Preheaven and Postheaven Wealth

After reading so much about the preheaven worlds in the “after death” section, it should be easier for you to understand what is “wealth” in the preheaven versus postheaven now.

In the spiritual world, they need our soul energy because that’s what they use to “create things” they want. It’s like money to them, the more soul energy the bigger and better things can be created in a flash. There is no wait time or even the need to “shop” around. Therefore, if we give our soul energy to them through methods like burning offerings and so on, they will have a lot of “wealth” which is very useful for them, especially for the ghosts and ghost immortals to even the gods in the celestial court.

On our end, we need the money to buy things, and sometimes even you have the money you cannot find what you want too. If you have an ancestor trying to bless you and help you to achieve something in life, they will give you their preheaven energies as a boost here to help you create the reality of what you want. When you receive their heart-power, you will have new opportunities, you will be able to find things you want, you will have the chance to bang into things you need, you will have ideas and such to make something possible. That is the wealth given to us from the preheaven side.

Origin of Wealth

What is wealth from the beginning of any culture? Wealth is based on trust. Think about the original form of wealth trading.

Mary knows how to fish, and she can catch 3 fish a day.

Tom knows how to hunt, and he can hunt down 1 deer a day.

Mary thinks her 3 fish cost her 1 day of time, so she trades it for one deer that Tom offers for sale because Tom also used one day to hunt for this. It’s the labour and time that is being weighed here, but who knows if Mary really only catches 3 fishes a day, maybe she caught 8 and not tell anyone. It’s all based on trust. You say this is worth that much, and I agree, ok deal. Sometimes it is also depending on the desire and demand too. Like if Mary REALLY wants the deer, then Tom can raise the price and Mary will still want to buy it because of her desire. It’s not about fairness all the time. It’s also based on trust because Mary would agree to pay that since she TRUST Tom will not rip her off.

When the system of trade became currency managed by the kings and government, they start to invent currency so you don’t have to bring the big bag of grains or meat around to trade daily. All you do is bring the coins and bills. The government buys from the civilians and give them the coins and bills, the civilians then can use coins and bills to buy things they want and also to pay the government back for things like tax and property etc. The balance between what civilians produce versus the money that government makes become the foundation of the economy system. However, once the king lost the power, the money also has no more power and so whenever a dynasty is about to end, people will get very poor since their coins are now worthless. But as you can see, everything is “working” based on trust. You trust the ruler, so you use their currency and since everyone trusts the same ruler, they agree to trade using this currency. Everyone has to trust the same king, same authority, or else the system won’t work.

Even the economy today, is all numbers in the bank, but it is all because we trust the banking system, that is why it works. If we all stop trusting the bank and want our money out of it immediately, the banks will all bankrupt because they really don’t have all the cash you need inside the bank.

What is wealth then?  It’s an agreement of trust, it’s the power of the heart.

Preheaven versus Postheaven

Postheaven (our world here) needs heart power from the preheaven side. It is what we live by, and it is what gives us the drive to live a life. We wake up with a good amount of heart power from our Yuen Sun, then we feel like knowing what to do for the day, we can feel our life is useful, we can feel confident, and everything will be better because of this feeling.

Preheaven worlds need our soul energy because that is what they use to make things in life or even to survive in life. With the lack of soul energy, they will start to get sick and look very faint etc.

For the preheaven side like the gods in the celestial court or at your altar, or the ghost immortals in the Yuen Sun, to even the ghosts in the ghost worlds… they all need our soul energy as wealth.

For us, we need their heart energy as wealth. With a good amount of heart energy, everything will change for the better, your wish will come true, and the things you do will all work out.

Up to this point, I think you should be prepared enough o learn about the magic money (MM) soon! 

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