Funeral for Taoist and Disciples

Funeral for a Taoist and how to deal with your body remains after death is critical, and important, because it affects your future greatly, as in the future beyond this life. Many might already know that life does not end with a blackout because you can see the trees and flowers or almost everything in nature goes through the cycle of birth and death, and reborn again after a year or a certain cycle. Yet the form might have changed, but the soul does not. For a Taoist of Saam Law Tin Si Tao, learning in our lineage, we will get your perspective on this subject cleared up and so you know what to expect, what to plan and you are all prepared before the day come.

First of all, as a Taoist, and disciple of this lineage, you should already know that we have the cultivation of a morning and evening rites, which you can cultivate daily to get yourself a much better development with your spiritual energy. By doing this practice all the time, will also ensure you that your life is going to be smooth, and your death shall be a peaceful one. The most commonly asked question is, how shall a disciple handle his or her body remains and what to do for a funeral and such?

A good Saam Law disciples (stage one) with heart spells cultivated for more than 49 consecutive days is ensured to have their soul fully regrouped and delivered to their Yuen-Sun (spiritual planetary body) after death. After that, the whole Yuen-Sun and themselves will be guarded and protected to stay within the lineage Pre-Heaven energy network and can live on as what we call an immortal in the lineage. This in Chinese is called 魂歸道山 Wun-Gwai-Doe-Saan (Cantonese) meaning your soul is back to your Tao mountain, which is simply your soul going back to your own spiritual planetary body as one unit, and there goes your life in the Pre-Heaven. Relatives or children of this person can choose to just have the body remains burnt and buried or disposed of, because the bones and other things are not linked to the person anymore (since the soul is all regrouped and went back to the Yuen Sun). Therefore, there is no need to have any tombstone or burn incense for the person etc. There are no more attachments from this person to anything in this world, and the disciple basically moved on to their new life already.

What makes this path better than the experience of a normal person? A normal person does not have any support from a lineage or anything, and so their soul fragments will be scattering here and there, with energies distributed to everywhere, while these soul fragments will want to try to attach to the person’s belongings or even friends and relatives, as their new “homes”. The soul fragments are energies, and they will want to seek for a “container” since the old one is gone. Whatever is closest to it, they will give it a try and start bonding in. That is also why some people “feel” the person who passed away as if they came back or is around the house because it’s the soul fragments that is tagging around. These energies are not good to stay in this dimension because it should move on and be dissolved.  While the soul fragments are trying their best to attach to things and absorbing their positive energy to neutralize them, they will be also outreaching and distributing to more subjects to share the load, and as the energy is distributed and diluted enough, then it’s neutralized and the transition is over. However, life isn’t as smooth and easy most of the time. Being able to have all the soul fragments neutralized and settled is already a happy ending. Most of the time, there will be hungry or starving spirits, the evil spirits and such, who want to get stronger by eating these soul fragments up. If that is the case, the person who is being eaten up will also feel the whole process and that is why dying is a scary thing sometimes. Just like when your body is not dealt with properly, you will get eaten by worms and all sorts of scary stuff – and imagine if you can still see it, sense it, and feel it at the same time (because you feel and sense with your soul energy!).

The common practice done by the Chinese is to build an altar for the person who passed away, and by summoning the person’s soul fragments to the altar, regrouping it, and empowering it with daily incense upload, they will be able to accumulate enough spiritual energy to neutralize and settle the soul’s energy. After a long term of accumulating these energies, the soul will be able to transition through and be drawn back to the Yuen-Sun. Usually, the time can vary from 18 to even 60+ years of work. This is better than being chewed up by evil spirits or being enslaved by any evil entities in the air, though, at least you are saved by the relatives!  However, that’s a lot of work to do, for a long time. Once the person is back to their Yuen Sun in the Pre-Heaven state, the person is then said to have become the family immortal, 家仙 Ga-Sin (Cantonese).

