Secrets of Wealth Spells in Taoist Magic

You must be trying to find a Taoist magic that can help you get more money or get rich, right? You have come to the right place. This article we will talk about wealth spells and magic in Taoism. Let’s dig in.

For the spells, you can download our Wealth Spell book. There are also translations and such in the spell book. Also, check out the “Noon Rite”, there is a whole scripture on wealth there, and translations that you can really enjoy for the whole year.

Power of Wealth Spells

Wealth spells are spells that you use to connect to the gods of wealth to channel down their powers. Remember that spells don’t work just because they are words. Spells work because the spells are heard and received by the gods, and that is why you get the “help”. The SOURCE of the power is the gods, not the words.

What can wealth spells do for you – it can make you wealthy! I know most of you want “MONEY” but let me explain how you can get money with the wealth spells then.

Wealth magic is not like you do the magic then tomorrow money will walk to your door. However, there can be many ways you can earn more money, or even prevent yourself from losing money. Let’s say your job is a writer or journalist, you need ideas to write good articles or books, then wealth could be the ideas and inspirations that you need to create good content. Or maybe you are a sales agent selling something, then wealth could be the energy that can make people be convinced by you and buy your products. You just cannot ask for the “money” itself to come to you, but you can think about how you can get more money (or other kinds of wealth) to increase your potentials and secure your success in life.

Magic cannot help you win lottery, and it cannot help you become the god of gamblers winning over the casino. You could drop that idea if you heard it from elsewhere. No, not with Taoist magic at least.

However, even a person going to work in an office 9-5 daily with a fixed salary could use some wealth spells to ensure their interpersonal luck and networking is doing well. The boss could like you more and the people around you will not back stab you or do things to destroy your reputation etc. All that equals to a smoother career, more potentials for promotion or raise, or maybe the next opportunity for something special could be in your hand instead of others.

If you want money, the gods will help you – only if you are not a lazy bum or looking at shortcuts. You need to have a way for wealth to come to you first. If you don’t know, you can also just tell the gods your concern and let them shed light on you, then soon you will see what you are missing and there goes a new way for you in life.

Wealth Beyond Money

If you are over 60s, you don’t worry about money anymore, maybe all you need is health, good time with family, and ensure people are safe and good in the pandemic years. That could be your “wealth” too. Doing the wealth spells and magic can also bring you these as well. Quality of time, health and preventing sickness, all are an example of what wealth could be in magic.

God of Wealth

There are a few gods of wealth who are responsible for different things. You must know about them to ask the right god for help.

There is even more… but we will let you finish these first!

Ordain today to learn about the wealth magic and how to apply them to your everyday life. Wealth magic should not be done just when you are desperate. It could be done DAILY to improve your everyday life. Little by little, the help accumulates and become a big change in your life over time. Remember there is no shortcut, so you got to start small and ask for help for small things. When you do this everyday, you will see what I mean.