Taoist Magic Versus Sun Gung

Taoist Magic Versus Sun Gung

Taoist magic vs Sun Gung

What is the difference between Sun Gung and Taoist Magic? It’s a deep topic, which we will try our best to explain in this article.  It’s not which is better, they are just different things.

First of all, Taoist Magic 道法, is magic that draws power from the Tao. The normal Tao of a human being is their own Yuen Sun 元神 (spiritual planetary body) and so the ordinary Taoist is often drawing energy out of their own Yuen Sun, pulling resources from their pre-heaven body to the post-heaven body, unleashing the potentials to reality. While this idea is great, it does have an issue like using your credit card to pay off things before you have the actual money.

Therefore, there is Sun Gung 神功, a different approach that goes beyond the “ordinary Taoist magic’, which is to exceed our own limitation, and “Sun” out of our own limits to hunt and farm for new elements by collecting essential elements in this world. By gathering up more people, doing this “energy farming’ together, there is now a non-stop growing bunch of resources to use, and it does not require the practitioner to drain up their own life’s potential anymore.

However, Sun Gung and Taoist Magic is a category, and not a defined subject. Now that you understand the main difference between the two, we will introduce our Taoist magic and Sun Gung to you.


Saam Law Taoist Magic

As a Saam Law Taoist, we go beyond our life’s limitation. Instead of having the Yuen Sun as our Tao (the leader of life), we submit ourselves to the greater powers in nature that contain us, which is what we call Saam Law, the Ternary forces. Therefore, we see our own Yuen Sun as the smaller Tao which is still within our own system. This Saam Law power is the bigger Tao that contains us. We submit ourselves into it, which we call going “into the Tao” 入道.

After one becomes a Taoist of Saam Law, your ordinary Tao is no longer your only Tao. Just make sure you understand, the word Tao, is defined as – the leading essence that carries a system to move toward a certain direction.  (it is NOT “the way”).

道可道,非常道 – Tao that can be the Tao of Tao, is not your ordinary Tao.

This phrase from Tao Te Ching’s opening describes our situation well. Finding a bigger Tao than your ordinary Tao. Just like saying – dad is the boss at home, but the boss of dad at work – is not your ordinary boss. This boss can lead your “dad-the-boss” to a greater future, which leads the whole family to a better future as well.

In our lineage, our “Taoist magic” is also a “Sun Gung”, because our Tao is now beyond our ordinary Tao, it’s drawing power from the deep nature, which we call Saam Law, or Daai Law Tin, the ternary forces of nature.



Saam Law Sun Gung

While we are Saam Law Taoists, and we draw powers from the “Tao” that is beyond our ordinary Tao, we are also called Sun Gung, because our way is Taoism-and-Beyond if you compare this to the ordinary Taoism.

Sun Gung 神功 also has another definition here, which is cultivation and practice that is to be done over a long period of time, to cultivate the SUN energy (see article of “God”). We utilize this kind of energy to do our magic, and create a better future.

The “Sun” energy that we mentioned in the article “What is God in Taoism” is very powerful. Just like what we said in the “statue magic” article, we can “create the gods” and preserve these energies and powers into the altar and statues for future use.  A kind of practice that builds up, farms, and cultivates the SUN energy, is called Sun Gung.


Sun Gung VS Taoist Magic

Saam Law Sun Gung is also Saam Law Taoist magic, but our Tao goes beyond the ordinary Tao. Therefore, it is more accurate to call it Sun Gung if comparing to ordinary Taoism. At the same time, our disciples are also Taoists of Saam Law Tin Si Tao 三羅天師道, doing the Taoist magic of this lineage.  There is no side effect or negative effect when you draw power from Saam Law, because we emphasize the cultivation of Tao and Te all the time, just like we explained in the “concluding article”. One must learn to take and also to give back. As long as you balance your take and give back, you will be absolutely fine.

Saam Law Sun Gung is safe to learn, and is 100% natural, plus it is powerful and full of wisdom that explains all the mechanics behind the magic work. Get ordained today to start learning!