Why Should You Consume FU HEAD

What is FU HEAD

FU HEADs are basically symbols that serves like a sigil (which is a symbol that connects and channels to a certain power/god). You can simply see it this way – the FU HEAD is like a body, a signature, of the gods.

We write these FU HEADs on paper, and then have it go through a sanctification ceremony (to let the gods put their powers into it), then it will become like a golden pill – with the god’s elixir stored inside.

FU HEADs are like power-pills, you consume them to consume the god’s granted power. You can say that it “tops up your magic power”, or “refill your bars”. This is the simplest and easiest way to think of it!

Remember, FU HEAD(s) are just the symbols, it is not always referring to the one on paper. They can also be drawn in air with a tool or with our fingers and handsigns.  It can also be visualized with your mind too!

Learn to Make

Drawing the FU HEADs are easy, you just need to learn the symbol like memorizing a special character, then combine it with the spells that it comes with, then it is completed. Practice, and practice, and practice – it is all about practice. Until you can draw it out with the spells in an ultra-speed mode like how you can sign your name without thinking, then your FU HEAD is “good enough”.  If you still need to think, too bad, you need to practice more!

Making your FU HEADs on paper is something you learn in the lineage when you ordained. However, you can start to learn about them by using our PDFtoo. Details are taught to you when you are in the lineage!

Self-made vs Uppers-made

For disciples, you should request a set of FU HEADs once a while and consume them (burn into fu water and drink). They are your power-top-up magic pills, and they are your power-upgrade as well. Remember that your uppers cultivate more and can have FU HEADs that contains more power than yours, so you should consume them to be able to upgrade your power.

Think about 2 air tanks. If you are 3000psi, and I am also 3000psi, our tanks will not fill each other up because we are at the same level of pressure. To top you up, I would need to be higher than you, then I can add more air to your side. Now you can see why drinking FU HEADS from the lowers or same level is useless for “top up” or “upgrade”. You can only do that for maintenance and keep your power not rusty. If you want to really get some progress going, you need to request FU HEADs from the lineage, and drink the ones from your uppers. This is the only way you can gain more power, by consuming the stronger ones.

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