Working for Gods

The Jade Emperor is one of the four main emperors in the Celestial Court as we have already explained in earlier articles. Lunar Jan 9th is his anniversary day, and is also one of the biggest days for all the disciples in our lineage, especially those who are in Sun Lung Stage and above. This article is for you guys, the Sun Lung babies!  Read up!


The Jade Emperor, is the emperor and ruler in the celestial court, and he is the one who decide how much you get paid. Some people thinks that going to work you will earn money, then somehow people can become a die-hard worker and only know to sleep > get up > go to work > back home to sleep > and go to work again. Seriously, that’s a lot of commitment for how much are you getting in return? Jade emperor also pays you, since you are in Sun Lung Stage and decided to commit to become an officer working for the celestial court.  However, what is the pay and will you commit as much to impress the emperor? Many of you don’t realize how much it means to a Taoist on this day, and let me make it VERY clear here.


What is the WEALTH

Wealth from the celestial court is the magic power you will get, and most importantly, the celestial troops that you can summon when you are doing magic work. The more troop you can summon the greater the power for your magic work, just like more manpower doing the same thing, of course more people will win. That also translates to what kind of power and troops are you getting at home to protect yourself and your home. Imagine some weak soldiers guarding the door, or some sick old soldiers standing beside you coughing. Are you protecting them or they protecting you?  

You might not realize how much the WEALTH from the celestial court is worth. Let me tell you here!  The wealth is the magic power, which means you can be writing a FU and getting zero effect even you have done all your physical work – because you do not have the wealth to fund it. The FU you do for protection, for luck boosting, for career luck, for harmonizing your home, for helping your relative who have covid and such. Everything can be not working or working very little because you don’t have enough funds. 

Some people think they are doing fine as long as they are “cultivating and practising daily” – um, no. You can keep shooting your gun but no ammo is being delivered, all you are doing is dry firing, it doesn’t do anything. Magic is not about just the physical side doing a ritual, but also about what is actually going on in the spiritual side as well. You might be having all the trust and faith, but because you don’t do a good job as an officer for the celestial court, you are not getting paid much, or not at all.

How to Get Paid More

Make yourself useful for the celestial court, present yourself to the gods all the time on a disciplined schedule, like doing your 1st and 15th ceremony and dressing up nicely etc.  Good, but that’s not enough.

You need to have the heart to help the court do things, which means you are serving the Tao, you are doing work to help the Tao grow. Are you doing any of that? A disciple was helping out by opening his YouTube channel and spreading the Tao stuff he knows. Great! That is helping for sure!  Another disciple decided to help by motivating the newbies in the lineage and taking care of their basic questions. Good! That is good for the Tao too! Your job is not just to “learn”, because you are already a worker for the court, your job is to DO things.

It is indeed a commitment, because we have to treat the Tao as our own country, own company, and not just a place for us to TAKE only. We need to cultivate the TE to give back and help the Tao to operate its business everyday. This should be in your heart, if you treat yourself as an officer of the Tao’s court.

It’s lunar Jan 9th, remember to do your ceremony and tell Jade Emperor what you have plan for the year to do better and such. Self-critique is better than being critiqued first! Set some goals to improve for the year!

For those who are not yet ordained, feel free to do so today! It is the best time to ordain on these special dates too!