible for deploying the magic powers to the subject, these are specialized troops who go out and do things. They are usually trained by the altar or the celestial court. You can read on the “thunder magic” to know more about what this thunder is about.

There are Yin troops 陰兵, who are troops that work for the lower department of the altar, commanded by the landlord deity. These troops are responsible for doing things for the altar, and also to fight when the altar needs to clash and crash with other intruders.

Every camps of troops there will be leaders too, and they become the “General” of the group.

Besides that, we have other troops named after their camps or group names, such as the Five Camp Troops 五營兵, the Bagwa Army Troop 八卦神兵, the Five Fierce Troops 五猖兵, and many others. It’s just the name of the specific group. You can create one too, and the question is do you have the troops and can you communicate with them, do they listen to you, and why shall they listen to you?

Authority and Powers

That is right, it is very easy to make spiritual “beings” and troops, and every religious path will have a way to make and use them. However, how come they will listen to you and do what you say, what gives you the power to do so?

Let me simplify this – it is because you gave it life by using your heart power, the FAITH, and that is why it listens to you. Its heart is born from your heart. If you have faith in the troop, the troop will die for you.  If you don’t have faith in your magic, your troops, then they won’t give a beep about you. That’s just so simple, right?  No matter what religious beliefs, your main power comes from your heart, which is demonstrated by faith. 

Faith is a form of blind belief without condition. No question, no need to proof, no evidence required, you JUST believe it will be good, then it is good. That’s faith. If you are skeptical, doubtful, and not confident about it, faith is gone. 

Taoism’s version of the troops is very organized and has a systematic way of using them or even lending troops to your friends or other people in the lineage.

When you are cultivating at an advanced level, you can also go into the spiritual dimension and see the troops too, they do look like soldiers and not like just “energy” for sure. Honest words here, treat them just like humans and you won’t go wrong. They are really “real” in that world, and they are just like another human beings in that world.

Ordain today to learn more and even to cultivate your own troops!