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Secrets of Money Spells in Taoist Magic

Tin Jee Luck and Fortune

Using this money spell as a topic will bring most people to close attention, it should be one of the most important reasons of why people want to learn Taoist magic too. Not only for Taoist magic, but also for any kinds of magic.

People in Asia are falling for scams like the magic for winning lottery and such, paying thousands of money into scammer’s pocket for just a chance to win that jackpot. The most important thing is, does it really work and is there really a money spell or get-rich spell?

In Taoist magic, you see a lot of wealth magic, which is what most people are chasing after for and thinks that this will make their life rich. In Chinese, they call it 招財 JIU CHOY meaning to summon in wealth, and so most of the people doing these magic think that it will welcome in all the good luck and money will pump into their pockets. In our lineage, we also have a bunch of these spells, FU and many things related to this subject of “wealth”, but what are they really for?

If you keep doing ‘money spells” and hope for money to come, it will never happen, because you are not understanding the secrets behind that make you successful in this magic. Let us dig into the secrets of money spells in this article.

Secrets of Wealth and Money Magic

What is “wealth” in nature? Wealth is not money in nature because money is created by human beings. Nature does not have money growing out of the ground for us, and you don’t see money flying down from the sky too.

Money is a “medium” of wealth only and not wealth by itself. You cannot eat money, and you cannot consume it, but you need to use the money to buy you things that you can consume.

Therefore, just having loads of money does not make you wealthy, you need to convert money into something else to get the benefits, such as food, shelter, clothing, and such.

In Taoism and Taoist magic, we work with what we call the “Pre-Heaven energies” which is what charges up the stuff in this physical world and gives things the power of life. The pre-heaven dimension is all the resources and essences that power up this side of the universe, and it is where our potentials are from. The problem is, where is the money?

Wealth in our definition, CHOY 財 is when essence is given from one universe, and the other party that gets it will consume it for some purpose, then that is wealth. Wealth for your body is like food, water, air, and such. Wealth for your farmland might be the rain, the poop fertilizers, and such. 

The way how you can “make money” in this world is by doing business, working for someone, and such. Therefore, money is made by using your potentials. As you can see, you must summon wealth in order to have the potentials for making more money.

Wealth is not money, but wealth are “useful potential energies” that can be summoned in, and there are many different kinds of energies or energy particles out there, which we call “essences”. Not all essence type are suitable for what you need, and maybe only a certain type or group is going to benefit you for what you are doing.

For example, if you see our world is made of many colored bubbles, and we need to intake these bubbles as our food, in order to think or make a decision. But now you are trying to do this specific kind of work, which only requires the blue bubbles, and not the yellow or green, red is fine but maybe not the white. Then you have to use wealth summoning spells, just to be able to grab all the blue bubbles over and not the yellow and green and red.  This is a metaphor, but at least you can understand what wealth means now. It’s not visible, and it’s not money, but they are pre-heaven energies that are useful for what you are trying to do, which you can bring in more than just money alone.

Secret of Wealth Magic

You can use these wealth magic spells in many situations that can bring you a good future.

For example, you a real estate agent and you have a client to meet up today in this coffee shop. There is a big house that you have to sell and you need it to happen. Well, you can use wealth magic in this case, just to summon in more energies of potentials before the client come in, then when he come in, all the useful potential “cells” are there to tell the client how great it is to buy the house, and the client will then “feel” very hyped about this deal and can “see the future” of this deal. Which then leads him to buy it quickly and not hesitate as much. There goes your money magic.

If you are trying to sell more cookies at a festival, you can also use the wealth summoning magic spells too. There are so many people in the festival, maybe there are 5000 people in total, and there could be at least 2500 of them that might want your cookies. However, not all 2500 people will buy from you, because they might not be around you, or their “feelings” isn’t kicking in, or maybe they just missed it. There are so many reasons for the potentials to not be there, because of some lack of attraction. In order to get better results, you want to use the wealth magic spells to get your booth shines, and now all the potential elements are gathered up, it will start to pull in the people and attract them over, increasing your chance of finding or attracting the potential customers, or making the customers like you more and buy more. There goes your money magic!

Maybe you are not yet working, but a student in high school or university. If you are cramping for an exam or getting a big project together, and you need good marks, wealth summoning magic can help you too!  You can summon in the potentials that fit what you are trying to do now, then it gives you better ideas, leading to more inspirations and make you think better or process information better, or even digest the material better, and resulting in a better work quality, more efficient working session, or even to reduce the procrastination and distractions too!  Isn’t that “money” for you then?

As you can see, money luck magic or wealth magic in Taoist magic means much more than just the useless money itself. It can be used in so many ways to help you get things better than they should, and also to avoid the distractions or unwanted elements!  You sort out and filters the “potential elements” before they come to influence you, which can improve your situation greatly instead of just giving you money alone.

