Working for the Celestial Court

As Sun Lung stage disciple and above, especially for the more senior ones who are already in the lineage for a while, working for the celestial court is not as simple as just “spreading the Tao”. In this article, I want to take the time to explain this to both seniors and the ones below so that they will have a better idea of what we mean by “working” with for the celestial court and what is required to actually “do work”.

If you are new here, you might want to read up on the article on the “Celestial Court” before digging in more, because this is something deep and complex, not something a newbie would understand or care much about yet.

Most important, Identity

Once you have started to step into Sun Lung Stage, especially the second stage of the system, you will be granted an officer name and a title that goes along with your name. This title is like a job title, you can be raised as you go, or you could be stripped if you don’t do your job. The title comes with a rank too, which sets your power in the court. You don’t call yourself a “disciple” anymore when talking to the gods in the celestial court, you call yourself an officer, with a special name, title, rank. You are still a disciple, just that you are not using that identity when speaking to the gods above when you do your Cheng Sun (God-invoking) and other ceremonies.

However, some things set your identity formally, such as your outfit, your officer stamp, and also the heart spells that you get when you go up to Sun Lung Stage etc. All these are authentication to prove your identity. If you are not dressing up properly when Cheng Sun, you won’t “step into the court”, and so even you did your role doing things, you are not reaching up to that higher level power yet, because you are not ready.

No worry, as newbie Sun Lung Stage, you will still be doing your ceremony the way you did before, and you keep upgrading your gears to get to the point where you have all the tools, then you will be connected to the higher-level powers, the celestial court, for real.

Higher power comes with more responsibility, and the celestial court isn’t joking either. That is why if you want to do something that uses their powers, you must do it formally, just like how businesses do their legal docs here. You cannot just dress up in some casual clothing and pretend you are an officer, it doesn’t work, the door will not open for you. It’s just strict when it comes to this kind of formal communication between the celestial court and us.

The gods have taught me “If people are spending all that time dressing up and tidying up themselves before a ceremony, it shows they care and have respect. Nothing is easy, quick or even comfortable when it comes to formal.  Some things you put on your body will restrict your ability to move easily too, but it’s needed for the situation then it needs to be there. It’s not about how YOU FEEL, it’s about how YOU RESPECT and look heavy on this matter.”

I kept this teaching in my heart, for the rest of my life, and follow it with my deepest respect. No joke, the gods are not joking.

Your Position and Mission

Remember I talked about the title and rank? You have to do what you are supposed to do in that department, and that is something you got to ask and learn in SLH (Sun Lung Hall). You won’t be told that much because it is up to the officer to go find out their obligations after they have gotten the title and ranks. There can be many things to do, but if you don’t ask, there will be nothing to do.

However, the minimal you should be doing is at least open altar, Cheng Sun properly, and do your cultivation for every lunar 1st and 15th, which include getting your “pay” from celestial court during these 2 dates. Your record will be kept in the court and that is how you build your credibility, but showing the court that you can commit, and be disciplined, keeping your words, etc. Many people just “level up” and think that’s good enough, what about the rules you have to follow at a higher level?  If your record shows that you never even bother to learn your rules and follow them, what kind of officer are you?

Remember one point here, the court won’t chase you to learn, it’s your obligation to seek help and learn from the uppers. If you stay quiet and be a mouse in the dark, eventually your profile will be also very sucks.

Civil vs Civic Mindset

Civil is being a civilian, everything you do in the lineage is for yourself as the focus. You learn you want more knowledge, you want help from the gods, everything is FOR YOU. That’s what you should be doing more on the civil side of your Taoist life.

Civic is being an officer, working for the Tao, and everything is FOR THE BIG GROUP, and not yourself. Everything you do should be for the lineage, as if the lineage is a country, you are working for the country and your goal is always doing things for the country to grow and help the country to improve etc.

When a disciple goes up to Sun Lung Stage, the civic mindset should be slowly building up, and you should not just be like a newbie who kept on asking questions and learning things. You should be as an officer, asking about what you can do or help to contribute, making the Tao like you around and feel your value.

Troops and Powers

If you are doing well, fulfilling your duties, then you get what you deserve. The celestial troops and powers that you can use based on your position will be listening to your command and you can then use these powerful forces for doing your magic, helping others, and saving lives. When you are being attacked by evils and such, these powers will be saving your life, and they will be used to crush down all your enemies too. Compare this power from the celestial court to the newbies level power, it’s like firing a real gun compared to a nerf gun, totally not the same level. It is all because you are willing to commit, and contribute.

Feeling that this is very interesting? Ordain today to get started in your Tao journey!