Heart Scripture of Taoism

The heart scripture is one of the most important and powerful scripture that can impact a disciple’s life. If you are wondering where to get it, here is the link to the eBook for the full rite. This article will be an introduction for you on this Heart Scripture and how it can changes you so much.

What is the Heart

The heart Is the energy body’s heart that we are using daily for feeling, creating emotions, and also storing memory temporary. This is not the organ but an invisible part of you that exist in the preheaven dimension/layer of you. Your body senses, see, hear, and so on, then the information is being felt and recorded as memory by the heart. The heart is what makes you feel happy or sad, or sometimes even angry and mad. When there are evil energies in the heart, people go weird, act weird, and will do weird things that harms themselves or others. Of the heart is being attacked, the person can also feel hopeless, and want to suicide because they suddenly don’t feel the point of living in life. The heart can also be haunted by heart devils, which can make people make decision that they will regret for their whole life.

For a Taoist, the heart is where the magical power is stored and where you connect and channel to the gods in preheaven too. If the heart is not working properly, you can have issue connecting and channeling from the gods, and your magic can suddenly become useless because the heart is not working.

Benefit of Cultivating the Scripture

The scripture or even the whole rite, its sole purpose is to cleanse, empower and purify the heart. It helps you remove the evil stuff, grind out the heart devil, and to make your heart stronger and better. There are so many benefits from doing this scripture, but it all goes back to the heart. When the heart is working good, everything gets better.

There are many people who lost interest in their Tao cultivation or even gave up being a Taoist, because the heart was contaminated by evils and they surrendered or lost the battle, then the evil thing took over and made them withdraw from the Tao too. When it is magic battle time, the heart is what gives you a victory, it is so important.

How to Practice

You can chant the whole rite or just pick the scripture out to do some small session of chanting. You can also copy the scripture (just the Chinese) or you can learn to sing it like how we do in our chanting video.

To get the most out of it, ordain today and start learning, nothing is better than actually chanting these scriptures with the genuine connection and power from the source.

Beside this scripture, we also highly recommend the Golden Zen Scripture and Heart Stamp Scripture for fighting off heart devils and such too!  Take a look!