The Chinese God of Literature 文曲星君

In the seven stars, the star number four is called the Munn Coke 文曲 and is often seen as a “star” or a “god” in the culture. There are also stories saying that Judge Bao is another reborn of the God of Literature too. We all know these are just fictional stories, but the power of this Munn Coke star is very important. Let’s dig into this topic and know about the god and the power of this “star”.

What is Munn Coke 文曲

Munn Coke 文曲is referring to the power of how one can make changes with things they have intake or learned. Therefore, you can test if one is good at their Munn Coke power by asking them to write an essay about a topic they have learned.  If they just write what they have listened to, without any thoughts of their own, that shows their munn coke power is poor. Those who are said to be a Munn Coke god reborn, are usually wise people who can use what they have learned and apply it to things they have to do. For example, Judge Bao is a smart person who have a lot of education background, and he use that to apply to his job, being a good judge and investigator.  If you just know to read books and never understand it and make it your own wisdom, then you are purely a robot.  As compared to people who only know how to memorize other people’s writings and throw them out when need – like a robot, those are really the opposite of Munn Coke power.


The Star

In the nine stars theory which we talked about in the past, Munn Coke is the fourth star, or you can say it is a preheaven energy. If this energy is doing well and giving you help, you can see your Munn Coke power goes up, and you will be able to learn things and apply them because you can understand things better and put them to actual use.

In Fung Shui, we say that when star 1 and star 4 is meeting up in the same spot, there will be for sure someone getting famous and such. It’s kind of true. Star 1 gives you the light, which empowers your vision in life. With good vision, and smartie power of star 4, you will be able to solve many problems and figure a lot of things out easily. That way you can have a better opportunity of being successful in life or especially in school if you are still studying.


How to Get the Help

To get the help from this star #4, the Munn Coke power, you can use Taoism FU or basically ask one of the gods for help if you have someone like the Judge Bao on your altar, consecrate the statue, and get his help. There is an Academic Luck Boost FU in our store which you can request for, and pair that up with a FU TAG to ensure your FU is safe and protected from physical damages.

There are so many way so get this power into yourself, but it requires you to learn in the lineage and understand more theories first. Ordain today to get started.