Wearing a Different Taoist Hat Gives Different Power

What’s the deal, why do you wear a Taoist hat? It’s not just there for show, it’s there for a magical purpose, and it has a specific meaning BECAUSE you have sanctified it with the proper spells and magic to make the hat a real Taoist MAGICAL Hat.

In the picture below, there are 2 hats that we use. The left one is called a JO SI HAT 祖師帽, and the right one is called a Nine Dragon Hat 九龍巾.

The left one, Jo Si Hat, represents that local altar highest power in charge, which is your Jo Si. Wearing this hat means that you can now be in charge of your local altar and be making orders and such. When we do magic with the local altar, this hat is used so that we can command the troops and such that are locally there.

The right one, Nine Dragon Hat, it represents the power of the lineage, the power of Jo Si Yeh above, which means with this hat you can call in the higher powers into your local altar, and be utilizing the celestial court’s power as well. If you are opening altar to do magic WITH the lineage’s upper support (which has power that is over your local’s limit, then you need to change your hat to this one.

A good example is that if I am just going to my altar to do some FU and magic for cleansing and such, it’s just some small things that I can handle on my own, I would just use the Jo Si hat. It’s good enough. Even for sanctifying FUs for clients, I would just go with this.

However, if I am going to do an exorcism ceremony and I know I am facing a stronger enemy, then I should do things the safe way and wear the nine dragon hat, open altar and connect up to the celestial court for the extra power that is needed to handle the tougher situations.

The hat itself is not what’s magical, you can buy these hats out there in the Taoist shops too, but they won’t have any magical effect or work the way I have mentioned – because you have not make them magical yet. If you are ordained, then you can learn to sanctify them and magicalize them, making them a REAL magical tool that can be used for what they are meant for. Many people just buy these outfits and think that it will “work”, but most of them only dressed up like a Taoist. They are missing the stuff that cannot be seen, the god’s power that is to be channeled and injected into these magical tools.

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