Recovering Magic Power 補法

Replenish Your Magic Power 補法

We talked about how magic power can be broken and you will even kill your god by breaking the magic. However, what happen after that, and if you did get your magic and altar busted, how can you fix it, what can you do? In the article, we will dig into that!

The God and Altar

First of all, you must know that the first thing that you need to fix is not yourself but the altar. It’s like you lost a battle in real gun-fight situation, the first thing is you need a building to cover you and protect you so you can heal and recover inside that building. The altar is your first thing to protect and repair. Once the altar is up, then the altar will send its troops to the house to surround the house to protect you and your property.

For disciples in our lineage, make sure the first thing you do is a report on LINE if you felt your magic broken. Symptoms and signs such as the sudden drop in feeling or faith toward your Tao, suddenly feeling very down, negative, or no confidence, or even starting to feel everything is fake, everything is not real, etc. When you want to give up your Tao and such, that’s a big big big hint. Go on LINE to scream for help, and get us on your case.

To help your altar to get back up, you have to know that your local god is already down or wounded, just like a car battery is dead, you need a jumpstarter to kick start the god again. To do so, you need to know how to do Cheng Sun ceremony. Connect back to the celestial court, and invoke the gods over again. When you got the connection established, celestial court will beam down all the reinforcement for you and your gods will be “jumpstarted” again. Remember to also report to the court about what happened and say that you need immediate help.

Secondly, do the “Prayer of Faith” for the gods you have on the altar, and you can also do the ones for the nine main gods too. Prayers will BOOST their energy up and make them powerful and glowing like a hot sun again.

Thirdly, do exorcism to kick out the evils from your house, and then seal up the house with the symbols and such, then at least secure your ground for now.

Saving the People

After the altar is saved and back online, you have to now get yourself some medicine. Make FU HEADS and consume a set of them to at least replenish the power. Make sure you sanctify it while your ceremony is still going on, so that the celestial court can empower your FU HEADs and give you more power for this case.

Then, you need to do the Jing Spells (purifying spells) to cleanse yourself and charge yourself back up. Don’t hesitate if you want to do the whole morning rite too.

Get a set of FU HEADs from the lineage HQ and consume that later on, make sure you do this for the ultimate power-up too.

Put up some good amount of food offerings for the gods, such as some fruits, some meat, some candies and such. These are OFFERINGS and not sacrifice. You are asking the gods to give you power and replenishment through this food. After you close the altar, you can take them down and consume them throughout the week. These are like power-food, for you to slowly consume and heal. If you put up fruits like oranges, you can leave the rest on the altar and just take one down a day for eating.  You can also put a dish of ginseng candies on the altar and pick one every morning or night to eat on the way when you go out. Remember that the intention is the key, tell the gods what the dishes of things are for and let them know!

Make sure you do FU BATHs too, cleansing don’t just involve the spells but also some bath with FU water!

At last, draw a set of altar FU and tape them up again. Don’t forget your altar’s defence-power!

If you follow these steps, your altar should be good again, and you should be healing up quickly. Very exciting right?  Ordain to learn more and don’t forget to check out our FIRST TAOISM BOOK!