What is Fate 緣份

To understand the real truth behind fate, you need to understand about the Yuen Sun and the Soul first. Read up on those and continue on this article, because you need this knowledge about the preheaven elements before you will understand all the special terms below. Fate is NOT a random thing, at least not in our book! If you are ready, then let’s dig in, this is an intense article!

Yuen and Fun 緣份

Yuen 緣is the “fate” but precisely, it is the connection that is built between 2 parties. This connection can be “deeper” or “shallow”. The more it is into the preheaven, the deeper the Yuen is. The more it is just on the surface in the physical world, it is considered shallow.

Yuen is always born because of the heart. Imagine the heart is a plasma ball, and it has those hairs of energies coming out. When there is a subject that it was to focus to, it will pump out a line to reach to the other side. It first starts inside your heart in the dimension 1 (D1) from the energy body, then it goes to the soul body in dimension 6 (D6) and then it goes out to the physical body in dimension 8 (D8). This energy then extends toward the other side to their D8, then D6, then into their D1 at the end. A heart-to-heart connection is considered a complete cycle of the Yuen, because that’s how the connection of 2 parties can be secured. If it has not reach the heart yet, it is just not “rooted” and it will be disconnected at times and needs to connect again.

The FUN 份 is the juice inside the connection. Now you have to imagine the connect is a pipeline or a “root”, and some liquid flows inside the line to the other side. The heart pumps the liquid over to the other side. If the heart is happy and want to pump the juice out, then the FUN is consider flowing at a good pace and with a good amount. Sometimes the heart is just not touched or motivated enough, then even there is a connection built, the juice flowing rate is so slow, the FUN is not enough, then the connection is just like a decoration line, with nothing much flowing through.

Imagine internet cables, you have a high-quality cable with high transfer rate, but the FUN is the actual transfer rate. Even you have a high capacity and powerful cable, you still have not utilize it much.

How to Establish a Yuen 結緣

Establishing a Yuen with someone is always from the heart, to the soul (thinking) and then to the body (action which they can see).

Sum Yuen 心緣, heart connection, it means that you have the intention and feeling of someone or something or even some place, then your heart will already have a Yuen-root 緣根 (Yuen Gun) extending outward toward that direction. This connection allows you to focus to the direction and know where to “beam” to connect to that party. It’s the first step to all Yuen. You must have the HEART to connect a Yuen from your side in a proactive manner.

Ling Yuen 靈緣, spiritual connection, it means that you have been not only feeling but also thinking of someone, something or some place. The moment you enter this stage, there will be energy built up inside the heart and pumping will begin, the FUN will grow as you think about the other side more. The word Ling Yuen 靈緣 is actually a verb, it’s the action of spiritually connecting over. Imagine a graphic here, there is a line of energy with little light particles transmitting to the other side, and the more you think the faster these particles moves and pump over. The faster it pumps the brighter the line is, and the more powerful that Yuen-root is.

Meen Yuen 面緣, face connection, it means you finally got seen by the other side and the connection is “nailed in”. This doesn’t require your physical face to be seen, it could be anything you give out, such as a website, a coin, a hair, or whatever things. As long as they see it, the connection is nailed into them. This is very important because it relates to how magic works and how evil magic is deployed. For instance, someone want to curse you, they might send you a gift, or give you a card, or even hide something like a nail at your door step. When you see it, boom! There goes the bomb!  You can also have a medium carry this connection for you too. Let’s say you want to curse John, and you did your magic at home already, then you told Mary about it, and have Mary tell John something. Once John and Mary connect, the whole magic will beam over instantly. That is why after people did evil magic, they will find a way to reach you, by phone, email, or anything as long as you can “see” it or know about it.

Good and Bad Yuen 善緣,孽緣,惡緣,邪緣

There are good and bad Yuen. Good Yuen is called Seen-Yuen 善緣, and these connections are always beneficial to you, because their heart is good to you. Some people are only good on the surface but inside the heart is all black, those are not a real Seen-Yuen. The key point is the other side must have the intention of “want you to be good”. Read up on benevolence!

