Ancestor Negative Spirits 陰孽魂

After the series of exciting posts under the “after death” section, and also the last one on “ghost immortal” and “ancestor worshipping”, you might want to know what if the ancestor who passed away is very angry or very negative, will they have a chance to become a ghost immortal and stay in the Yuen Sun to do harm to people who are still alive?  In this article, we will talk about this. The short answer is no, usually, if they are that negative, they won’t be able to get to the Yuen Sun at all.

Where Do They Go

Ancestors or people who passed away will go through a period of transition in dimension six and then they will be into the dimension nine world, which we have explained in the “Ghost World” article. However, if people are too negative, they will be transitioning to another place.

During the time the ghost is staying in the ghost world, they will be living a life there to get their burden vented off. However, there are special cases that people are so angry, frustrated, negative, and such, to the extreme that their Yuen Sun will reject them. These people will be sucked up by the Yuen Sun quicker, and be bounced away from it, resulting them going into another world which we call Ling Law 靈羅 and that is dimension four in our dictionary.

The Ling Law World

This world is like a trash world, everything look very ugly, trash-like, and alien-like. Imagine a lot of those ugly creatures and monsters and the world is never bright white or “daytime looking”. The world look more like when you see the sky is full of those green northern lights. It’s always greenish and purplish, with no daytime and bright sky. The world is also like the D6 and D9, it’s not a physical realm, people still “glow” and such like a ghost does. However, the scary thing is that everyone is in a super angry-mode.

It’s not that you want to be angry, it’s just that your soul has gone through a change, and the change is that nature blasted all your negatives to the surface and make you completely negative like the “most negative version of you”. If you compare this ghost to the original person who was alive, it will be very weird, because they look and feel nothing alike. It feels like this ghost is another person, who is totally negative, with nothing positive and only knows about hate, revenge, and such.

There are other people in the same world, but they are all like that angry mode, so it’s a world full of hate, people not trusting each other, and a lot of violence and slaughter, while it’s not like you can die from it, but you will feel mentally crazy and exhausted, yet you won’t stop fighting.

Soon, this ghost will fit in with the society and understand what their goal is, which is to vent and revenge on the relatives they hated.  This will be the goal of their life there, which is to keep revenging and doing negative things, until they have vented all their angers and feelings out then they will be dying in this world, and then be able to go back to the Yuen Sun to continue the cycle. These ghosts are not really a ghost, we call them Yum Yeep Wun 陰孽魂, they are like the negative soul state of a ghost, which is all due to the negatives they have accumulated before. For the English side, we gave them a name Ancestor Negative Spirits, ANS.

In the Ling Law world, there are many ugly monsters and such that will be also trying to harm people as these ANS dump their powers onto human beings. These monsters often go through the channelling point and crossover to the human side, which results in people being attacked by these spiritual monsters and things out of the blue.

When Does it End

The ANS in Ling Law (D4) is not going to die very soon, they will vent and vent until the revenge feeling is gone and they turn into a very hopeless stage like they feel there is no point in doing all these anymore. When the heart dies, then they will eventually be accepted by the Yuen Sun and regroup to become a ghost immortal. However, a lot of these ANS will be captured by higher evil tyrants who are looking for slaves and “pets”. Therefore, most of them will end up being “working” under the evil lords above more than dying.

In my experience of dealing with these kinds of spirits, they are very aggressive and stubborn, there is nothing you can do but to destroy them. Most of them are into a “clan” of those evil tyrants above, and so you are mostly dealing with their boss and clan more than the spirit themselves. Just the ANS itself is not scary, but with the clan behind is another story.  However, our Tao, the gods in the celestial court; do have the power to deal with these aggressive clans and ANS.  You don’t have to worry if you are under attack by these kinds of things, we can handle it for you.

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