Heart Cleansing Magic 淨心

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What is the Heart

The heart is the energy heart that you use to feel and not the heart organ that you can see in the diagrams. This heart is also the center force of your whole energy body, it is like the master control, the CPU, the main power that controls the whole “you”. If your heart is not clean or contaminated by evil energy, you will start to have heart devils, like another you inside teaching you what to do; and all that is wrong, negative, and evil advice.

You use the heart to feel, and a lot of people act based on feeling, such as you like this then you buy, you don’t even think. What if your heart started to feel wrong, then you start to feel good about bad habits and bad friends; you will start to smoke, do drugs, and even like to be involved in all sorts of weird activities. You will even feel that some people are “good” to you, end up being bad and taking advantage of you. The common case is that girls will find the wrong guy, end up being bullied, or even raped, and not loved.

The feeling in the heart can generate emotional wrecks, making you go on mood swings, feel random anxiously, and even cry over some little things. There are cases in which people get possessed and the heart got taken over, it can even make the victim want to jump off the building themselves because they just have that moment of feeling that it should be ok, and when they did it, it is too late to regret already. It only takes one snap moment for that little push in the heart to make you do something that is irreversible.

As Taoists, our heart is where the magic power is stored locally, if this is being polluted and contaminated, it means that our magic power is also being affected, and that is going to lead to your magic not working properly if you are using magic power out of your heart. You might have a question – what if your heart gets polluted or maybe evil already went in there, and now your magic power is affected, so how can you clean up yourself if the heart is polluted and not working as it should?

That is why you have an altar; the altar’s heart will not be polluted that easily. You can always use the altar’s power to clean yourself, or you can have others clean you up, or you can have pre-written FU to use and clean yourself up. There are so many ways to clean up your own heart if it goes wrong. The most effective way is to update and report on LINE, so I can help you out right away!


When you just wake up from sleep, close your palm at the heart, then recite the jing heart spell, and then flip your palms to face the heart and slap the heart 3x with the right palm.

After you are out of shower, prepare a small cup of water, then draw the Saam Law Jo Si fu head into the water, empower it with the jing heart spell, and then drink it all in 5 sips while eyes closed.

If you feel the heart is being disturbed very badly, you can burn a cone incense and inject the jing heart spell into it, then empower it by chanting the jing heart spell in drag sound with the fish and hing. After that is done, take a deep breath and inhale the incense 3x.

You can also get a jade pendant and sanctify it, and then add in the jing heart spell so it has the power for this purpose. Wear the pendant daily and remember to cleanse it daily.  You can put the pendant on the altar for the gods to cleanse and charge it back up at night. Wear it again the next day.

There is also a Jing Heart FU in the 24 Practical FU book, use that FU to inject the FU power into the pendant above.

If you feel anything not right in the day, quickly hold the Ching Jing handsign at the heart, and recite this spell, stomp the left foot 3x, right foot 3x.

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly is to get the connection with the Tao and celestial court established, that is the basic requirement to have your spells work!  Not sure?  Read our “First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!