The Spiritual After-death Life

The Spiritual After-death Life

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Many people think that in this life you are crappy and messy because we are all controlled and restricted by the materialistic things. Going spiritual must be the way to go for a better way out. However, if you understand how life works after you are dead here, you will not think the same way. In fact, you might really want to start educating your kids and friends about how to deal with your after-death stuff and what to do for you when you are dead!   

We suggest you read our article about “funeral”s, and get a good background about the “spiritual world 101” first, before you move on with this lengthy article.  This will be another long one, without many glossy graphics and such, but you will enjoy if just by the content alone.

To start off this topic, you will need to understand that our soul is actually a bunch of energy that is contained within our system, or body, but it is not something you can see or detect with science equipment. When you are dead, all this soul energy releases out of you and goes back to what we call the “Yuen Sun” – if your transition is a 10 out of 10 A grade transition. Many people get suck in the middle and cannot complete this cycle because of all sorts of stupid reasons. In that case, you will not enjoy the “after-death life” yet.

Life in the Yuen Sun is like a life in your own planet, this Yuen Sun Is your own personal spiritual planetary body (read “Yuen Sun”) and it is shaped up while you are alive.  Therefore, if you have not consumed enough good stuff or upkept this Yuen Sun by making use of your life here, you will be going back to a warzone to live a “life” there. If your Yuen Sun is mega-cool, you will have a nicer place to live, with a much better life there to enjoy.

While you are at the Yuen Sun, you are in what we call the D6 form, as described in the “spiritual world” article. You are in a form that needs to intake energy (soul energy) or what we call Ling Hei 靈氣 to survive. Your body is made of energy, and so the more energy you consume, the stronger you get. You can say that energy is like your food, and it powers your body.

Inside the Yuen Sun, how can you get this energy?

The Ling hei 靈氣 is formed when elements in the Yuen Sun give off their scent, sound and light. Inside this planet, whatever that is growing there will give off some sort of energy, like how flowers and things here will give off their fragrance, colors and sometimes even sound and such when they move.  As the “life” on this Yuen Sun planet keeps growing and blossoming, you will feel “good and full” when you keep sucking up the energy of the planet there. In a way, you can say that you don’t need to “eat” the things around you, but you suck their energy in and become full.

As we have explained before, you do not need to “buy things” in that d6 world, because you just have to think of something and you can create it like magic, “bling!” and there goes something new.  All it takes Is your “soul energy”.  So the more you create in that world, the weaker your body gets because it uses your body’s essential energy to create and also to upkeep what you have created.  In another way of saying it, the richer and prettier your Yuen Sun is, the more “wealthy” you are, because now you can make anything you want with all that resources in the Yuen Sun.

Now let’s get to the part of what your next generations can do for you on the other side of the universe.  In our living world here, we also have our soul energy, but its kept inside us and it doesn’t go to another place without a method or a tool to transport it over.  In order to transfer this soul energy to someone or something or somewhere, we need a transportation medium, or tool, which can be anything.

For example, the paper bank notes and money people burn in Chinese culture, or some colored paper that you might be burning in another culture, it’s all a form to use something physical to contain your soul energy. These papers are nothing until you hold it, fold it, or put your intention into it by some sort of method.  After your energy is infused into these things, and you have set a connection of where you want these things to go to, you will burn it, so the “form” is destroyed and the energy inside can release. Once its released, the energy will find the “destination” and beam over to the other side.

If you are in your own Yuen Sun having your own happy life now, and your kids in the other living world are burning some sort of papers to you which carries their intention and thoughts for you, what happens is that you will instantly “feel” the message and also feel more “charged up” and energized.  The kids might be burning some houses and cars or even a playstation for you, but you don’t get these things in your world. In fact, they will translate to energy that goes into you and energizes your soul.  With the intentions inside, it will kind of push you to suddenly want to create something on your Yuen Sun world that corresponds to these messages and items.  For example, the kids burnt you a game console and hope you can enjoy life better in the other world.  On your end, you don’t know about this, but you will suddenly want to make something for yourself to play and kill time better, make yourself happy, and so you will “want” to create something out of that extra pumped energy for yourself that you think and feel can entertain you for a while.  As you can see, the communication is there, but its very indirect and not like how we talk to people face to face here in this world.

