Taoist Cleansing Magic: Mouth 淨口

Mouth cleansing is the first spell in the “Cleansing and Purification Spells Book,” there is also an MP3 Tag-along that you can download to learn how to chant the spell in Saamlawnese. This article will be a detailed lesson for those who have initiated or ordained. It will let you further understand the purpose and usage of the spell and pass on some wisdom of Saam Law Tao to you!  Enjoy the detailed lesson!

There are two sets of “Jing Spells.” One is the longer one named “Purification Spells,” and the shorter one named “Cleansing Spells.” The shorter one is easier to learn for newbies.

General Purpose

Mouth Purifying Spell 淨口神咒 (long), is for cleansing your PreHeaven energy-body’s entrance which you can locate by raising your arms above your head; it’s about where the palm meets. This “mouth” is where your energy body gets its power from the Tao and the lineage. Therefore, if the energy is impure or polluted, it will affect your connection with the power source. This spell can be used to cleanse and purify the energies to ensure the gods can hear your spells and words and your connectivity to them will not be distorted or affected.

Mouth Cleansing Spell (short) can be done for the same purpose, but it has another very practical purpose: to refresh the connections to your energy body. It clears all the connecting energies from other people, places and things to re-focus your alignment with the Tao. If you just had a talk with someone and felt uncomfortable afterward, this spell can help you cut off the influencing energies and refresh your mind.

Advance Wisdom

What makes your connection with the gods and the Tao pure, focused and strong? Communication with the gods should always be done and not just once in a while or when you are in deep trouble. Talking to the gods often helps you build a stable connection.

One word is worth a thousand gold; this is a metaphor in the spell, which means your words should be truthful, honest, and real. Your truthfulness, honesty and faith kick all the evils away. Where can you start learning to become truthful, honest and faithful? Let’s start when you were ordained; you promised the gods to accept you as a Taoist and a disciple, then keep those promises. Review your promises by reading over the five virtues, ten commandments, or even the oath for ordaining. The more you can do what you promised, the better the connection is between you and the gods.

Never say empty words, action and minds should be the same to demonstrate what you have said, then all the gods will respond to your magic. This isn’t just about how you are to the gods; it’s also how you are as a disciple.  For example, you told me you would take a photo of something tonight and forgot about it when you got home. After a whole day, I have been waiting, but there is no photo; that’s an example of empty words. There were often when a disciple got scolded, and then they replied, “I will do better,” and then what was being done was nothing better; that’s also an example of empty words.

Being loyal and focused on the Tao also keeps your “mouth” pure. Imagine your mouth is receiving from the Tao; at the same time, things are coming in from other sources/religious paths; then, how can you achieve purity? You must eliminate impurities that come into your energy body to achieve real purity. Look at those new-agers who try to mix religions and spiritual practices into one pot; how can that achieve purity? Even if they recite the spell a million times, they lie to the gods a million times. Every time you use the spell to tell the god you “want to purify your mouth,” it is a lie because you are still trying to bring impurities into yourself and not cutting them out of your life yet.  That is why we say the words, actions, and mind must be aligned; this sets a standard for what we mean by honesty and truthfulness. Imagine telling your spouse you love them while still dating a few others. I don’t see the marriage will last very long. Even a scammer cannot scam for a lifetime.

As you can see, virtues are what help you achieve a better connection with the gods. If you rely on the spell, but the virtues are bad, the gods will not want to connect to you too. It is always a good idea to review and reflect, then repent to the gods about what you have been doing poorly regarding the virtues and ask them to help you learn and improve. This is the hard part of the cultivation that most people fail to do.

Whenever you feel yourself say something bad which you think the gods would not want to hear, or you say something that you thought would be offensive to the gods etc., you can use the spell to clear the energies and “delete” the message quickly. If you do this often, you will also see that the magic will help you eliminate these bad habits with your mouth.

There might also be times that you are eating outside and you feel the food’s energy is not good. You do the magic first to set a restriction for your energy body and tell it to consume the food but filter out those unwanted energies. That way, you are at least blocking off some bad energies before they enter you and contaminate your heart.

This spell can also be deployed onto other things or people for cleansing and refreshing their energy-body’s mouth, which helps them to refresh their energy-body too. For example, gifts from people are always big energy pollution because you never know what people think about the gift. Some could be gifting you with bad intentions, and you could pick up the bad energies from them or their house. Instead of just letting it pollute you and your house, you can use this magic to clear and cut off the connections from the person so it won’t keep drawing in unwanted energies for you and create chaos in your house.

The doors of the house/office are also a “mouth,” which sometimes would require cleansing in case of bad energies coming your way or people cursing your house. You can fire the spell toward the door to cleanse the energies to prevent villains, burglars, thieves, stalkers or all sorts of bad people and happenings. If you know something is up in your neighbourhood, it’s always a good idea to do the magic to your house’s main entrances (front and back) to prevent your house from being the next victim. It is also good to do the magic after guests are gone so your house will not be attached to the guest’s energy for longer.

Ordain today to learn more, and don’t forget to cultivate the spells at least twice daily. One in the morning to start your day off, and one at night when you are back home and settled down! It is also inside our mandatory daily chanting in the “Daily Rite”!