Duplicating One FU to Many

This is an advanced topic for our disciples. One FU can duplicate into many, as many as you need; yet it comes with a condition. This article we will dig into this topic, but before you move on, make sure you know what is a FU in Taoism and read up on the article on fate!

How to Duplicate

FU is just a cheque, a request ticket, it’s like saying “I want to borrow $1000”. You can write it out nicely 10x for 10 tickets handed out to 10 people so they can all have $1000 when the ticket is used. However, why not make a “stamp” and just keep stamping it on other paper and now you can make the 10 tickets faster? Just like in computer we can copy and paste, we have shortcut macro keys, why not in FU magic?

You can write something on a piece of FU paper, like “FU HEAD”, and then use that as a carrier, then burn all the FU HEADs you want to burn into those carriers (a stack of), and now all that stack of tiny FU paper will become a lot of FU HEADs “ticket”.

When the person receives it, use it, it will equal to them burning the whole bunch of Fus on their side, just that now they only need to burn one piece instead of like 20-30 pieces.  A video demo below:

How Much Can Be Done

The question comes, so we can make as many duplicate as we want? That means there is no limit? Yes, that is right, there is no limit in how many you can make because these are all tickets. But will the gods have the actual power for you is another story.  It’s like you can write as many cheques as you want but your account don’t have that money, then what is your cheque going to do?

Read up on FATE – why do you think the gods would want to help you or give you the power? If your FATE with the god is so weak, then the gods won’t want to give you anything even you have a ticket. Sometimes people thinks the FU is weak, no it is not; it is your fate that is weak and the gods don’t want to help you. What makes you thinks that by paying just $50 will give you a year of “protection”?  Who are you to the gods? That money can’t even pay for a cup of coffee a day, and you are talking about saving your life or protection against evil spirits, does that even make sense?

What the god need from you is your FAITH. If you don’t have faith in the god, then there is nothing the god can give you. Read up on the article on “Worshipping”, “Sacrifice”, and “Destroying the Gods World” to understand more about this concept.

It’s not the FU itself that is weak or strong, it’s you, the person. Do you have a place in the god’s heart, do you think the god really like you and want to give you help, who are you to the gods and why they should help you?  It’s just common sense, the gods don’t care about you if you have no relationship with them and no faith in them. Even I give you 1000x FU, none will work, because it’s not my fault, it’s your heart issue. I can give you a FU for free too, but your heart is not outputting a single bit, what do you expect to happen? 

Why Money?

Money is a magical thing, because it is a carrier of wealth, and it is made with your life – your time, energy and heart. You get hurt when you give out money, you feel pain when you see the bank account number drop, you feel anxious when you don’t have that much “cushion” in the bank because you fear you have no food to eat or no place to live. Money means so much to you because it is rooted in your heart, and it contains your heart juice, and it is the strongest medium that carries your heart power and build FATE with things.

The more money you output, the more you are putting feelings in it, and that’s the best way to make your heart go toward something and inject faith into something. Faith – is the hope for something to happen without condition, no question, no doubt, no negative. You purely want it to happen, and that’s the mindset you need for gods to like to help you. God help you because of your FAITH in them!

Some people ask me, why do I charge so much for this and that – simple, because I want you to put your faith into things, and money is the only way because I don’t know you enough and you don’t know me enough.

For my disciples who are very close to me, I don’t charge them money and I just give them gifts and even do magic for them for free. It’s because I have seen their faith enough, I don’t need to use money to make them trust and have faith in me.

I always say this to disciples who turn bad – you are so poor, you are only left with nothing but money now.

That means their faith is all gone, and in order for them to have anything from the god now, you can only use money (like the ordinary people).

The price on things on this website is set for average people, and if you have more money, like if you are a big rich CEO or something, I would charge you more, because that $50 means nothing to you, it’s not even the amount you pay for tips.  

That also manes that I will charge some people less if they are poor or still a student and not making money yet. However, in my experienced, I have tried trying to make people “work” and output the labour instead of money, and it never work out. Therefore, I stopped doing that and go back to the best method – money.

Disciples – READ

This is for Sun Lung Stage and above. Saam Law Stage disciples cannot do this yet with your power.

Yes, you can duplicate your FU HEAD and Dai Jee FU by writing one set of those and duplicate them 6x or 12x for the whole year of FU consumption.  For Dai Jee FU, I would do 6 duplicates for the big-moon and 6 duplicate for the small-moon, then you are set for the whole year of FU drinking already. FU HEADs too, I would write them all and duplicate it 12x so they become a whole year of FU consumption. That is the best way and smartest way to prepare yourself.

Some Fus can also be duplicated such as bath cleansing FU, protection and guarding FU, or some local deity FU if you change them a lot.

Some Fus I won’t duplicate such as chut saat FU, altar FU and specific things like Tai Sui FU etc. It’s better to see the FU itself and not mix up etc. However, you can duplicate ANY FU in theory, just the preference of do you want to do that or not for that FU.

Extra lesson on virtue:

However, a taboo for you guys - never say "I don't have that much money" when your seniors or uppers tell you to get something. That is very insulting and very rude. If you cannot afford it now or you want to get it later, you can reply saying "Yes Sifu! May I get this next month when my cheque comes in?"  That sets a question for your Sifu to give an approval to you, which is polite because you ask them if you can or not.  However if you reply the rude way, you are giving them a blunt hammer strike and say "NO" directly, it means you are rejecting, resisting, and repelling your uppers and the Tao away. This is rude, because you OFFENDED (going against) your upper, and the Tao, which sets you to become EVIL. That is very not-auspicious and can push yourself away from the Tao quickly if you don't learn to polish your virtue of speaking.

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly, establish the connection with the Tao and celestial court soon. Interested in reading more? Read our My First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!