Sacrifices in Taoism

You might think that sacrifice seems very demonic in our modern world logic, and it often relates to things like human sacrifices or even killing some animals and letting their blood spray on the statues and such. I can understand that is kind of gruesome to think about, and I used to call those “evil” too. However, the wisdom of Saam Law shed light on us and taught us to look at things from nature’s perspective, understanding what all these are about, and how it could be done that is also going to work. Let’s dig into this topic professionally.

The Purpose of Sacrificing

The main point of sacrificing is to put some goodies into your gods. Let’s imagine this, if your god at your altar is created by you, it is just like a bank account, it needs investment too. The more you invest the more power it has, it’s very simple. You can invest by going to your altar daily and doing your daily things there to invest and sacrifice your TIME there daily. That’s one way. But how about killing an animal and let your god swallows the energy of that animal?

I know it sounds evil, but that’s how it works. Even your god doesn’t eat it, you swallow the soul of that animal too, just by eating it. We eat life to extend our life, that’s how nature works. When you eat that steak, you are eating the cow’s soul energy along with its meat and all that, you cannot separate them.  So instead of you eating it, now it is the god eating it, that’s a form of investment.

Read the article on the Yin Gods, and you will understand how they work. Read up on the Ghost world, and you know how the ghosts work. Any spiritual beings in that dimension, including your god, work the same way. You need to consume soul energy to grow bigger, and stronger. You can feed yours in, you can have the whole family contribute into it, or you can take other living things and put it into the god too. The goal is to collect and accumulate more soul energy, more life energy, into the same god.

Why Sacrifice

Because you have sacrificed for your god, then your god will sacrifice itself for you. Simple? When you need help, your god look at you and knows you were the one feeding it all the time, now you want help, then the god will feed you back with its own energy.

Just like in the Catholic practice, they will symbolize Jesus flesh and blood by using the wine and biscuit/bread, and if that is done by the priest that knows what he is doing, he is basically consecrating the food and taking the energy from the god and letting the believers consume it. It’s almost the same as how we consume FU HEADS in the lineage. The same concept – consume the god’s energy into your body, then you invest back into the god, and keep that “alchemy cycle” going then you will be strong, and the god will be stronger.

Sacrificing doesn’t have to always be in a form that scares you away, but the fact is that if you can kill an animal (big one) alive for the god, you are taking a lot more soul energy (because less soul energy is lost in the processing time), and that is a BIG investment compared to say a few pieces of meat on the plate. Imagine back in the old days people throw babies and even adults into the fire to sacrifice, that’s a lot of soul energy and even the Yuen Sun gave to the god as a gift. It’s real, it works, and it does create a strong god.

Our Way

In our lineage, we can sacrifice anything because it just works. You can sacrifice your time at the altar by just staying there and talking. You can sacrifice food by giving it to the altar, and then DO NOT EAT IT afterward, just trash it out after 30mins. You can sacrifice insects and pests you killed too, just put it on a plate and give it to your landlord deity.  Hey, why not? They are life too!

Potato skin that you peeled off, carrot skin, chopped off heads of vegetables, leftovers, recycle materials, plastic bags, anything can be a form of sacrifice because they contain energies, soul energies. Plastic bags contain your soul energy since they were used by you. Even a pen that is dead, you used it all the time, it has your soul energy in it, why not sacrifice it to the gods? The gods want the energy inside the objects, not the object itself. Remember this and you won’t feel weird giving your used clothing to the altar now. Yes, used underwear or socks, shoes, anything yours can be given to the gods, it is not rude to do so!

Your landlord deity loves these used things, put it there near the altar, burn incense and tell him it is for sacrifice, then wait until incense is burnt out, then you can take it off and throw the garbage out. Let your god suck up more of these soul energies, and it will become stronger and stronger. If you are a hunter or fisher, you can also put animals you killed on the altar for sacrifice too. Just keep in mind, don’t consume it back later, trash it. Sacrifice means you don’t take it back.

Now it seems like you have a lot of things to sacrifice – start doing it and you will see your god going on hyper mode.

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