Cleansing and Purifying in Taoism

Cleansing and purifying 清淨 (Ching Jing) is a very important part of a Taoist’s cultivation. It is done daily, just like as often as how you would wash your hands and clean your body etc. There are a series of articles that I will be typing for this subject, explaining the spells one by one in detail. Therefore, make sure you check you the Exorcism section of this blog to lick all the plates.

Ching 清

The word Ching is to “clear” and not just cleanse. What is clearing?  Just like how you clear a table for work. How do you clear your closet for new clothing to get in? How do you clear the room for the new paint to be painted on your wall?

To clear, you must REMOVE what is there that is unwanted.

Every day, we must clear the sky, so the sky will rain down its power to us. We must clear the ground, so the ground will be ready to channel the resources to us. We must clear ourselves, for the body to be ready to accept what is given by the sky. In this passage, the sky is referring to the celestial court, the gods, the preheaven. The ground is referring to the altar or the location you are at.


To “Jing”, which is to purify, and that means to make it purely something. In this case, you purify yourself with the Tao’s energy, so anything not aligned with the Tao will be gone and all other energies will be converted to be aligned with the Tao.

Aligned with the Tao, it is then positive and good for you. When energy is aligned, evils are gone, impurities are gone, you will change to become more positive.

The issue of being negative or not aligned with the Tao is that you will be seeing yourself walking toward the path of destruction, you will say the wrong things, do the wrong things, and even think wrongly, leading to many things that will push you away from the Tao’s path. Even your virtues will be off, your discipline will be gone, your heart and passion for the Tao will fade away, and eventually, you lose your Tao power and connection because the evil energy is overwhelming and flooding your Tao-self away.

Result of Not Pure

If you are not cleansed and purified, your energy is considered impure, or even worse “evil” because you are not aligned with the Tao. Your magic will reduce in power and effectiveness because you are using energy that isn’t pure and clean, so there will be a lot of distortion and distraction in the signal beaming to preheaven. You might be doing a lot of magic, but they all got watered down or maybe even clogged in the midway like as if your showerhead is clogged, you only see drips of water coming out and not a blast of water spraying. Physically doing the magic work is easy, but does it work 100%?  If you don’t prepare yourself first and do your cleansing and purifying, you might be just doing fancy moves and such for nothing. Your effort is spent, but the result isn’t there.

You must take your cleansing and purifying magic seriously, it should be done at least once a day at the altar, and use it more often whenever there is a need.

Purifying yourself is not a "routine", it is done to actually do something that is going to change your life. You must not be robotic about it. It's like you go to shower because you need to clean up, not because it is set as a routine so you follow it and do it like a computer.

To do your Ching Jing (cleansing and purifying), you need to have the spells in our eBook, and you need to be ordained in the lineage. Ordain today and get started.