Taoism and Death Explained

This article will be about death, such as human or animals dying. What is going to happen to them, what will they experience, and what should we be doing as Taoist and such. Death is nothing to fear about, it’s part of life. But if we are not aware of what is going on, then we will be suffering because of our ignorance. We need to know about it and pay attention to it because this is something important.

What is Death

We are born to die, just the matter of when we are going to. However, death is nothing to fear if you are prepared for it. Death is when your soul leaves the body because the body cannot contain you anymore. When you leave the body, it will feel like going into your dream when you sleep, just that this time you won’t come back anymore. It will not be painful if you can let go of the body and not struggle to keep “trying to not die”. Dying is a process like when you are born, it doesn’t feel like a thing happen to you. Don’t fear death, just accept it.

When the soul leaves the body, it enters what we call dimension six, D6, the spiritual realm. This dimension is very much like how you feel when you are sleeping and dreaming, at least for a while. The transition stage will be the roughest moment because you will for sure know you are dead, and you will start to see weird things like some light, some waves, some sounds, like how you are in a messed-up dream. Everything makes you scared and confused because you are new here and you don’t know what is going on.

Soon after this stage you shall be settled down and your vision will be clearer, then you will start to see the world there. However, if you are not a cultivated Taoist, you will be in passive mode, meaning that you cannot really do anything but just float around and see what happen, because your soul is very weak and new to this environment.

Ideally, you are supposed to wait until your Yuen Sun is ready to regroup with you. Then you will see a light from above, which draws you back up and you feel like you got sucked into a white light, then somehow slept, and woke up in another world that looks like this one here. This is your Yuen Sun, the spiritual planetary body that you have been cultivating your whole life. If you did a good job, this planet is nice and friendly to you. If you did a bad job, you will be like living in hell. The lifespan of Yuen Sun is quite long, and it is for sure much longer than here, so you will be seen as an “immortal”. Eventually, you will die again from the Yuen Sun and then cycle to another life somewhere, reborn as another living being etc.

As you can see, death is just a cycle, from one life to another, and then another. It’s nothing to fear about.

Threats and Danger

You might want to ask if death is so easy, why do people need to get a funeral ceremony done to get the same result? The answer is, what I have described above is the most ideal and natural process, and life is not perfect, so you won’t end up like that most of the time if you have not done anything to ensure that happens.

What happens the most, in reality, is that people who just died, are most likely to be captured or enslaved by the evil tyrant around the place. These are like the evil lords in D6, they will look for prey and capture them as soon as they die. This is one of the unavoidable disasters for most people. When you got swallowed in, you don’t just vanish, you entered the Yuen Sun of these evil lords, and become their slave. Having us at the back doing the funeral ceremony will ensure this doesn’t happen.

Death of Animals

The theory is the same, read up on the “Taoist Funeral Explained” post and you will understand. However, the difference is that animals’ souls are much smaller and weaker than humans. Therefore, if they are to be captured by evil tyrants in D6, they will be captured in bulk like a fishing net effect.

If you have a pet, you can have us do a funeral ceremony for the pet send the pet to Dai Law Tin as an animal too. Since they are so small in size, it would be easier to deal with, and the pets are often much less stubborn than human-ghost, so they will for sure accept your ordain offer and become a Taoist cat or dog etc.  Another option is to send the pet to your (the owner)’s Yuen Sun. Then when the owner dies and goes through the funeral ceremony, the pet will go with the owner together in one go (to Dai Law Tin).

By the way, pet in D6 the spiritual realm will be able to talk to the human ghost. They have no language barrier in that dimension, so you will be hearing them in whatever language you know.

Death Energy (AEP)

The worse thing about death will be the death energy which is very natural but awful. This energy is when all the evil pollution energy explodes at once when someone dies, and it fills the whole place with this death energy bomb that we called AEP (after death evil-energy pollution).

If you are a Taoist and have been doing a good job cleansing and purifying yourself daily, then you should be very much off the list here. But if you are an ordinary person, you will be dying and polluting the world for sure. All the evil energy that you have accumulated all your life that got suppressed and stuck inside your soul and body or even your properties such as your house, car, any belongings and such will start to vent off a grey smoke and this is going to gather up in the mid-air and then spread to everyone that you knew when you were alive. The closer they are related to you, the more they will have out of this big pool of waste energy. That means, if you are a very dirty person with all that evil energy, you will be poisoning all your close relatives when you die, and this energy will stick onto people for a long time.

AEP will stick onto people for max up to 10 years, and if not cleared it will go to the people’s Yuen Sun and keep staining deep into the preheaven side, causing people to have a lot of bad luck. There are cases where one person died, then the whole family starts to experience a big drop in luck, and they all start to go downhill for years; business failing, family breaking up, and then some even become jobless and such.

For the AEP that you get from people or even animals (like road kills) you can cleanse them out but it is more than just doing your cleansing spells. You have to help those soul fragments to “move on” and transition to the next phase in their journey, and so that these energies can regroup with the ghost in dimension six.

To do that, you can use the spells we have taught in the lineage called 萬靈往生咒, just ask on LINE for the teachings and we will teach you how to do it. In case you don’t know any spells yet, then make sure you know the name of one god, 三羅太乙救苦天尊 Saam Noh Taai YIoh Gew Fu Tian Juan. Simply close your palms, then recite your heart spell, and say this god’s name 3x and tell the god to help you deal with it, you will also be able to channel to this god that is responsible for dealing with these things. If you are faithful and truthful, your request will be heard and the AEP will be dissolved.

If it is not dealt with, you will keep on feeling those negatives bugging you all day, and that means you must contact us on LINE to ask for help. We will help you clean it up.

No matter what, death is something we will all be facing one day. There is no need to fear that. But then, if you realized all that AEP and threats ahead, should you now be aware of how important it is to learn and cultivate your Taoist magic daily and get cleansed daily?  Even when you die, you don’t want to pollute this world and poison all your relatives to curse them bad luck. Even you are not intended to do so, but because you did not clean up enough, you are then already a bomb yourself.  

Ordain today to start learning more or move on to read about the Taoist Funeral! If you are new to Taoism, read our “First Taoism Book”!