How to do Taoist Meditation

How to do Taoist Meditation

Taoist meditation is a serious topic because it is not just to sit and relax yourself. The even more relaxing practice can be just going to sleep!  Why do we meditate or do these “sitting cultivation”? Most people who want to do “meditation” are often lost and don’t know why they are doing it. Some will say that they are trying to get some “inner wisdom” out of themselves. Let us bring you the truth here, there is NO wisdom to be achieved by sitting. That is the truth, no matter you like it or not. But there is something more, which is beyond what most people know.

The purpose of meditation or doing “sitting practice” can vary, because sitting is just a posture, and we can do many things while sitting. The first thing you want to think about is the main “goal” of what you want to do at the moment. If you just sit and wait for any random things to happen, just like in reality, nothing will happen. There is always a goal or an intention, then a plan, then you execute the plan. That is the theory of “three treasures”in Taoism, Doe, Ging, Si.

Taoist meditation is done for a reason, and the first thing that we teach our disciple to do is to make sure that your ground is secured before you meditate or do these energy workings of all sorts. You can look at your house and see that air is circulating, dust is flying around, and if you got a cut on your flesh, dust and germs can enter any time and cause you to have an infection. When you “meditate”, your spiritual body is more opened to the surrounding, and therefore, there could be “germs and viruses” coming in.

Taoist Meditation Foundation

The first step to any meditation practice is to learn to secure and protect yourself and the place you are doing this practice. Most people who just bang into the practice and start meditating anywhere they want is just crazy and see the world like it’s all a fantasy world with no dangers!  Look around, there are germs, pollens, viruses and all sorts of harmful things in the air. How can you expect the spiritual world to be all sparkling clean?

Before you enter the state of “meditation”, or get into any energy work, we must make sure the place is 100% clean and secured. In our lineage, we have a bunch of spells for the disciples to do which will perform the following three things:

  1. Heart spells – it draws in the energy from the lineage to themselves and fire up the engine to bring out power for them- read more.
  2. JING spells – the whole energy body will absorb the energies and powers, then flushes out the unwanted and unclean energies
  3. Protection spells – shield over yourself and have your energy body protected by a cultivated form of energy, and now you are protected from any negative things from the exterior zone

The more advanced you are in Taoist meditation, for higher achievements, the more you have to do to ensure yourself is safe. We will also put on our “Taoist robes and outfit”, or even open the altar (fire up the altar) and do things to the place before we start. This is to ensure that you are safe and you are also assisted in your cultivation to get the work done properly.

Purpose of Taoist Meditation

As we have said before, Taoist meditation is not done just for “relaxing” and it is not done for no reasons. The simplest practice our disciples can do can vary from the follow three purpose:

  1. Strengthen the inner powers, which increase the effectiveness and power of their magic work and their internal strength. It will help them to also increase their motivation, courage, and mind.
  2. Bring in more potentials, resources, and increase the capacity of their inner power storage. This will help them enlarge their “storage capacity” of their system, being able to intake more power when they cultivate later on.
  3. Flush the system and cleanse or push things to finish up faster in the system, for a better cycle to come, which will also improve their health and such.

These three foundational-cultivations can lead to different variations with the change of hand signs, postures and breathing methods, but they are at least the basics to start with. Usually, most people can do the first one as a foundation.

Taoist Meditation and Magic

The so-called meditation work is all a form of energy building and strengthening exercise by drawing in the pre-heavenenergy to the post-heaven world (body). By using your breathings and mind to control and work with these pre-heaven energies, you will be able to get stronger and being able to draw out pre-heaven energy better, with more force and power. At the same time, your soul and energy body gets stronger, tougher, and you can build up more potential power for your Taoist magic work too.

When we do magic, we often fire the magic out, and then add in the breathings and pump in the different energies to boost the magic work or give it more power for the effect to come out.

For example, doing magic is like giving out balloons with a bit of air inside. But when you add in these energy work at the second stage, the energy pumps the balloons up and now the magic is much stronger and much more powerful than it is when you just do the magic alone.

Another example, you are doing a magic on a piece of paper, or maybe your resume, for making the person who reads it will feel better about you and want to hire you.  If you just did the magic on it, they might feel good about you, and your magic worked, but it did not push them enough to make them feel the urge to hire you yet. If you can pump in energies to inflate the magic up, then they might feel the urge much more and want to really hire you right away.

Doing this Taoist meditation all have a purpose, and the most common purpose is always to enhance and empower ourselves, for our Taoist magic and related work to get stronger. The meditation or sitting practice is a form of practice, but it can be done for many different reasons. A change of posture, breathing technique, mindset, will change the whole result. Therefore, you must learn under a real master who knows what he is talking about and is willing to teach you with personal guidance, in order to do these Taoist meditation practices properly, and safely.

If someone tells you that you can just sit and start doing something, you are most likely being scammed or the person really doesn't know what they are doing at all.

You might not believe it, but even the common baby textbook of Taoist meditation from the ancient text all have details about what to do before they start doing meditation, and it Is a common practice for all Taoist to start with some spells for cleansing, protection, bring in energies and shield themselves, etc.

Many people are into shortcuts or they really have no knowledge on these, and so there goes the flooding of this so-called meditation you can learn on your own by just reading online. Don’t even do that risky and dangerous meditation, it brings you no benefit, but harm!  When you learn how to meditate from the masters, you will really know how much work is required to make it work! 

There is a lot of details to learn before you really “meditate”.
Want to really start learning true Taoist meditation that works?  Ordaintoday and start learning for real. We teach by distance and offers you personal teachings.  We do not just give you a pdf or some DVD and call those teachings!  Here, you learn like learning from a person, it’s real communication that ensures your success, and not just “selling” you a “course”!