What is a Magic Warfare in Taoism

What is a Magic Warfare in Taoism

We talk about magic battle and magic warfare all the time, no matter its Taoismor other religions and occults. Whatever the religion, paths or methods it is, the theory is the same and here we will let you know what real magic battle or magic warfare is about.

The word for this is called Dull-Faat 鬦法 in Chinese, and most people get it as “鬥法” like fighting or competing. Both can bring the message across but the first one is more precise and accurate for describing the situation.

In our article on “Creating your God for War”, you can already understand what statue and gods are about. If you have not read that article yet, please do so when you have the time!  It’s one of our best articles!

The Magic War Structure

Dull Faat or magic warfare is basically like two-party that fight to see who win, and the winner can make the call for what to happen next in reality. Keep in mind, that energies do not have any power to think on their own, it is the “intention of human beings” that sets the intention.

One side wants to attack, and so this attacking party will send off a bunch of creation energies, ready to “create something” or make something to happen on the other party’s end. When energies were sent to the other party’s side, the thing that is protecting the person will block it and start to resist.

What protects a human being? The house!  Usually, when you get a magic attack, your house will take the load for you and protect you, just like how it protects you in reality from the animals and storms.

When you get attacked by any evil magic or sorcery, you will see things at home starting to break, get damaged, water leaks, things stop working, or even things start to show signs of wear and tear very soon.

Some people asked me, why so many people do evil magic on the president to curse him and he is still alive? That is true, the more successful you are in life, the richer you are, the bigger your house and the more belongings you have at home to “share the load” for you.

Imagine that your car, your 10 or 20 houses, your acres of farmland are trying to eat the magic attack for you. Compared to all that attack energy combined into one tiny room in an apartment only? 

Doing evil magic to hurt the rich people is hard because they have so many things to share the load and all your attack energy got split up into so many zillion portions, resulting in no effect at the end.

That is why you should not say being materialistic in life is bad because all these things help you share the load when people attack you with magic too!

What is the next thing that can be the target before you? What do people do to protect their house in normal daily life?

That’s right, pets. You can see people having all kinds of pets to protect the house from being “attacked” by all sorts of things. Cats, dogs, whatever it takes to get the animals to guard your house against things coming in. These pets will be the next in line to take the load for you in a magic battle, after the house and dead objects.

A lot of magic masters in the Asian culture will have dogs, because they know the dogs are great as an absorbent and dogs are loyal, meaning that they bind to human much better by the heart, and can eat the load for them much more. Cats have too much brain power, and they require too much care and love to make them a loyal cat.  Between dogs and cats, dogs are more preferred by most magic masters because of this factor.

What’s next after the pets and animal?  Then there comes the weakest or youngest in the house, such as kids, or the women, or the old people. Everyone will take a bit of the magic attack and try to distribute it from a big load of energy into many small portions.

As you can see, doing magic on someone is not as easy as it seems sometimes. Even the magic is targeted at someone specifically, the energy will fly over and still be distributed due to how nature works.

Everything you own, including clothing, can help you to absorb a bit of these magic attacks. That is why it is very important to have more things in life and stuff up your house with good things!

The poor people doing evil magic to each other is very easy to see results because they don't have much property. That is why when an evil cult want you to "completely" be defeated by their evil magic and go their way, this cult will use all sorts of way to tell you to detach from materialistic things, get rid of your house, your car, your properties and live with the minimal things in life.

What else do you have to share the load for you if you are living in a bare and naked state? 

How to Fight

Fighting in a magic warfare comes into play when the resistance is there from the defendant’s side. Usually, the attacker will have something that they want to happen, such as having the other person kill himself, jump off the roof, keep seeing scary illusions, chopping his wife with a knife, kill his girlfriend, etc.

If this intention kicks in and the other victim got some logic sense, he will feel a moment of resistance. When the mental struggle kicks in, that is the “fighting” part.

When your mind can be strong enough to fight off this feeling in your heart, then you can win the battle, but usually it is close to impossible to win if the other guy is a real professional sorcerer, because his energies that he has sent over with his “gods power” is usually highly cultivated. A normal person is no match for this kind of power, just like you cannot push a truck backward.

If you have an altar, like the one we have in Saam Law Sun Gung, then your altar will immediately sense the attack when it first arrives at the location. This is the good thing about the magic altar, because it is always the FIRST thing that blocks the attack, avoiding your house and pets from suffering too.

Our altar also have a bunch of FU Talismans taped in front of the table, which is also to guard your altar and help it do work, including to fight off magic attacks for you before your house takes the load!

Defending and Winning the War

That’s right, God of War, it’s a big magic battle of “gods”. When they push their “god energy” over to you, they want ABC to happen and your altar will also output a bunch of energy saying ABC cannot happen, this is not our owner’s command. The altar does not think on its own because it is just energies and not a human being. Therefore, it’s just two bunch of energies trying to see who is stronger after a big struggling period.

When the owner of the defending altar fire up his altar, do work, daily rituals and all that magic work, the altar will amplify its energy and get much stronger too, resulting in pushing out this attacking energy further. As the defendant keep on cultivating his own magic work and fighting the mental resistance, he is actually in the process of fighting this magic war already.

Don’t be too happy, the other guy on the other end is also doing the same to pump up his altar and fuel this magic by doing daily spells and rituals while the attack is sent out of his base!

Once a winner is decided, ALL the energies in the battlefield will be all go ONE WAY only, and that is the way of the winner. If the attack is successful, the defendant will be hit VERY badly by the attacking force AND his own altar’s energy.

If the attacker loses the battle, everything he sent out plus the defendant’s altar energy will all fly back to him and do the same magic he cast on him, and now the effect or power got multiplied because of the war process that got it all snowballed up.


Who Can Be Attacking You?

You might wonder who on earth could be doing evil magic or magic attacks on you. You aren't even a sorcery on the market or doing anything bad.  Maybe it's time to realize that you won't be safe in this world even you are being a good boy or good girl, and bullies at school will pick on you even you a great student.

A person worshipping or praying to things, or he is going to a religious place all the time, or having his own altar at home all the time, can be one of the attackers. Read our article on "how to create god and fight" and you will know how easy it gets to attack with magic or evil magic.

A person can be attacking you without knowing he or she is doing a "magic attack" too. That is the scary part, because these people got tagged and tapped by spirits in the mid-air while they are not noticing it, and so the spirits try to "fulfill their wishes" while they "pray" in the air.  The spirits will attack "for" this person, using their energies as the power source. If the attack failed, it will go back to this person and not the spirit!


How to Win a Magic Battle for Sure

Be in our lineage and learn Saam Law Sun Gung, have a strong altar and cultivate as told. Remember to be pro-active in the lineage by always showing up and asking questions, make the sifu(s) like and know you!  When you get a magic attack coming in, your altar will be supported by the whole lineage’s power network, which will already eat most of that force for you.

Secondly, you are not like those useless prayers who just know how to pray to god for help when things happen. You are learning in a lineage that is super professional in magic and can understand exactly what happen in a magic warfare situation. There is all the knowledge that can lead you to decode what is happening, how to spot the attacked property and how to do specific work to backfire or even attack the other person back and nuke their altar down while they are trying to attack.

Wisdom, Strategy, and Support from the lineage will make you win all the magic battles coming at you and trying to harm you. You will not lose one single magic battle in our lineage if you are a good disciple.  That is the best advice ever! 

If you want to protect yourself and your family from any surprise attack from any magic attacks, get ordained, build an altar nicely, gear up, and you are all good!  We don’t fear any magic warfare in our lineage because we know how it works, and we know what it takes to win and protect ourselves!