What are the Three Treasures of Taoism?

What are the Three Treasures of Taoism?

The three treasures, San-Bao 三寶 (Saam Bo – Cantonese) means the three treasures, or the three most valuables. Every religion might have their own version of the three treasures, according to what the see as more important. Even for Taoism, every sect have their own view on what they value the most too.

Taoism, in general, will say that the three treasures are the Tao (Doe), the Jin (Ging), and the Shi (Si).

In our article of the “Three Pure Ones’, we have explained in details about what the three main powers is about. The Saam Ching power (三清) is also the three treasures of a Taoist.

However, not all Taoist sects connects to the same “Tao”, and so this is the confusing part for most people.

Putting the sects and lineages aside, the three treasures of all human beings is indeed much easier to understand. First you have the Yuen Sun as the Tao , which is your spiritual planetary body that gives you the potentials and direction in life.  Secondly, you have the soul body as your Ging , which helps you to process things you got from the Yuen Sun and convert the ideas into plans, or digesting and pondering about what you sensed and felt. The last comes the Si which is the body, and this body do things to “teach” your Yuen Sun!   Yup, because your body sees, hear, and feel things, your “heart” will record these elements and it will send them back to your Yuen Sun and then your Yuen Sun will adjust what to give you according to your actions and reactions. 

The word “BO” (Bao) means treasure, and it actually means wealth and resources kept inside a contained and concentrated form. For example, the gold nugget is a kind of Bo (Bao), because it cannot be used just like that, you need to convert them into money, and then money to food and things that you will consume or use.  Therefore, they are not wealth by itself, they are treasures, which needs to be unleashed and converted to become wealth or bring wealth.

These three things – your Yuen Sun, your soul body, and your physical body, are all a container, which contains and store up things as you live a life. Everyday, we smell, see, hear, sense and eat things, which stores things back to your body, our Yuen Sun, and the soul.  The more you absorb in this world, the more you have stored in the pre-heaven side of yourself.  

The Yuen Sun acts like a storage for your future, for your potentials, which we call them the “essence”.  The soul is a processor and it stores the “energy” that it takes to think and move in this world.  The physical body converts energy into power, and output them out of your body by speaking, moving, and doing things.  This is the “power” of your body!  Therefore, Jing (essence), Chi (energy), and Shen (power) is generated by the 3 treasures, but they are NOT the three treasures themselves.


The Three Treasures of Our Lineage

When you ordain into a Taoist sect, you will ordain to the three treasures, but this “Three Treasures” is for sure NOT the three treasures of yourself!  As our article on ‘What is Taoism” have explained, you get ordained into a lineage to submit yourself to a “Tao” that is greater than yourself.  Therefore, the three treasure is not going to be your own Yuen Sun, soul, and body anymore.

When you ordain into our lineage, you become a Taoist of our lineage, and you submit yourself to the Tao of Saam Law. Therefore, the three treasure you will submit to is the Saam Ching we connect to:

The Tao Bao (not the website!) 道寶 – Tin Law, which holds the essence of light in nature, the first element that exist, white energy in pre-heaven.

The Ging Bao 經寶 – Dei Law, which holds the energy, the black energy, which is the second energy that exist in nature and it absorbs the white.

The Si Bao 師寶 – Daai Law, which holds the power of creation, and is the third element that exists in nature, which sparks up life and everything, the yellow energy.

The three treasures of the lineage provide you 3 things. The Tao gives you the connection and potentials and resources. The Ging gives you the energy and power to absorb energy from this force. The Si gives you the methods and ways to utilize the energy and essence that you have got from this source and it helps you to kick out the power.

The more a disciple in our lineage cultivates, the more they are connected to the three powers above, and this is actually the ternary forces of nature which creates reality. Everyday, our disciples will do a practice called the Saam Gwai Yee 三皈依 (Three ordains), which is to connect and submit themselves to these nature forces, to build connection and to strengthen the bonds between the disciple and these elements. When they are well bonded, everything will flow and work better.

With the Tao, you will have potentials and wisdom, meaning you can have a better future with the learning path.  With the Ging, you will have more energy and can dot he magic better.  With the Ging, your magic can be executed and you can utilize the power better.

taoist stamp

There is a stamp in our lineage which is call the Tao, Ging, Si Bao stamp 道經師寶印. This stamp is chopped on the forms for ordain and also some other places where we will need the three-treasure’s power to be charged into. For example, the ordain form, it is a form to submit the disciple into the lineage and the Tao, which allows them to get the power from the three treasures of our lineage. Therefore, we stamp it with the Tao Ging Si stamp, authorizing it, and when the form is used, the three powers then can charge its powers into the disciple.

As we have mentioned before, there are many different sects and lineages in Taoism, and none of them shares the same connection and paths. Ordaining to the “Three Treasures” of our lineage is not the same as ordaining into another lineage. Get started today, get ordained, and embrace the power of Saam Law from Dai Law Tin!