Yeep-Yuen 孽緣 is a preheaven Yuen, which is linked to your past life. These Yuen are hard to understand, like why someone is just so bad to you and you have not done anything wrong to them. That’s because of a connection you two have in the past life, and it carried on now. If they are connected to you because of a good reason, then it would be a Seen-Yuen. However, most of the case is a bad situation, so they are coming back for a revenge or something, which is why all the negatives. Sometimes we also see Yin-Gods having a Yeep Yuen with people here because of their past life relationships. I have dealt with a lot of cases like this, where the yin-god and this human being have a relationship in the past life, and now the yin-god wants to keep pinning down this guy for revenge etc.

Ngoc-Yuen 惡緣 is built in this life, not from the past, but is also a negative and harmful Yuen. It’s when the other side’s heart is bad to you and have a bad and negative intention toward you. You will see these all the time in the workplace where people are jealous of you or wanting to be an a-ho to you.

Cheh-Yuen 邪緣 is evil Yuen. What is the difference between Ngoc-Yuen and this one? Simply put, this one is any connection to a person or thing that wants to push you away from your Tao. For example, your relatives are Christian, and you are a Taoist, and they kept telling you Taoism sucks and is evil – they became your evil-yuen now. The more you stick to them or talk to them, the more you get affected and eventually your Tao-path will be destroyed and you will be not a Taoist anymore one day. Cut off the evil-yuen is the best thing to do, but if you cannot cut it off then try to CONVERT them into your Seen-Yuen, make them love the Tao as well, and then you will be good with them again. It is part of our job as Taoists to establish and CONVERT people from being evil to good to the Tao!

How to Kill a Yuen 滅緣

Killing the Yuen is simple, it starts from the heart, then to thinking, then to action. First you must HATE that person or thing or place, then you stop thinking about them. Then you stop seeing and cut contact for real and never go near it.  Once you go near it or see it again, the connection MEEN YUEN is built again.

A common thing is when people try to cut off their evil relatives, and they hated them so much already. Yet, they cannot stop thinking about them, and then once a while they still see each other once a while. That’s not going to work. When you meet up, everything is connected again and you can never kill that connection for real.  These evil Yuen will haunt you forever if you don’t cut it off for real.

You can also kill the Yuen by going against someone’s heart. Just like in real life when you want someone to hate you first and kill their Yuen toward you, then you can do things to make them hate you. I have seen this happen a lot too. Person A want person B to cut their Yuen first, then person A start to act and say everything that person B hates, and then one day person B cannot hold it anymore and cut the connection for real.  But why do you want to be the one cutting it first or cutting it last?

Just imagine 2 tanks sharing water together by using a pipeline. If tank 2 cut off first, the water in the line will be A’s. The tank 2 will just get what is inside the tank.  Therefore, people want to play it smart and have the other side cut off first.  Yet, in reality, it doesn’t matter that much. As long as it is cut, I would call it a day and just let it be. It is best to cut the Yuen if it is evil, doesn’t matter if you lose a bit of juice in the process.

How to Continue a Yuen 續緣

To continue and upkeep a Yuen is call Juk-Yuen 續緣, and it is very easy to do. All you need to do is to make the heart pumps, either you love them more, or make them love you more. The more they like you, their heart will pump more juice out toward you. The more you make your heart pump (like them), the more they get as well. Loving and liking promotes a Yuen to grow.

In our “First Incense” article we talked about this too. Yuen want to put your first incense in for the year, so that the god will like you and build that nice Yuen on you this year.

To make sure your Yuen with the Tao is going to last and growing strong, you must make sure you pay attention to 3 things. First is the human side like your sifu and Si Gung must like you, so do things that they like and learn to understand what they like. Second is to make the lineage love you, by acting proactively, learning well and being a useful disciple for the lineage. Third is to make the Tao and gods like you, present yourself often at the altar, doing your ceremonies of Cheng Sun, and giving back to the gods with things like food offerings and such. The more you build that relationship the better it is.

Cultivating your virtues such as following the rules like the 5 virtues, 10 commandments, and learning about loyalty, righteousness, benevolence and so on, will definitely help you empower the Yuen Fun with the Tao.

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly, establish the connection with the Tao and celestial court soon. Interested in reading more? Read our My First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!