Mouth Cleansing Magic 淨口

This is the first spell you learn in the cleansing and purifying spell book. Check out the whole “exorcism” section of the blog for the other articles on the other spells in this series. There is a lot to learn about each of them!

What is the Mouth

The mouth is the first thing you cleanse and purify. There are two mouths that we are talking about here.

The postheaven mouth is the mouth you talk and eat with. Anything that goes in that is bad for you will get you sick or even die. Anything that goes out of it that is bad will lead to bad things happening to you. Imagine spitting out something wrong at work, you can get yourself fired.

The preheaven mouth is at the top of your head. Put your hands together by raising them high up and meeting up at the center above your head. That’s about the location of the entrance for preheaven energy, and that is the entrance for the energy body. If this mouth is consuming something bad, you will have evil thoughts, evil mindsets, and even evil vision leading you to self-destruct, see the wrong thing, make the wrong judgment in life, and even get your mental state all sick and weird. Your preheaven mouth is used to connect and channel the power of the Tao; if this mouth is not clean then you will have issues connecting to the gods. Even your request cannot be heard by the gods because your mouth is not cleansed.


When you just wake up from sleep, close your palm at the heart, then recite jing mouth spell, clap your palm 3x and then use the finger as a comb to comb your hair backward, start from the hairline and all the way back to the neck, do that 36x. Apply some pressure as you comb. This is to cleanse the preheaven mouth.

When you are washing up in the morning after you wake up, do this when brushing your teeth. Fill up the cup of water for rinsing the mouth, then draw the dei law fu head into the water with your sword finger, and then empower it with the jing mouth spell. Take this water and rinse your mouth 9 times (spit and rinse again). Let the water roll around a big in the mouth before spitting. This is to cleanse the postheaven mouth.

When you are at your altar, take the Jo Si hat or 9 dragon hat in hand, and then recite the jing mouth spell first, then wear the hat over the head. This is to empower the preheaven mouth.

Take a shot of liquor, empower with jing mouth spell, then take a sip and hold in the mouth while eyes close, then roll the liquor around while saying jing mouth spell inside. Drink the liquor. This is to empower the postheaven mouth to increase your power with spells.

Prepare some mint stripes like those from Listerine, and sanctify them, add jing mouth spell to it before the general sanctifying spell.  These come in packs of 3, put 2 on the altar and 1 you can carry to work. Whenever you are going into the office, take a strip to help you start the day. When you feel you are constantly spitting out wrong words, take a strip and recite jing mouth spell. The other 2 packs are for you to use after the first one is done.

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly is to get the connection with the Tao and celestial court established, that is the basic requirement to have your spells work!  Not sure?  Read our “First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!