Ghost Immortal 鬼仙

After reading about the article on death, funeral, and even ghost world, you should be very much hooked by now and wanted to know more about what happens if the ghost in the ghost world “finish” their life there and go to the preheaven. This is your answer, keep reading!

The ghost that transitions from dimension nine to one, back to preheaven and into their Yuen Sun, is called “Ghost Immortal”. It is very much like a “god” in this world. Let me explain.

Life in a Yuen Sun

Remember the property of the ghost world? This one is even wilder. In the ghost world, you cannot make anything you want because everything that you create will need the soul energy as a cost. However, in the Yuen Sun, you don’t have that limitation. In here, you are free to make anything, and instead of costing the soul energy, it only costs your HEART energy. The heart energy is the energy that you have inside you which makes you “want” or “love” or “hate”. Therefore, if you want anything, it will be made and appear in front of you. You can create anything, it’s wild. Imagine you don’t like the mountain and how the plants look, just wave your hand and the place is changed to what you wanted. It’s a totally “god mode”.

So, what is the catch here? Why can you live like a god and just do anything or make anything you want?!

The thing is, you can now have the ability to connect, listen, or even see what’s going on in the real world with people you know. You can see what they are doing or saying, as long as it has something to do with you. Sometimes you might be frustrated about why people say this and that about you, or why they don’t even talk about you, and you feel lonely, cold, and not happy because you are alone.

You don’t have the fear about survival, because in this world there is no hunger, no tiredness, and you are like in a perfect condition all the time, so you don’t even feel the fear about being lost in the wild and such. If you see any wild monsters come at you, just wipe them out with your “magic power” and they are a goner. The only thing is that you are very bored.

What’s next? Let’s create some people then, so most of these ghost immortals will create their own people, society, and start watching them and being part of them. As we say “playing God”.

Then the ghost immortal will want to do things to interact with people in reality who are still alive. Some find people they hate to revenge on them, some find people they like to bless them and help them. By then, these ghost immortals can know how to send their energies to people here by beaming it to their Yuen Sun, so that the Yuen Sun will beam it back down to the human being. That is why most of these “relatives” will want to visit people in their dreams because they are bored.

The crazy thing is that they have no “distance” and “time” limit in D1, so you can instantly “flash” yourself here and then “flash” yourself there, travelling is easier than copying and pasting a file on the computer. You can even flash yourself to your grandson’s Yuen Sun and see how they are doing in that Yuen Sun too. As long as your thought and intention are there, you can flash over. In a way, you are being a god already, and this is the happiest thing that you can imagine for an ordinary person who passed away because you are at least not like the ghost who is always “hungry” for souls.

You have everything you want, you are superman, you are the god, you can see everything you want, hear everything you want, and even interact with reality and play your god game. What else can you ask for?  By then, you are going to also realize every secret with nature, like you just unlocked the master-code and see all the source files. Everything is no longer a mystery to you, and you feel like you are at the max level already.

Death of the Immortals

When will you die in that Yuen Sun world if you are having so much fun doing anything you want?

When your heart dies, then you will die. The whole world relies on your heart power, and the Yuen Sun also links to this heart power of yours. If your heart is dead, you have no more desire to keep going, then you will eventually die. However, most immortals will not die easily, they live on and on for quite some time.

When people die from this dimension, then they will cycle to the next life cycle to be born in reality again, ideally. However, most of these immortals in their own Yuen Sun are also a hot target for the evil tyrants in the spiritual dimension that is more prehaven than them. So, you can imagine that your happy hour won’t last very long if you are just an “ordinary” immortal up there. Unless you learn to team up, otherwise, single immortal will be just another lunch for the evil tyrants up there.

Some extra for you - that is why you can worship the ancestors and "some" will be able to respond back to you giving you dreams, or even blessing you and giving you good luck etc. However, they can also be revenging on you and kicking your butt if they need to!

Whew, that’s too much for today. I will leave you pondering and thinking about it in your dream.

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