What is a Magic Warfare in Taoism

This is exciting, we are talking about real magic warfare, where people fire magic at each other and try to kick each other’s butt. I am not joking; this is real and I guarantee you that you will understand what it is really about after this article. I am starting it off by telling you how YOU and other people will stir up a magic warfare without even knowing first, then we will go into the pro level where two parties fight with magic professionally.

Ordinary Level

The magic warfare starts from a magic battle, which is basically two people fighting, to a larger scale like two teams or clan fighting. By the definition of fighting, it’s just like planets fighting each other, they crash on each other and see who is stronger. It is a form of competition, and sometimes it could be friendly, sometimes it could be not.

When you are a child, your parents already push you to compete with people around you, such as your siblings, your cousins, and your friends. You know that it feels not good when that happens, and you want to win because you know you will feel worse if you don’t. You see, it’s all about your feeling, which is generated by the heart. It is a battle of the hearts and not the actual format of the competition. No matter it is swimming, drawing, or running, it’s all about crushing each other’s hearts. The winner feels great, loser feels bad. What is actually the thing that the winner is getting from you is your heart energy, which is the life force that you need to keep going in life, and what gives you confidence, happiness, and faith.

Your parents will say “No worry, it’s just a game” and then tell you to not feel bad about losing. However, the fact is that you still feel bad, right?  Of course, because your heart was put into the competition, you have invested already, and that portion of heart juice was lost to the other side; they have gotten your heart energy already.

How to really not feel bad from one of these “battle”?  By not putting your heart into it, like you don’t even have faith in it, you don’t care about it, you don’t really “want” to win, there is no desire, no feelings, no nothing, then you have nothing to lose because you never invested.

However, you also have nothing to win from it either. The more you output as the “bet”, the more you can win from the other side if you are the winner at the end. The less you output the less you can win from them too. Therefore, if you aren’t really battling for real, you are purely wasting your time. Yes, you don’t get hurt, but you don’t get anything either, and you just wasted your time, your life, and your potential in life.

This is it, this is magic battle! Whenever you have something to compete with people regardless of single or multiple opponent, you are crushing each others with your heart power, the winner will get the invested heart energy from the others, resulting in them being more confident, more faithful to themselves, and more power in the heart that can make them change their life in reality toward the way they want.

Here is a hack for you. If you really want to be those people who can think of something then somehow that thing can happen, you can try to go around and compete with people all the time, but make sure you bully the weaklings and win over them. You chew up the weaker ones first to build up your heart energy, then you go for the harder opponent to really get the big loot. When you do this a lot, you will win a lot (or lose a lot), and that heart juice you got form the loot, is what helps you shape reality the way you want.

In reality, we all know how this is done, because we have something call “training wheel” mode all the time. It’s like when you are about to learn something hard, people give you lessons on something very easy and let you win and win, so you feel good and confident, then they level up the difficulties, just like in video games and sports.

There are people who invest a LOT of heart power into one battle, like those playing this kind of game for a career (like Olympics for example), they can lose and become heartbroken, they will cry and scream and break down, because of the whole investment they have put into it, resulting in the loss at the end. Those who won, are winning some BIG loot.

Professional Level

Magic battles in the professional level, like sorcerer versus sorcerer, it is the same idea. However, our battle is not about our own heart only, it is about the heart at the altar. It’s all about the gods at the altar fighting the other altar’s gods. Sometimes it could be like a place, like a church, fighting another church. It is just about a team of spiritual higher powers fighting the other team. The loser can be facing some very devastating impacts, such as sickness, losing their career, breaking up with families, or even death.

The one and only one point you need to know is that NEVER challenge people to a magic battle like you are the king of the world because you are always going to potentially face a TEAM of people fighting you and not just one. When that person fights you, they will call up their friends and people to gang up on you, and suddenly you could be facing a team of 200 altars at once. Especially in the spiritual world, it is very easy to call up to each other and get help. The same goes to our lineage too, we can call up our team, the whole lineage, plus the celestial court, and crush our enemies down too. You never know how many “people” you are facing, until the actual battle start, and it could be too late when you realize what you are facing. That is why we need to cultivate and train our troops everyday to make sure they are battle-ready!  Just to prepare for that day when we need them to fight!

Ordain today, because you can be part of our lineage, and if anyone is about to do magic to you, at least you are not fighting alone anymore. You have backups here, and you are covered!