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Money Luck Boost Magic Ceremony

  • Money Luck Boost Magic Ceremony

Tin Yat Dragon

Money Luck Boost Magic Ceremony


Everyone inquire about money luck magic and want some more luck boost with their business, want more money, more luck, more fortune, and here is your long-wanted money luck boost magic!  We are not a scammer, and we do not give you a charm and say that it will make you win the lottery.  Before you purchase this service, please read carefully about what this magic can do for you and what to expect from it. 

DISCLAIMER: This is not an “instantly get rich” kind of scam-magic, and there are no such things as “get rich magic” in this world. If you can find a Taoist master who says they can do it, it is mostly a scam, because it cannot happen in nature.


Real Magic for Money Luck – How Does It Work

Real magic or I should say, Taoist magic, is to use the pre-heaven energies to help things in this world get better. The pre-heaven energies are nature’s “resources” to create reality, it can be said as a form of “creation” energies. 

However, you might not be getting enough resources from nature or the resources given to you does not fit what you are doing, and there goes the lack of energy for what you are trying to do, and that is why things in reality isn’t blossoming or happening.

You can see it like this, the pre-heaven resources are like electricity from a power plant. Everything in this world needs this electricity to power up for it to start working. You might have a light bulb created but it just doesn’t have enough power and that is why it is not glowing or not glowing as bright as you wish.

Our Saam Law Sun Gung magic has the ability to reach into pre-heaven and push out our “cultivated” resources which can be tuned to the specific kind of resource that fit what you are doing, and it will power up what you are trying to do, or what you are doing, giving you more potentials, energy, and power to success.


Who Need Money Luck Boost Magic?

First, you need to have a plan or something that you want to do to make money. For example, you have a business, you have a project, you have a house to sell, or you have might be hosting a booth at a convention show to promote your business and you want more opportunities.

Secondly, you cannot just want the magic to help you with “everything”. You must have one thing that you want help with, then the magic can help. Be specific!

Thirdly, getting money luck boost magic done will not result in a raise for your salary, get you win the jackpot/lottery, or bring you surprise cash. 

Now that you have a plan, a way to make money, or gain more business opportunity, then you can purchase this service.


What to Expect?

After the magic is done, we will be doing the magic by distance ceremony method, and also sending you FU Talismans. You will be getting the FU Talismans by mail and will be required to use them as instructed. After everything is done, then the magic work is done and you will then move on to do your part with your best effort and things will get better than it should be.

Remember in our “what is luck” article, if the human part is not done well, your success won’t come too. You must do your best to get the success you want!

This magic increases your potentials and helps you to success in things, but it does require you to put your equivalent effort. (For example, if you are selling cakes, and your cakes are not tasty, even with 100x the ceremony done, your cakes won’t sell well!)



Distance ceremony like this one is best to be done no more than 3 times for the same thing. IF you have done it 3 times and still don’t get the results you want, then it means that your life really does not have such potentials and it's best to wait or “increase your potentials” by cultivating Saam Law Sun Gung magic yourself.

If you are those who need to boost your business luck and money luck all the time, or you want to add more potentials to things all the time to make life better, feel free to “learn the magic yourself”.


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