Funeral for Taoists Explained

What to do when a Taoist dies, and why, where are they going after that? This is a big topic, but I will make this an entry-level article so that everyone can understand and get an idea of how things work without getting your brain fried. We will be digging into the funeral that we do in our lineage.

Purpose of a Funeral

The purpose of a funeral is to make sure the disciple (Taoist) can achieve 3 goals:

  • To be protected right away so that their soul can regroup and be safe under the protection of our gods here
  • To be cleansed and empowered for preparing them to move on to the next journey
  • To help them move on to the next journey by pushing them to the destination with the help of the gods in Dai Law Tin.

The end goal is to have them travel to Dai Law Tin and be living a new life there as a part of that world. Simple enough, you are going from this world to the world where the gods are and living a life there.

To a Taoist, death is nothing to fear and be sad about. Instead, we should be happy that the person finally completed their mission here and is allowed to move on to the next journey.

That is right, you cannot just suicide and claim you are dead, then have a funeral done for you because that’s not a real and official death. You are just escaping from life, which results in your soul not being able to fly to Dai Law Tin no matter how hard you tried.

Again, the main purpose of a Taoist funeral is to ensure that person can move on to the world that we connect to, which is called Daai Law Tin, and be living a happy life there. Just like people who believe in Jesus, they will have to go through their funeral to go to where their Jesus is, it is very similar.

For those who are NOT a Taoist disciple under our lineage, we can still do the same thing for you when you die, but the difference is there are two options:

  1. You will be getting everything BUT going to Dai Law Tin, because you choose to not ordain as a ghost. Therefore, you will be sent back to your Yuen Sun and be living a lifetime there, waiting to be reborn again. This is the best route possible for a human being. There is no better way, and this ensures their safety too.
  2. You will be accepted to ordain as a ghost, and the lineage will accept you as a disciple and also ordain you into Saam Law Tin Si Tao. That way, you are a Taoist ghost now, and you can still move on to Dai Law Tin like how all disciples can do.

There will be people who ask, what about if the person who died belongs to another religious path, can you do a funeral for them too? The answer is yes, we can. Just like what we said above, we can do everything we can except the ordain and going to Dai Law Tin part. At least your souls are healed and you will be sent to the Yuen Sun which is your own planetary body. If the god of your religion decided to take you to their “heaven”, they can also do that to you later by taking your whole Yuen Sun (with you inside). That’s all up to you and that other god to decide what to do. But you can also change your mind during that moment as a ghost, and you can decide to convert to become a Taoist, then go to our place instead. That is fine too.

What is Involved

To do a funeral, what is needed is the information of that person, like how we explained in the other article about distance magic representative. We need to make a representative of you and regroup your soul there, then your “ghost self” will come over and be participating in the ceremony. We can see you too, most of the time the ghost will be visible by us who are doing the magic. I have done mass funerals, where I saw a lot of ghosts coming together and how they accept the ordain by kneeling and bowing in front of us.  It’s really cinematic, but that’s a real experience.

The corpse and all that is not needed, it’s just the human who wants to make money so they offer all that burial and such service. That part is up to you because it doesn’t matter much. You can be burnt or buried or whatever, just don’t let people torture your body. The best way is to just burn and discard the bone ashes and get it all dealt with by nature. You don’t need that stuff around.

The problem with the body being left behind is that only if you have not been treated by a funeral ceremony like ours, you might be hanging in the spiritual realm for a while, and during that time your body acts like a sensor and kept giving you senses and hearings of random thoughts from people you know or things like that, which can cause you to explode from madness if people kept talking behind your back and so on. If you are going through a proper funeral ceremony like what we offer, then it will be all dealt with in the ceremony, you won’t have any of these horrible experiences for sure. Once you are really gone to Daai Law Tin, you are gone, with no more connection to here.

To be honest, we don’t even need all the relatives to attend. All we need is the information and maybe a picture to help the channelling and searching process. Once the ghost is here, everyone can be gone and we can do our part on our own side. The thing about getting relatives to gather up is all because ordinary people don’t have magic power, so the more relatives around thinking of the dead person can help to suck the person’s soul back and that will help the ghost regroup and such. However, since we have magic, this is not needed.

If there is anyone who is dead in your family, just send us the information and we can do everything on our end without you even attending. This is the real deal, just working with the ghost, and not doing a “show” for the people who are alive.

A lot of those “Taoist” funeral ceremonies in Asia are nothing but a show for the ones who are still alive. Those who are doing ceremonies are often part-time hired to “dance” around too. They are not even real Taoist and all they do is do a performance for the money. In reality, all that is not needed.

However, the truth is that the real ceremony part does cost a lot of time, energy and work to be done. Including all the prep work like writing FU and prepping things, it will be about one week of work, and the ceremony is over 3-4 hours long.  To us, funeral is the biggest ceremony that you can be doing, because any human being can only die once, and we must give them our BEST effort to ensure they REALLY get there. It is not a joke; we do take this VERY seriously.

Disciples in Lineage

For disciples who are in the lineage now, you might have thought, what if you die tomorrow or tonight, what should you be doing as a dead person. How can you prepare yourself and such?

Here are 5 things you should be doing when you are dying:

  1. Make sure you try to tell people to inform us on LINE that you are dying and get in contact.
  2. DO NOT cry or feel sad, instead, try to close your eyes and recite the heart spell(s) or scripture you have been always doing.
  3. If you have an altar at home, make sure you get someone to burn incense and tell your gods that you are going soon and have them take care of you.
  4. Get your TAO ROBE, beads, or other magical tools and put it on to protect yourself.
  5. When you see yourself closing your eyes and such, you will enter the spiritual realm, stay calm and wait for us to arrive. In the meanwhile, think about “yourself” and keep reciting heart spell slowly. You will soon see our arrival in that realm to lead you to our altar.

Hold onto your Tao power, your faith is the only thing you need to get yourself to the safe zone. When it is your time to die, don’t forget we are always ready to take you to the next journey!  Ordain today to learn more about these, or just to secure your death-plan! Also, read up on Taoism vs Death!