Taoist Magic with Wealth Magic

Why does Taoist magic have all these wealth magic spells and what are they for? As simple as it is, it’s for helping yourself to solve problems in life, make your situation better, and also to be used in our magic work too.

When we are having a day with bad energy flow in nature or in the house, there got to be a way to bring in resources from the Pre-Heaven side so that it will power up our magic work too. In this case, the wealth magic spells will be used to pull useful energies into an area and increase our potential useful energy “cells” so that we can do our magic accordingly.

If someone is trying to work on something, or they are in need of help, we can also give them empowerments with these wealth spells, which can help them gain more potentials for this thing that they are working on.

Maybe they are working on a website and trying to get it nicer looking, and the wealth is all about bringing in better designs and ideas, then there go the magical results, it will help them design a better website.

As you can see, wealth can be anything, as long as you know what you are doing and what you need to success or bring you to a certain stage.

Wealth magic is not “money luck magic” but it can improve your money luck, or get you more money. To success, you must know the way how these magic works and what your mindset should be.

First thing first, the secret of money luck or wealth magic is to find a way of how you want to make money and how you can get more money. Plan and think about what you want to happen, how it can happen, and plan it out first. After you know what you want to happen, then you can cast the wealth spells and magic in our lineage to make it work the way you want.

Common Mistake of Money Luck Magic or Wealth Magic

A lot of people thinks that they can just carry a wealth luck FU and then get all the good luck, everything can get better and they will get rich or win the jackpot. That is very a common mistake for why your money luck magic does not work, at least how it is with our magic here. In order to bring in more “money”, you need to find a way for money to come in, for example, you might want to go job search, hunt for a job, or open your business, whatever it is that can open you up to “possibilities”.  If you just go to work every day as you usually do, your boss already told you that you are going to get this salary for the terms of 2 years, and you go to work daily just like this, how can a money luck FU help you at all?  Your boss won’t suddenly give you more money, no boss in the world would!  You need to have a way to make the magic work itself in! 

Winning the jackpot, lottery, and things like that is NOT a way to make money and get “money luck”. These things that come in surprise will never be good. As we say, money comes fast, it goes fast. These are all not a good source of money because the jackpot or lottery is a pool of “money” that is gathered up from tons of people trying to “hope” for a chance to win. That means, there is a lot of “suction power” in that pool of energy, it’s like a black hole. The more you buy lottery, the more pre-heaven potentials are gone and the worse your future will become. 

Don’t dump your money into the trash like that and waste your “potentials’!

If you look at it this way, dumping a few bucks into the lottery to hope for a big prize, is actually just to “invest your potentials into the pool” and by doing it repeatedly, you are dumping out all your “potential resources” (pre-heaven potentials, your wealth!) into this pool to “hope” for one single kaboom out of the huge pool of people.  Your life will get only worse and worse if you are addicted to this kind of lottery.

However, a good time to buy lottery is when you see you have a lot of bad things coming your way, and you can put “these potentials” of bad happenings into the pool and let it go there for a good reason. You can see that potentials come to you all the time, but there are good and bad elements, just like good versus rotten food can enter your mouth. Dumping food into the pool of garbage to hope for an animal to come is not good, but dumping rotten food into this pool isn’t a problem since you don’t want it anyway.


Luck Stealing Magic for Money

There are many scam-magic-wizards out there who promotes lottery winning magic, and they are actually telling their clients to have a magic ritual done for them, and then the client will have to go buy lottery with a bunch of money, then hope to win the big prize. This kind of magic that they are doing is actually sucking up the pre-heaven resources of these believers at the back for the master themselves. While the believers pour out money as a post-heaven action, the pre-heaven life essence is also depleting out to a pool of life-sucking force, and hence the master then tap in and your “wealth” is now gone to the master’s life. This is a form of luck stealing magic!

If you have a Taoist master who keeps on telling you to buy lottery and you will win with the magic, you know you are being scammed. It’s time to realize the problem and pull yourself out of this trap. Taoist magic is to help you make life better, and it can make you wealthier, but it is never in the form of a jackpot, lottery, and anything that requires no solid effort. There is no shortcut in the world for life to grow and blossoms. There is the need of time, investment, and love for anything to blossom and gets bigger. Just like a plant, you need to spend the time to grow it, give it resources and love it, for it to grow nicely. 

You want money and you want to get rich?  Sure, Taoist magic can help you with that, but you also need to do your part as a human being, and try your best to think of a way to make that possible too!  If you want to learn real Taoist magic that brings you wealth and can help you boost your potentials for all things in life, feel free to start today, by learning Saam Law Sun Gung.

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