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Taoism and Taoist Magic plus Sun Gung

Sun Gung and Taoism is not the same, but they are related and they work hand in hand. In short, Sun Gung is Taoism and beyond, and Taoism is the foundation of Sun Gung. They are not better or worse, they are just different and both can be very beneficial to you.  We teach Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功 and it is categorized as Taoism too, but we cultivate beyond the normal Taoism’s limitation.

What is Taoism in general?  We have a long lecture on “What is Taoism” in the other article already, but we will put a short summary here again to refresh everyone up. Taoism is mostly about knowing the concept of Tao and Te , and with all sorts of cultivation methods, we work toward applying this concept to our life, which covers the spiritual and physical side of life. Everything in the world is born from nothing to something non-physical and then it shapes to something physical.  We have a physical body, physical life, and so there is, of course, a spiritual side of us too. We cultivate to connect back to even a step further than just the spiritual side in this world, but back to where you came from before you are born in this world, the Yuen Sun 元神 – your spiritual planetary body.

As explained in our other article mentioned above, just by understanding the meaning of Tao and Te, or the concept of Taoism, does not make you a Taoist. You can be a believer or fans of Taoism, but being a Taoist means much more than just acknowledging and agreeing to the theories. There are specific cultivations that are to be done to apply these theories to practical use, and really connecting you back to your spiritual side, or even to your Yuen-Sun, opening you up to a whole new world of discovery.

While we do have things like Tai Chi, Chi Kung and some meditation practice that can benefit you greatly, there are also many other things beyond these which are seldom exposed to the outsiders. As you might have heard, Chinese has a very enclosed culture, they don’t like to show people all their stuff and often kept things secretive from the outsiders. Taoism was always like that too. If you are not in the lineage, and not “their own group of people”, you don’t even get to touch the real deal.  To serve the public and promotion needs, most sects will expose a tiny portion or some samples to the public, keeping the secrets inside their own lineage, especially the more advanced spiritual work – Taoist magic.

Taoism and Taoist Magic

Trusted Taoist Magic

The essence of Taoism is all about connecting back to the Pre-Heaven, the dimensions before this one you see now, and most people does not know that it is actually all about building your pathway, your bridge so that you can connect back to your Yuen Sun, your spiritual planetary body. If you are interested in this topic of Yuen Sun, you can always check out our other article on “What is Yuen Sun 元神”!  

What makes people who cultivate in Taoism so enjoying themselves at the higher level is that you don’t only get to know about this Yuen Sun, which exists in the spiritual dimensions that you cannot see with your naked eyes, you also get to witness it yourself!  In the advanced stage of cultivation, with the proper guidance and training, you can achieve to the state of soul traveling and really going to tour around your own Yuen Sun to see how it’s like there, or even to work on it and do your repairing and magic work on the Yuen Sun. After this stage, then it’s not purely a belief anymore, because you get to see what you have always cultivated for, and it’s all “solidly” showing up all of a sudden. The joy of being able to see your own Yuen Sun is unexplainable, and that is why people strive to cultivate all their life to get there and witness this magical experience.

The main essence of magic that is categorized as “Taoist magic”, is that it is about life repairing, empowering and dealing with your life here or in the spiritual dimensions, which of course goes back to your Yuen Sun. There are two routes for Taoist magic.

One route is to cultivate and build your pathway to connect back to your Yuen Sun, and so you can receive the essence and energies from it better, securing your life and getting your potentials that you are supposed to get. By doing so, you can improve your health and every aspect of your life.  Great, we can get things from the Yuen Sun, and that is what the cultivation of the Tao is about, getting fed by the leading essence of ourselves! 

Another route of Taoist magic is to cultivate to accumulate and brew up essence from this world, gather up elements here, cook something up, transform it into a state that your Yuen Sun can intake, and now you will be feeding your Yuen Sun back, as a form of “give back” and concluding the cycle. You get resources from the Yuen Sun, then you plant something back in order to have more to come in the future. That basically cultivates your Te part of Taoism.

Things are so simple when someone who have really mastered it and got it say it out again. It doesn’t take 5000 pages to explain this concept of what Taoism really is about, and there is no vagueness to it, nor the need of a poetic and abstract literature. It’s just as simple as cultivating to work with your own spiritual bodies, or spiritual energies, to get a better life and repair your old wounds, or to solve problems that you might be facing right now.

Taoist magic can help you and also be used to help people around you too, but it draws resources from your own Yuen Sun to save others, and so you must cultivate the Te part harder to put more resources back to your Yuen Sun as you use it up for others. 

