Secrets of Money Spells in Taoist Magic

Secrets of Money Spells in Taoist Magic

money spells in magic

The secret of casting successful money spells with Taoist magic, is to know how it works and use it accordingly. First of all, the flat and boring truth is – you cannot bring money to you by using any sorts of magic, including Taoist magic.  However, you can bring money to you by using magic in an indirect way. This article will tells you about the secret behind money spells, and you will know all the essential things that makes it work for you.

There is a saying in Chinese that lays out the golden rule for any kind of money spells or wealth spells. The saying is – 財來自有方.  Many people don’t get this phrase’s real meaning.  Most people get it as “wealth will come from somewhere eventually” or ”Money will come when there is a way”. However, that is not complete right yet. Maybe it’s too simple, to the point that people might have overdone the “interpretation”. The true meaning is as flat as “wealth comes from the party that has it”.

You want to make money?  Then you need to connect to those who have the money, right?  Imagine opening a business and then welcome only the poor people over, good luck promoting!

So how do you apply this to magic?


Money Spells in Taoist Magic

First of all, what is magic about?  Magic is basically to input your intention, heart-energy and kick it into something, to change, or to make something flow forward to the way you want it to be. In short, magic is about taking pre-heaven energies, which is driven by your intention, and programming it, then shove it into something for the energy to expand and influence things in the post-heaven world (reality).

In a more “human” way of saying it, you have to take some sort of non-physical energy and put it into the physical world, with some sort of “assigned” duty for this energy (telling the energy to do something for you) and there goes the magic. 

As you can see, magic cannot bring you money directly, but it can bring you money indirectly, yet, you need to think about how to apply the magic for things to kick in. 

promotionFor example, you have a storefront and people are walking outside, but you just lack customers, no one is coming in and you are not having a good time sitting inside your shop.  With magic, you can think how about to attract customers your way. There are already people out there, then you just need something that can physically grab their attention (like a poster, or a TV facing outside) and then you will have to cast the money magic on this object, deploy the object outside and now the magic energy will start to influence people walking by your store, and it will attract more people to look at your poster, your store, and eventually come into your shop for your products.

A lot of people think that since we know magic, why do we still need to work hard then? Just do magic and be rich!

That’s actually a very wrong mindset about what magic really is.  In stead of going this crazy “easy way out”, knowing magic means you should work even harder than most people, and using your brain even more than most people.

First of all, applying magic requires a method, a tactic, for things to release to the right place or right target.  If you are trying to make people want to call you and do business for you, and you are going to a show to get connections. Great, prepare a bunch of business card and do your magic on them, hand them out and let people “absorb” your “bombs”!  If you go there with your “magic cards” but you never use them, and you only stand around and be shy, how can your magic power radiate out of your pocket?  You know you got those magic-powered cards, then you have to be even more proactive to make the best use of these cards, handing it out to anyone who you feel might have a slight potential.

seo paternFor a website, you can also do money spells or wealth magic on it, but then you must also know what you are doing and how to promote it out to the right audience too. Imagine you did magic to your website but it is not indexed by any search engine, no matter what magic you do, the website is not going to get any traffic or business. In order to allow the magic to “work” for your website, you need to work hard on learning how to tweak your SEO, how to get Google’s attention, and there goes a long journey of learning the skills to make sure your website is seen by people, and now the magic will kick in to make those visitors more likely to buy your stuff.

Doing money spells or luck boosting magic is not about just sitting home and burning incense or some paper, and then recite the spells 10000 times, then hope for money to come or “luck” to come to you later. That’s not magic, that’s basically suiciding!

Money spells, luck boosting, wealth magic, all these sorts of things done in magic are to increase your potentials, or to help you tweak the energy inside things and influence people to think or act in a certain way that shift the advantages toward your side. It is not a shortcut for you to get lazy, or a magical button to get money flying to your house like they got wings. 

If you are a person who go to work everyday and you got a stable job that pays you X amount of money with a 5 year contract stabled to your file. What can you do to increase your money?  Besides getting a new job, there isn’t any way, unless you got a promotion and the old contract is cancelled out.  When you are thinking about using magic to improve your financial situation, please think about what’s there in reality and where is the way for this money to come to you. If you can’t see a way, the magic can’t find a way either. 


How Taoist Magic is Better for Money Spells

taoist money magic

Now that you know what money spells and wealth magic is about and how its done, its time to know why using “Taoist” magic is better than other types of magic for this kind of things.

As we have mentioned in the “What is Taoism” article, Taoists who ordain into a sect or lineage does not rely on their own personal Tao (The Yuen Sun) anymore. We rely on the Tao that we have chosen, which is the higher power that the lineage connects to. For example, in our lineage, we connects to Saam Law as our Tao. 

This Tao you connect to is your resource provider. It can provide you things that your life does not have, and that means if your life, or your Yuen Sun is already broke and poor, it means your potentials in life is pretty much close to zero already, how can you still juice out more potentials out of your own Yuen Sun?

Being a Taoist of Saam Law, even if your own life is running out of resources, it is fine, because your wealth magic and money spells in this lineage will connect you to the Tao of the lineage, and you will be getting resources from there instead.  Which means, you can patch up your Yuen Sun, make up for what’s not enough in the Yuen Sun, and bring in potentials that does not exist in your life (your Yuen Sun).  With a Tao that is greater than yourself, you can get things that you don’t have originally, and exceed your own limits.  The only thing to do in order to balance that, is to give back to the Tao daily as mentioned in the “concluding article” and it will be all good.

As we say in the opening, wealth comes from the party that has it. If you are in need of help in life for your money luck or something related to “wealth”, it means you are already lacking that in your own Yuen Sun and life, that is why you have the idea of getting help!  Therefore, we have got your back. The Tao we connect to is the place where it got endless amount of these pre-heaven energies for you to take. As long as you cultivate your Tao and Te, you are good!  It does not mean you can be lazy and just sit there, but at least what you are doing will be better with magic, and you will see much more possibilities and opportunities in life. Opportunities shows up, and its now your turn to make use of it.

After you are ordained into your lineage, you can use the wealth spells and all those wealth related magic in our lineage. All these magic methods are going to help you get more pre-heaven energies from Saam Law, from our Tao, and not from anywhere else.  All you need to do is to know what you want to happen, how it can happen, and where to cast your magic with the right deployment methods. When you start to learn these things in the lineage, you will be taught how to do it on our LINE chatroom!  Get started today, and lets start to improve life with magic!