Taoism After Death World (Ghost World)

The picture of this article is creepy, but the real after-death world is not like that at all. I can only say that it’s not creepy and scary, not at all. There you have it, the truth is told, you don’t need to fear death anymore. In this article, I am going to tell you about the world that a ghost would go through and what is BETTER than being a ghost for an ordinary person without being a Taoist.

Ghost World

When you are dead, you would enter what we call dimension six. This is the dimension where you go when you sleep and go into the dream state. This dimension doesn’t seem “real” or “solid” to you now because you are not dead yet. However, a matured-ghost will see this world completely real just like how you see the world here now. By then, you will be able to see the society there and such. It’s a real-world that have people and such there (they are all ghosts).

I have been there, and have done things in that world that interact with the ghosts. From my soul travel experience and how I worked with the different cases before, I can tell you what that world is like and even their culture and characteristics. In short, they are not the same species as humans, so you cannot understand them by using humankind’s logic.

When you are still a half-ghost seeing all that blurry light and hearing sounds etc, you are in dimension six (D6) which we call 真靈空間 or 靈界. However, once you are matured as a ghost, you will have your memory, but you will slowly settle down and things become visually clear to you. You will enter a new dimension, the dimension nine, which we call 幽冥, Yau Ming. Together, we call it 九幽 the Ninth Dimension of the Dead.

Dimension Ninth

Firstly, the matter is different. In here, we are all “solids” that absorb light and then bounce it off to show our colours. There, it is the opposite. Everyone just glows and illuminates as if they are a picture on the monitor. Everyone lives in a world that has things glowing on their own. Everything that exists will glow and radiate light, which is why the world there is “brighten up”. Even structures like buildings or anything from “cars” to plants, all have “soul energy” then they will glow. Things don’t need light to “shine on them” in order to be seen. The world there looks pretty bright to me, at least there is no darkness and dungeon vibe at all.

There are people, society, and even day and night too. There is “daytime” as well where the place is brighter, and believe it or not, they don’t fear the “sun” that brightens up the place. It is just part of the natural happenings and no one is shocked about lights, unlike what we used to see in vampire movies where the vampire is super sensitive to lights etc.

Secondly, everyone still needs to live a life, work and contribute to society, and also to make money and most important is – to eat. There is the food like how we have here too. It’s very human-like in a way but very different in another way.

Thirdly, people don’t need to “buy” things to have something, while there is the exchange of currency. You can “make” something with your thoughts, just think about it and it will appear in front of you like magic. However, once you created something, you will be weakened and your “light” body will get dimmer. The more you create the weaker you get and eventually you will be a very faint ghost, losing your abilities to move and soon being bullied or captured by those “bad guys” walking around the town looking for prey.

Therefore, people will only create enough for their own needs, and then exchange them for others’ creations or they will convert it into their currency so they can “buy” things instead of creating things with their own soul fragments. That is why they have money there because you don’t have the best condition every day to create things, then you can use the money to buy your lunch or get a new pair of shoes etc. It’s not like you can create a planet then a planet will appear, there is always limitation due to how much soul energy you have.

In here, we have a problem, and that is we cannot have everything or anything we want. We might dream about a fancy car, a big house, and we cannot have it because we don’t have the money for it, or that thing is simply not possible to make with today’s technology.

However, in D9, you can make anything as long as you can have the soul energy to make it. You want a flying cloud that can fly around the area for fun? Sure, you can make it happen.  You want a light saber that can cut down anything?  Sure, it can happen easily. There is almost nothing you cannot make with your soul energy as long as you have that soul energy.

Soul energy is the gem there, and it is the most valuable thing ghosts all love to have more. As you can see why some ghosts will cross over and start doing scams like possessing people and claiming to be gods, being a “medium” spirit and looting those people’s soul energy away during the possession session. After they are gone, the medium is totally drained, because the soul body got emptied out 90% already. These evil ghosts are everywhere, in all the countries and cultures, trying to loot human beings here for their own wallet to grow.

The world of D9 and here is totally opposite, and yet they can crossover to our world secretly and hack into our lives. Some of them will do this kind of evil thing, but most of them will stay in that world and live peacefully. That is why I say, those who dare to mess with humans and can be spotted by me, are meant to be killed.

As you can see now, ghosts have a life and they all have their past memories too. They all know they are “dead people” and that is why they all gather up into society and created their new “world” there to make it very human-like. If you are there, you will also feel this is just like the world you used to be in. You can see human world fashion, food, and even game consoles being a thing there.


Best Ending for Ghost

The best ending for the ghost in D9 is when they have done with what they have to do there, meaning that their soul’s burden is free off mostly, then their Yuen Sun will connect to them and they will be “zapped” away from this world, and be reborn into the Yuen Sun.

It will feel like you got zapped by a light beam, then you “wake up again” into a new world, a world that looks different compared to D9, but is very similar because you can still do all that “create things like magic” stuff. However, this is dimension one, D1, and you are now officially in the preheaven.

Once you have stepped into D1, you are no longer a “ghost” in D9, and this transition is called 魂歸道山 meaning the soul went back to your own Tao, your own Yuen Sun. You are classified as an “immortal ghost” now, 鬼仙.

Usually, it takes about 60-100 years for a ghost in D9 to transition to D1 world, but it all depends on the ghost itself. If they can cultivate and dissolve those burdens in the mind sooner, that day will come sooner.

Interesting, eh? Ordain to learn more!  Or you can read up on the Taoist funeral article to know about what a Taoist will be like when they die. You will be MUCH happier than being in the D1!