Heart Scripture of Saam Law Taoism

Heart Scripture of Saam Law Taoism
After the heart spells, there is the special cultivation for our disciples to strengthen up their foundation “heart power”, with the Heart Scripture of Saam Law Taoism 三羅心經 (Saam Law Sum Ging). This scripture is available to all disciples of the lineage, just ask your Dai Sifu for it!

What is the Heart About?

The heart power is the main essential power for all your magic work in the lineage. Your heart power fires up the heart spells and the heart spellsconnect you to the lineage’s power network for the magic power that you will be using for any of your cultivation or magic work. If your heart power is not working great, it’s like a huge plant with tiny and weak roots. Therefore, the heart should be the main focus of your cultivation at all time.

This heart that we talk about is not the organ, but the energy heart in your pre-heaven energy body. This heart senses, feel, and love or hate things. If you want to connect to the lineage well, besides the cultivation of the heart spells, you should always remember that love is two-way and not one-way. You have to dedicate yourself to the lineage, be honest, trusting and have faith in the lineage while loving it, AND the most important thing is to have the lineage love you too.  Being a good disciple with the proper moral and ethics is important because it is the foundation of everything, which starts from your mindset as a disciple of the lineage.

Your heart not only feels but also stores the essential energies for magic work. If your heart or mindset is not right or tuned-in with the lineage, the capacity of your heart is also smaller and cannot hold onto many resources for your magic work, or give you potential powers.

Benefit of the Heart Scripture of Saam Law

This scripture is called the “Heart Scripture of Saam Law’, and it is super powerful because it can change your destiny. Request for the scripture and get started on it, recite it daily and it will strengthen your heart, adjust your heart’s energy, and align your heart’s routings to make you more connected with the lineage power network.

With the disciplined cultivation of this heart scripture, in conjunction with the heart spells, they will solidify your Taoist magic power in the lineage and give you a much greater potential growth. Your magic power depends on this heart energy as the foundation, therefore let’s get it beefed up.

Whenever that you might encounter any danger or emergency situation and need extra help from the lineage, yet the human side is out of reach, this scripture can also help you connect to the lineage’s pre-heaven side and request help and protection from our grandmasters of the lineage.

How to Master the Heart Power

When you learn to type on the keyboard, or even to walk when you were a kid, how did you learn to naturalize them and master these amazing skills? Maybe you do not even need to think when you are typing anymore, and I am sure you don’t have to think about how to walk either. This is all because your power of walking or typing is already cultivated into your heart.

When your brain thinks, your heart is blind. When your heart feels, your brain is shut. That’s how we work as a human being. Our pre-heaven work, then the post-heaven shuts. We say that love is blind, and love is not logical. That’s right, logic only kicks in after your senses from the heart!

When we go shopping, we often just feel good and we will grab the items into the cart. There is really not much logic involved.

This is the feeling of how your heart works with you. You need to not think of anything, in order for the heart to kick into action fully.  When you start to think or process information, your heart won’t fire up completely. So, how do you get your heart to fire up while you are doing the heart spells or the heart scripture?

There is no shortcut to these things in magic, and we all learned how to do it as a kid already.

Repeat, repeat and keep doing it. There is no logic, reasoning, explanation required. When you were a baby or toddler, you learn to walk, when does your parent explain to you about how to walk properly? Or maybe break down the steps of the walking movements for you, so that you can follow a “manual of walking”?

The education system in the modern days is totally opposite of this style of learning. The modern educational system tells you to think, process and read tons of stuff then “understand it” before you do something, plan and schedule yourself, managing time with a timetable, etc., All these things are useless for your heart. To learn how to get something into your heart and have your heart master it is to do without reasoning, follow and practice it zillions of times, make it as natural as how you walk, or type, or say your name, and you will eventually “get it”.

When you first enter the lineage, you learn to recite the heart spell 9x daily, and that was your introduction as a baby step to get you going. As a disciple, is that really just the amount you should be doing? Will that be enough for what you want to achieve?

For the heart scripture, let me give you a hint here. Recite it many times, without trying to understand it, but keep doing it like how you do with your keyboard drills. When you do enough, you will “get it” when the work clicks in. You will learn the bits and pieces of the scripture’s deeper meaning as you get better at it and start asking small questions here and there. But at the same time, you should be doing this cultivation more and treat it like something you love to master, like when you wanted to master the typing skills. Your heart spells, heart scripture, all can be mastered by nothing but hard work, and time.

That’s right, doing it zillions of time for one or two days won’t be good. But if you can keep it up for a period of time, you will see it happen, just like how you learned to type by typing every day. Yes the teacher say you should just do one drill a day and you will master it in X amount of days, but the smart ones will always do more, right?

More is better, and remember don't just move one step when you get kicked in the butt once. Learn to be a disciple, be pro-active and ask your sifu in the lineage more things, maybe you have ideas of how to get yourself better, maybe you want to do more spells than just the basic amount, talk to your sifu(s) in the lineage about it!