Taoist Magic Bagwa Mirrors 101

Bagwa mirrors are Taoist magical tools, and they cannot be replaced by other mirrors because the key point is “bagwa”. A lot of people think that the bagwa is just a “gimmick” you can just use ANY mirror; a lot of Feng Shui “masters” say that. They opt for a circular mirror with a red frame or something else that is less “religious”. I just shake my head at these people, they totally don’t understand the whole concept at all. Let me teach everything this important lesson to make it clear for everyone from grade 1 and up!

By the way, those bagwa mirrors that come with a FU on the back - that FU doesn't work, it's a fake printed decorative design only. In fact, no tools will be magical just because you bought the object. You need to do magic to it to make it magical.

Why Bagwa and Mirror

A mirror is a tool that reflects light, it’s a metaphor, meaning the tool that allows the light of “X” to be bounced off. X could be a god, named ABC or XYZ. Bagwa mirror is the light of BAGWA JO SI 八卦祖師, who is the main god of your local altar upper level. If you don’t have an altar, don’t have a Bagwa Jo Si, your mirror is nothing but a mirror because the “Bagwa” is missing. 

The “light” here, in simple wording, is the power of that god.

As you can see now, this is a magical tool that “project the power of a god” by using the mirror, it could also be a flashlight if we want to use a modern method to represent the same idea, just that there is no flashlight in the past so we used the mirror.

Different Kinds of Mirror

There are 3 kinds of mirrors that are used for the bagwa mirror, flat, convex and concave. They represent what you want the power to do with the subject that you are beaming the light toward.

A flat mirror is just to connect whatever the mirror sees to the god, so the god can overwatch and “connect” to the place, if anything happens, the god can beam over the power. Imagine opening a webcam for the god to see what’s there.

A convex mirror is a mirror that curves outwards like a bow. Its purpose is to beam “out” the power, projecting a focused powerful beam to something, and it is more offensive. This is usually used to crush against evils or bad energies that you need to destroy.

A concave mirror is a mirror that curves inward like a bowl. Its purpose is to beam over the power to suck things in like a blackhole, and this will allow the god to suck in whatever negative and capture things into the altar.

How to Use

The bagwa mirror must be sanctified to be a legit magical tool. The mirror is also customizable to assign the power to do whatever things you have assigned the power to do.

The back of the mirror is what power it connects to. So usually there is a FU that says which god connects to this mirror. For newbies in the lineage, you can write a Saam Law FU HEAD at the back to connect it to Saam Law Jo Si.

The front of the mirror is what the power will be doing; for example, a FU that says “XX god is here to dissolve all feng shui obstructions”, then your mirror is JUST going to do that for you.  For those of you who are new, you can use this:

  • Flat: Daai Gut Fa Jee
  • Convex: Sun Moon Fa Jee
  • Concave: 4v5H13L

(These are things you can learn on LINE if you have not learn them yet)

With the front and back setup and sanctified, you can at least say that this mirror is a magical tool now.  The mirror still can be set with all 8 symbols of the bagwa doing different things, but that’s another topic to be explained in another article about the bagwa army.

The bagwa mirror must go through the whole process of sanctification, and then it is ready to use.

When placing the bagwa mirror, you have to keep in mind that the mirror’s viewing angle is like a camera, you must tilt the mirror if you want it to see something lower. Think about the camera lens.

After hanging the mirror up, then you will have to “hoi gwong 開光” it to let the god know and see that it is up and activated so that the god can start to do its part and help you deploy the power.

Where to Get Mirrors?

You can find that under our shop, we have all convex and concave bagwa mirrors for sales. You can also get it activated by us to turn it into magical tools.  If you want to learn to do the magic yourself, then you can ordain to get started!