Breaking Magic 破法

If you have read the post on Magic Warfare, you should know that the battle between gods or altars is very serious and deadly. In this article, we will talk about how to break the magic of someone or make their god suddenly go powerless. When you understand, you will know how to avoid being busted too.

What Will Happen

When your magic is busted, then it means whatever you have done to others, or whatever you have been trying to resist, it will crush on you like lava pouring over your head.  If your god is busted, then it will be powerless, which means any spiritual things can enter the statue or altar at that moment, and claim to be your god. If you are not on guard enough, or you don’t even know, then your altar or statue is taken oven and you are praying to Yin Gods mostly. The evils will take over, and they will scam you and destroy your life because their goal is to “consume” you.

How can it Happen

Keep in mind that the gods are there because of your FAITH. Read the post on Worshipping and Gods, it’s your faith that made it and it is your faith failed that killed it.

When two people are battling, the moment one side loses faith over their own gods, and they start to have doubt, or not believe it, then the magic in the god’s body will break. It’s very fragile, just like our heart feels. Once the trust and faith are lost, everything is done in a split second. It’s like love can be shattered in one second just because the promise is broken, trust is broken, faith is gone.

How to Defend Against it

If you are lucky enough to have a person who want to break your magic, they will start to attack you by verbally and/or doing anything to make you feel your religion is fake, it’s not real, your god doesn’t exist, you have nothing to back you up, you have no history, etc. Whatever they say, do, or try to influence you, it’s all pointing to the same direction which is to lose faith in your god and religion. Regardless of what religion it is, as long as you don’t get affected or impact by this, you won’t have any issue (yet).

However, we are humans, and we will be impacted, or even lose a battle. What to do instead of just saying “shut up” to them? There are three options:

  1. Attack them back if you want, don’t have to be even fact-based, but if you want to fight, then attack them back the way they do to you or get creative and insult them and their belief back. This is a hard-to-hard war, who screams louder who win.
  2. Boost your own side, go back to your god and keep doing your things to honor the gods, praise them, and do anything to BOOST your god’s energy. Do your magic, keep doing things and put faith in your god.
  3. Even better, SACRIFICE. Put more energies into your god and your god will help you when you do #2. Put up more food, or even go hunting and fishing, go kill something for your god. Seriously, you can think about killing a deer or something big like a salmon and gift it to the gods (not for eating). After that your god has a big amount of energy input in one go, the attacks on the god will suddenly feel a big impact backfiring them too.

Here is a bonus, gather more powers from people around you with the same belief, team up and do prayers and such at the altar to boost it up. When more hearts group together, faith power will grow faster, and that’s what defend you against the bad guy’s attack.

What to Avoid or BAN

Never joke around your own gods, that is meaning that you are not serious about them, and you are disrespecting them. Never get emotional and most important “HEARTBROKEN”. Whenever something that hurt your feeling happen, that’s a heart attack, and your heart contains the faith power and connect to god.  Once it is shattered and broken or even leaking, everything that links to it starts leaking energy and goes weak.  The worse thing that can happen is during a battle time, one of your teammates just goes crazy and betray the team and escape or quit. That hurt your feeling, and it also hurt the god’s heart, then the magic will weaken or break. Make sure you don’t “kill your own people” during war and point the spearhead back at the friendly side. This is a common strategy from evils, they love to create internal wars and make people kill their own teammates. If you are one of them that experienced this, make sure you calm down and don’t act based on feeling. That’s the magic attack. Go put your feelings on the table and tell people that’s what you feel, then do all sorts of magic to kill that feeling off. That’s evil!

You are also not going to be stupid and doubt yourself, go to do some “fact check” to PROVE your religion and belief etc. That’s just stupid. A religion or god doesn’t even need any facts to be working or real, all you need is FAITH, and it could be even a new thing started by yourself like you believe in superman and worship him as a god. That’s totally real too. Someone call you fake, you tell them to try to attack you and see if it works. Then keep telling them how weak their god is because you are all fine and nothing is happening. Even your god has 1000 years of history, it still cannot put down a real person now, so it sucked. If they challenge you back then you tell them that your god doesn’t even want to waste time on this useless living being.  It’s them who want to challenge, then they attack first if they have the power to.

Do you see the mindset? Fight back, don’t be losing already by doing a “fact check” on your own religious belief, that’s really stupid.

Okay, that’s enough for now! 

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