What’s so good about being back to the Yuen-Sun as “immortal” anyway? Being back to the Yuen-Sun is like a plant being able to go back to its seed stage, and back to its original form, and so they can get another good life cycle going again after a cycle of nature. At the same time, they are also on a peaceful route, without any surprises and turbulence. Dying in peace, or resting In peace, as most like to say.

With the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung, you do not need to go through all that hard work and accumulate these energies after death, because the lineage have taught you to accumulate and build up your energies before you die already, and so everything is basically done and prepare before you die, and not after you die.  If you lack resources and such, the lineage backs you up and fill in the gaps for you.  As a basic disciple in the lineage, you are already covered and protected, and so there is no need to worry about how your after-death journey is going to be like. You can have your relatives do whatever they want to your body remains and property, just don’t get them to do another “religious” ceremony for you to spoil everything the lineage have done for you because things will conflict when someone is already doing work and another party jams in.

For our stage 2 disciples, the Sun Lung disciples, or the stage 3 and 4’s, you will be even more secured and ensured.  These disciples can be ensured that they will be at the stage as mentioned above, and also be en-route to being cultivating and developing your Yuen-Sun while you are ascending to Dai Law Tin, the original Pre-Heaven universe, back to nature.  This is the route of going back to the one point where things started, and the success of this stage is what we call 白日飛升 Baak Yat Fei Sing (Cantonese) meaning you will be contained back to the sun (metaphor for your Yuen Sun) and ascend upward, to beyond this zone of the universe, and back to the Pre-Heaven original universe. The successful ones will be cultivated to become 大羅金仙 Dai Law Gum Sin, back to the complete form of being in this Pre-Heaven world. This is not as easy as it sounds, but at least we can say that even the disciple is not there yet, they will still be cultivating inside the lineage’s Pre-Heaven network and be training and advancing to this route. This destiny will help the person to break through the limitation of the cycle of life, and be no restricted and limited to this birth and death cycle anymore because they have achieved back to their essence and united form, the complete form.

What if the journey is too hard or maybe you are having trouble “ascending” while cultivating after death?  No worry, because there are the lineage and the sifu(s) and even maybe your family and friends who are part of the lineage can be doing things for you to give you a hand from this world. We have magic to help you regroup your soul fragments to ensure the safety and success of the initial transition, and we can also do things to boost and empower you while you are in the Yuen Sun, and also send help your way to push you upward and ascend with success.  Remember that we focus on teamwork and staying together as a team in the lineage, and that applies to you after you die too.

Families and Friends Passing Away (Not Disciples)

What if you have friends or relatives passing away and they are not disciples of the lineage?  Then the first thing you need to do Is to see what the person wants for his or her after-death and not what you want to do for them. Respect their wishes and will, if they choose to die and have things done this or that way, it’s all their own choice and you do not interfere with it. But if they do not know or want your help, or they are left open for anything, then you as a disciple of the lineage can request service done for them, or you can be sending help to them yourself too. We can help people do funeral / after-death ceremonies to get them at least a peaceful and happy transition, pushing them back to their Yuen-Sun and getting them safely landed back to their “home”.  There is no need to worry about storing their bone ashes in a temple or anything because when the magic is done, the person is then fully transitioned through already and nothing from this world matters to them anymore. Simply said, they have moved on and you should move on too.

In conclusion, as a disciple of the lineage, you are guaranteed and pretty much ensured to be in a pretty good stage after you die, because you are not alone, and you are always supported by the lineage. For your friends or relatives who are not in the lineage, they can also get help from us or even you, to get them a good transition and so they can also move on nicely too.  Handling an after-death ritual nicely can avoid many disasters and bad happenings to come, and doing it poorly can make everything and everyone unhappy or trigger up many unpleasant happenings because of the negative energies and the death energy that is not settled properly. We strive to live well, and so we should die well. We live in peace and will also die in peace. That’s at least our minimal requirement or desire, as a Taoist of Saam Law Tin Si Tao 三羅天師道.