Sun Gung Magic, Taoism and Beyond

Taoist Magic Power

The difference between Sun Gung magic and Taoist magic is that Sun Gung is beyond the limitation of Taoist magic, and can do more than what Taoist magic does, giving the practitioner more abilities and can help more people who are in need.  We all know that the resources of one person is limited, and that is why we group together in this world to create a society.  One person opening a business have limited resources and can only serve a limited number of clients, and so there are businesses that are opened by a group of people, with more investors, they can combine resources and serve much more people, expanding their reach and capability. 

Sun Gung 神功 is a cultivation that allows us to Sun , which means to convert our essence into energy, and push it through a working field, and delivering it to somewhere else onward. The idea is very easy to understand, it’s just like saying that a person cannot do everything with their limited resources at home, and so people group together and start hunting for new resources in another place and they start to grow things on a farm together, putting energies together for a bigger potential harvest to come. By doing so, they can have a bunch of new resources to harvest and use later, which allows them to do much more than just juicing up their own bank account.

You can imagine how it works with money too. Taoism is like to learn how to use money wisely because the bank account will run out of money if you use it up too fast. At the same time, we cultivate the Te by putting back something every month when we get the paycheck.  With a continuous and healthy circulation like this, we can always have money to use, and we can also help others by withdrawing money from our own banks. That’s is a rough metaphor that gives you the vibe of Taoism and Taoist magic.

Sun Gung goes beyond this idea. We group together and then put our money together to invest in something, and so we can build a business, to make more money, and so we can have more potential resources to use in the future. Besides that, we can choose what to invest on and have many other kinds of resources besides just money.  Maybe we can grow fruits and veggies with our own farm, and we can help people by giving them food instead of money.   There could be people who will be able to use your food more than money in this world, giving money is nice, but it does not always help.  In a cold winter, people will appreciate a hot soup more than cold cash, right?

Sun Gung magic is basically something that is built on the foundation of Taoism and Taoist magic. It is not better or worse, it’s just an expansion or advancement of the foundation. In our lineage, you cultivate Saam Law Sun Gung, but the Saam Law Taoist magic 三羅道法 is also part of what you learn in the beginning stage too.

How to Learn Taoist Magic and Sun Gung

Learn Taoist Magic

To learn Taoist magic, or Sun Gung, you need to ordain into a lineage such as ours, which we teach Saam Law Sun Gung (and Taoist Magic). The lineage will provide you with access to the lineage network, teachings, and tons of materials to learn from, which leads you to the stage of really touching the spiritual energies and be able to really touch your Yuen Sun instead of just knowing about it.   As mentioned before, just by knowing about theories and agreeing to it does not make you a Taoist, or a cook or a programmer in computer-programming. To become a Taoist, you need a lineage, a sifu, to help and guide you to the correct path.

“Where does the first person started from if we all need a sifu or lineage to start learning this?”

Many of you can take a step back and ask yourself the same question but be applying it to other things you know about, such as cooking, programming, graphic designing, or even language. How did the first person get to know and learn or discover all that?  What you see today is not there by accident or it just came from an explosion of a rock. You enter a lineage to learn just like why you need to enter a school to learn, there are already many things that are discovered, fine-tuned and crystallized by the people before you.  Besides that, you get all the support, love and care from the lineage to back you up and fuel you all the time. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel at home with frustration, you should take a step into the lineage to do it the smart way.

Sun Gung Magic with Saam Law Sun Gung

Learn Saam Law Sun Gung

There are many different Sun Gung in the world, just like there are many different families. Not all Sun Gung are the same, and in fact, every one of them is different with their own perspective and way of doing things. Some families teach their kids to bully others to gain power, some will teach their kids to stay quiet and don’t cause troubles, some will teach their kids to behave and do their best in school as their main focus. Not all parents teach the same thing or the same way.

Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功 is what we teach in our lineage. We emphasize on teamwork and togetherness, and so we look heavily on bonding the hearts of our disciples as one, giving them support and care with our best effort, and emphasize on sending reinforcements to each other every day to support each other in the lineage. Being able to become a disciple means you are fortunate enough to possess the magical power of our lineage, but your friends and family members might not be ordaining yet, or they might decide to stay as an atheist. In that case, we encourage our disciples to use their magic to help and protect the people and things around them and use the power of our lineage more often to benefit and protect the people and things around themselves.  Before you can have your own magic power build up strongly, you can always draw power from the lineage to assist your magic work, just like you can use your parents’ resources before you earn money to give back to the family. Your parents will let you use their money, food, and everything at home freely because you are part of the family. In our lineage, it’s about the same.

Saam Law Sun Gung inherit the spirit of the dragon, meaning that, we should keep on using our essence to give off our energies to empower things around us and expose our power to benefit yourselves and others that we love. If you feel that you should want to start cultivating and become one of our little dragons too, you can start by contacting us to get ordained. There is no requirements and restrictions to start, and you witness the power before you decide to dig in further to the advance stages too.

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