After you are dead in the YS, you cycle to another life to be born again. The things on your Yuen Sun will turn into the fuel that brings you to a better life. The next life cycle begins with your Yuen Sun being connected to some other Yuen Sun that is “making love” and there goes the hook-up.  When the baby is being “formed” in the physical world, your soul energy will start to travel into the baby and your soul energy is now like a transmission-energy, it keeps going back and forth from the Yuen Sun to the baby in the mother’s body, bringing the pre-heaven energies into the post-heaven world, the body, and filling the baby up with more “essence of life”.

At this stage, you can see that the baby also relies on the Yuen Sun greatly. If the Yuen Sun isn’t in a nice condition, the baby will also be having a lack of energy or essence which might result in hiccups or a bad birth condition. At the same time, the Yuen Sun of the parents are now linked to the baby’s Yuen Sun too, which can also screw things up if they are not in a good condition.

If you scroll back up a bit, looking at the time when you just passed away, what if you cannot go to the Yuen Sun right away, and you got stuck in the middle?

A lot of people who are being tagged by evil spirits, or what we call “evil gods” or even some type of sorcery attack, will have issues during this transition stage. The problem is that these spiritual overlords or powers will grab onto you and pull you away, like how people get kidnapped in this world. If you cannot reunite with your Yuen Sun, you will miss the chance to do so, and you will be living in another place, which might be somewhere that the evil spirit will kidnap you to. It could be the “planet” of that evil spirit or overlord!  If that’s the case, you are going to enjoy your life there being a slave, or even something worse. At the same time, your kids might be burning something cool to you, and the package can be delivered to you- and get robbed away by the evil overlord who is capturing you in his place. Sad, but that’s what happens if you don’t take care of yourself before you are dead.

We are fragile in this world, as you can see how easily we can get hurt by the outside elements. When we are dead, we are also very fragile like a new born baby, because we don’t know how to manage and control our “soul body” yet, just like a new born baby doesn’t know how to walk and run or kick yet.  They will need time to learn how to use the body!  When you are in your “soul body form”, you will also not know how to manipulate the body at first, and if you get kidnapped during your “baby stage”, you will be like a baby who got kidnapped, and all you can do is be handled around and be roll around like a piece of clay on the table.

You have a whole life to prepare yourself, and we Taoists know how important it is to prep for the journey after this life.  We understand from learning in our everyday life, that we must always prepare for what’s coming next in order to not fail ourselves.  To have things to eat later, you must prepare now.  As a kid, you go to school to prepare yourself to get a job. When you get a job, you prepare yourself to retire, and when you retire you prepare yourself for death and what’s next?  If you zoom out a bit, we are born and our destination is when we are “dead” in this world. We must use our life here or at least the majority of our life here, to prepare for what’s coming up next life, next stage of life, which includes the after-death life.

Aa a Taoist in our lineage, you are cultivating for the life now, and cultivating yourself to make yourself more prepared for the life after this. At least we have a stronger soul body, with our protection power over it, so we are not like a helpless baby when we die. You avoid being bullied, captured, or being controlled by those evil overlord freaks.  At the same time, you can ensure yourself success in going to your own Yuen Sun, with your Yuen Sun at least being prettier than most average Yuen Sun. 

Your kids might not be burning you stuff, and you might not get help from this world much, but because you are ordained, you will be helped by the lineage, and the people in the lineage, who can pump you up when you need, and also ensure you a good life in the Yuen Sun before you can reach Dai Law Tin as your next destination- and not back to this world as human.

Being ordained into our lineage, cultivating our Taoist Magic of Saam Law, is a great investment for this life and the life to follow. We understand what it is like beyond this world, and we know what it takes for you to be prepared enough for the trip.  Therefore, you will be at least much better off than people who say they don’t believe in these things and think that life ends with just a black out.  I know it’s hard to convince people to believe what’s beyond this world, because you cannot see it with your eyes or touch it - but then, when you can see it and such, it might be already too late.  That’s why we trust our parents when we are young and have them guide us to do this and that, because we know they know more than us, and so we follow and let them guide us to a good path and good future. If you don’t trust them and you want to see yourself fail first and then learn?  It’s already too late, you have no rewind button in life. Time doesn’t wait for you!  Therefore, it’s smart to listen to the wise ones, and follow their guidance without being stubborn.