Daily Rites and Rituals of Taoism

Every religious path has some sorts of daily practice or rites that they do such as prayers, worshipping and so on. In this article you will learn about what is the rites and rituals that we do in Taoism as a Saam Law Taoist. If you are a disciple, you should also use this as a foundation to see if you are doing enough. Before I begin, I have to say that what’s on google is just mind blowing. Hey guys, no, Taoism is not about doing Tai Chi, massaging your face and body, or doing meditation. Now you know what it is NOT about, let’s get into the lesson.


Purpose of the Rites

As Saam Law Taoists, we follow the way of Saam Law to cultivate the Tao - which is all about the way of how nature creation works. Saam, is three. We have three main rituals to do every day, month, and year. The rites are to keep us aligned with the Tao, as a Taoist.

The law of nature goes by the order of sky, ground, and human. This is a pattern of nature and not about the surface meaning of the words. Sky gives resources, ground takes it, and human is when resources blossoms to results.


Daily Rites

Morning Rite – Its purpose is to connect to the Tao and channel down its energies so that we are purified and energized to start the day with the Tao’s power in us.

Noon Rite – Its purpose is to have all the energy blossoms into reality, boosting everything we do and ushering wealth (preheaven energies) to where it is needed.

Evening Rite – Its purpose is to give back to the Tao, and helping us connect back to preheaven, so that we can detox everything that we don’t want and prepare for the next day.

Monthly Rites

New Moon – Lunar 1st, we will connect to the Tao and bring down the Tao’s energy, putting them into a medium (FU water) and consuming it into ourselves and also letting our altar absorbs it.

Full Moon – Lunar 15th, we will use the power we have cultivated by doing magic to empower, exorcise and cleanse the space we live. This includes setting up the boundaries and seals to protect our homes.

End of Month – 3 Days before the Lunar 1st of next month, we will conclude the month by giving back to the Tao, cleaning up the altar, and thanking the gods and the lineage for everything.


Annual Rites

New Year – Starting from the CNY (Chinese New Year) it is the most important time for us, to complete a good 15 days of ceremonies and boosts to set the ground for the whole year ahead. Bring in more potentials and wealth for a good year to come.

Mid Year – Around the lunar July, it is when we do magic to show our powers. We will be giving our magical blessings to others by doing ceremonies and giving out FUs etc.

Year End – Starting from the lunar October, it’s when we start to wrap up the year and get ready for the new year. During this period of time, we will be submitting our feedbacks, appreciations, and thanking letters to the gods above.

How Should You Begin

The first thing you should ask yourself is that are you doing anything everyday in the morning and night that is related to the Tao? A lot of people just ordained and forget about it – like signing up a gym membership and never goes into the gym. Is that going to do you any good? Well, if you are falling into this group, then you must pick up something today.

Here are the 3 daily rites ebook, get them on amazon with the link below and start chanting them daily. They are a good way to start cultivating and definitely a must-learn for every Taoist.

If you are busy or cannot commit that much time to chant everything daily, the I suggest you to start with the SPELL section. In the morning you will chant the purifying spells, in the evening you will chant the guardian spells, in noon you will chant the main god channelling spells. Just the spells should take you no less more than 3-5 minutes per session. That’s 15mins a day, it’s VERY little compare to any other religion. You can find the spells in the 3 rites ebook!

  • Morning: Purifying and Cleansing Spells
  • Evening: Guardian Spells
  • Noon: Gods Channelling Spells

The commitment is supposed to be done to show the gods your heart to the Tao. If we show the gods that we cannot spare 15mins a day for them, what do you expect them to give in return? Blessings for your family? Good luck and career? Lots of protection power? Well, that’s not what you are giving. The less you commit the less you will have in return. It’s just like love.

Before you begin chanting / reading the book, make sure you connect to the Tao first. When you are done, make sure you also bow and conclude to tell the Tao you are done. It is very important to make sure the gods are there to witness what you are doing, or else it is all done for nothing just like you are speaking to “someone” on a phone that is not connected. Hold the Saam Law Handsign, curl in the middle finger and forth finger to your palm and straight the 3 other fingers, combine both hands at the chest and recite your heart spell in the heart (not with the mouth). Raise handsign to your eyebrow level and tell the gods that disciple Tin-X is here to do XYZ rites. Bow 3x and you can begin your chanting. When you are done, do the same thing and say you are finished. Who are you talking to? With your heart spell, you are talking to your main god, Saam Law Jo SI.

Uh wait, so if you are not initiated/ordained, then you don’t have a heart spell and Taoist name, so you CANNOT do these rites? Yup. That’s right, Taoist rites are for Taoists, not for normal ordinary people. Initiation is free too, get started today.