Preheaven and Postheaven Wealth

After immersing yourself in the “After Death” section and learning about the preheaven worlds, you might be curious about the concept of “wealth” in both preheaven and postheaven realms.

The Currency of the Spiritual World

In the spiritual world, soul energy is akin to currency. This energy is used to create and manifest desires instantaneously. There is no need for physical currency or bartering. The more soul energy one possesses, the more they can create. This is especially crucial for entities ranging from ghosts and ghost immortals to gods in the celestial court.

On the other hand, in our physical world, we need money to purchase goods and services. However, even if we possess money, sometimes we might not find what we desire. When our ancestors bless us from the spiritual realm, they send us preheaven energies. These energies manifest as opportunities, ideas, and paths that help us achieve our goals. This is the wealth bestowed upon us from the preheaven realm.

The True Nature of Wealth

At its core, wealth is based on trust. Consider the bartering system, which was one of the earliest forms of trade. For instance, Mary, who can catch three fish a day, might trade her fish with Tom, who can hunt one deer a day. This trade is based on the labor and time invested by both parties. However, trust plays a significant role. Mary trusts that Tom is offering a fair trade, and Tom trusts that Mary is honest about her catch.

As societies evolved, currency was introduced to facilitate trade. Governments issued coins and bills, which people used for transactions. The value of this currency was, and still is, based on trust in the governing authority. If trust in the authority wanes, the currency loses its value.

In modern times, wealth is often represented by numbers in a bank. This system works because people trust the banking institutions. If this trust were to collapse, the entire financial system would crumble.

Wealth, in essence, is an agreement of trust and the power of the heart.

Preheaven vs. Postheaven Wealth

In the postheaven world (our physical realm), we thrive on heart power from the preheaven realm. This heart power gives us the drive and purpose in life. It instills confidence and a sense of direction.

Conversely, the preheaven realm requires our soul energy. This energy is vital for their existence and ability to manifest their desires.

In summary, the preheaven entities, including gods, ghost immortals, and spirits, require our soul energy as wealth. In return, we, in the postheaven world, benefit from their heart energy, which enriches our lives.

With this understanding, you are now ready to delve into the concept of Magic Money (MM)!

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