Yin Gods 陰神

Yin Gods 陰神 are celestial beings above our worlds, but they are not from the celestial court or Daai Law Tin which relates to us. These are not related to our lineage, they are just part of nature’s system, and are related to everyone in this world. They are actually living in a world that we all used to be in our past. Let’s dig into this mysterious topic!

The World

The world that these Yin Gods live in is like the ghost world; they are in dimension six, and this is the more ancient dimension six than the one we can enter when we are sleeping. This world they are in, we gave it a name, the celestial realm, Sun Siu 神霄 or “CR” in short form.

Read about the ghost world and besides all that, add in 3 elements and you will understand how that world works.

  • There is no feeling of pain or any physical-senses.
  • There is daytime and bright sky or even beautiful looking scenery, while the ghost world is less lively looking.
  • They have the ability like ghost immortals, which is to travel to different dimensions and such with a “flash” of effort.

As you can see, they are like a super-ghost, but with more perks and abilities by nature. To them, humans are weaklings, because humans have pain, and fear physical things like bleeding and such. To them, all these physical feelings are nothing.

CR beings (or Yin Gods) have very very very long lifespan, longer than you and I can imagine. However, it cannot translate to earth-time because they are not running on the same time system. It’s like you can say one year earth years can become like 100 years in CR, it’s totally hard to understand if you try too hard to translate the time difference. You just need to know that they do have a long life and almost feel like living on forever. Therefore, most of them will say they are eternal beings because they don’t seem to die at all as long as they can have the soul energy to continue their life journey. That’s right, it’s the same idea as the ghosts, soul energy hunters.

The world for the yin gods is very high-tech looking and is definitely wilder and more advanced than ours due to the fact that they can create things out of imagination and not need to build them physically. All they need to do is to capture, enslave, and swallow more souls, then their empire can keep going on and building more stuff.

The Mindset of Yin Gods

To the yin gods, human is like “seafood”, it is natural for them to capture and consume humans. That is why they have the habit of crossing over to the human realm and doing things like starting up religions, giving birth to a spiritual medium, and even teaching people to do things so they can gather up soul energy and such.

I used to call them “evil gods” because they are so evil to us. However, we changed that to “Yin Gods” because they are only evil to us, yet they are part of nature just like how we are to our animals on the planet. We seem very evil to the other animals too, we eat them and even farm them in a restricted area for food purposes. Aren’t we evil?  Not really, that’s just how nature works. We consume our chicken and fish, the yin gods consume us, same deal.

Your past life or maybe a few life back, is for sure from this world too, because this is the more ancient world that we all came from. Not the most ancient, but more ancient than this world we live in now.  In that world, you have relatives and even enemies. When you die, the people might keep worshipping you or even revenging on you. When they do all that magic in CR, you will feel the impact in this world.  It’s like saying people from your past life are coming back to you for revenge, and that is 100% real.

Real Case

I have been going through a lot of experience with these CR cases, including my own. However, I decided to leave it for my own disciples (inner disciples) to learn about my story. For outsiders, I have gotten cases of people being attacked by the CR beings who are enemies and they come back to haunt them in this life. These people will pretend to be a god or something, asking you to “learn” from them and let them enter your body to take control while you perform magic. They will say that “I will use your body to execute tasks and missions” and make you agree verbally to let them go in and freely control your body.

I have seen mediums doing it, and I have seen ordinary people being possessed by these yin gods as well. They can possess you as long as you allow them or you “let go” of yourself and “relax”. A lot of people doing some self-taught meditation will often get attacked by these kinds of yin gods. You are looking for “something to happen”, you are curious, and you are totally naïve, then the yin god will love you and scam your body away. The whole scandal or trap is about getting into your body and looting away your soul energy, just like those bad ghosts do in dimension 9, the ghost world. However, that is their way of survival and their way to growing their empire as well. Just like human beings, we also do that to our animals.

Good Side of the Yin Gods

Yin Gods are not all bad, just like ghosts are not all bad. There are those who don’t crossover to cause a mess and stay within their world to live a life within their boundary. However, even some does crossover, there is harm to us, while they also bring in some good things to the human realm.

Yin gods have been teaching human beings things since the ancient times in this world, starting by inspiring them and teaching them things through dreams, sparking up ideas, leading them to create things like art, mythologies, telling stories from the CR worlds, just like how many cultures have some absurd stories going on with their gods and such. Those sound like nonsense to us now, but they are actually stories that once were true, just not in this human realm but in another world before us. Sometimes the story got twisted because the person cannot hear the whole truth, but it still created a lot of stories and fun fiction for us, and these stories lead the civilizations here to become creative, and cultures got developed based on these things. Think about it, we are at the flower stage here with all the modern life, but without the roots how can we get to this point? Back then they have a period of they where a lot of things make sense to the ancient people and not us now. Imagine talking about human sacrifice, torturing people with those scary machines, all these things are inspired by the yin gods too, and humans have used them for a long period of time. We have JUST stopped using those brutal methods recently, think about it.

Our art, video games, and all that sci-fi movies, a lot of them came from inspirations that are sparked by the yin gods into human’s dream or their “naps”. When they wake up, they have the “data” in their head and want to create such a thing for entertainment purposes – because it is the yin gods telling us stories, and teaching us things that happen in their worlds. Look at the recent dramas from China about the immortals fighting and such, so many fancy graphics and “light beams” flying around the air etc. This is not real, but it is real in the CR world. Fighting in that dimension is like that, very fantasy and game-like.  Without the yin gods, we don’t have all this creativity today. They have taken some advantage of humans, but you cannot ignore the fact how they helped our world to develop too.

There are religions and occult that are linked to some high authorities in CR and their “Gods” are actually these Yin Gods. These religious powers are trying to get hold of people here, using their power to group up people, and network the soul energy for them to do their secret things…. But anyway, that’s too much for this post.

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