How to Use Taoists Scripture and Rite Books

This is a quick guide for those of you who want to get started with the scripture and rite books in our download page (amazon bookstore!). Please note that we strongly suggest you buy the book from the amazon link because we will be updating these books all the time, and amazon will also push the updated book to your device automatically.

How to Begin

First, you must be a disciple. Without being a disciple, there is nothing you can do with these books. There are 2 routes, one is that you are officially ordained, which cost money to start. If you are not ready for that, then go for the free initiation route and get learning. Once you have your heart spell, then you can begin using these books.

Download the books onto your device, which we strongly recommend the Kindle-series tablet, they are so good for long term reading!  Make sure you also turn on auto-update feature so that your file can be updated when we push out new updates.

There are 3 basic things you can do with these books. This is for those of you who are in the beginning stage:

  1. Reading it to understand it – You can go through the book, read the book in Saamlawnese pinyin, read the translations and so on. You DO NOT have to understand the spells and scriptures for them to work. Don’t try too hard drilling into the “meaning” and go the wrong way. However, you are free to read the translation for your own enjoyment and learning purpose.
  2. Chanting it to channel the power down to you –Very easy, put your palms together at chest and recite your heart spells (make sure you stomp the left foot for each spell), then start chanting the book, do the same thing when you are done to inform the gods you are finished. You can chant the whole thing, or pick a section to repeat etc. It’s up to you.
  3. Grinding it to upgrade your power – If you want to grind for power, you can pick a section and chant it repeatedly and even to memorize a section at a time. Memorized stuff is always stronger, that’s fact, because you have put your heart and energy into it, and these investments are what makes it powerful.

If you want to learn more about how to chant and/or learn about the right way to chant those Saamlawnese words, we strongly suggest you get ordained so that you can have the direct teachings on LINE and we will be able to teach you right away in real chat.

Which Book to Start With?

For most people, I would say you should start with Cleansing Spells, Guardian Spells, or Morning Rite. If you want protection against evil magic and such, Sword Sage Truth Scripture is a good one. If you have a special case, just e-mail me and ask me for suggestion.

Chanting daily is a good practice for everyone who cultivate Saam Law Taoist magic, it is like a daily exercise to build your energy and magic power, and also to channel the gods power into you all the time. Don’t forget to also thank the gods from time to time to show your appreciation as well!  All the best to you!