Ordain Ceremony for Taoism - What is Involved

Ordaining means to 皈依 Gwai Yee to a Tao. Gwai Yee is Cantonese, it means to submit yourself to a source that you can rely on and by doing so you are letting the source take care of you. Ordaining into Saam Law Tao here, it makes you’re a Saam Law Taoist, because you submit yourself to the power of Saam Law Tao, then all the gods of Saam Law will take care of you and give you the blessings and powers you need to go through your hurdles in your life.  This article will be a layout of what is involved in the ceremony and what you get from ordaining here.

What You Get - Three Treasures

You ordain, then you have agreed to submit yourself to the Tao, and that means you are giving your trust, faith, and determination by showing loyalty, honesty, and discipline. As a disciple, there are rules to follow, such as our 5 virtues, 10 commandments and so on.

Three treasures that you get in return for your commitments are:

Tao 道 – the god is giving you a path to walk on, a direction to focus to, which is cultivating the Tao and working toward your goal after death, going to Dai Law Tin to continue a life in the Taoist’s “heaven”. You will be granted a Taoist name from the gods, which gives you the identity of being a member of this big family, and being the god’s disciple.

Ging 經 – the lineage is giving you the content, the materials, the magical methods like spells and such as a tool for you to use whenever you need. They are for helping you handle situations in life and solve problems when hurdles arise. You will be granted heart spells, which unlocks the power to use these tools.

Si 師 – the masters, which involves me and your uppers who can teach you and guide you to use the tools and helping you stay focused so that you will not fail in this path. Whenever you face a hurdle, the master is here to help and teach you, keeping you strong and protected. You will be granted the position in the lineage, which puts you into a group to learn. For example, Saam Law Stage.

How it’s Done – The Ceremony

The ceremony is done by me or a Sifu who is authorized to do the ceremony to accept you on behalf of the Tao. The ceremony is done by distance, since we are accepting disciples online. We will require your name, date of birth, and a photo of you to do this ceremony.

There are 10 procedures as follow:

  1. Invoking the gods.
  2. Creating a representative of you.
  3. Submitting the form for requesting the acceptance and getting a final confirmation from the gods about the acceptance.
  4. Getting the power from the gods with FUs.
  5. Cleansing and purifying your energy.
  6. Injecting the FU powers into your representative.
  7. Sealing your body and setting all the “features” to program your energy body and routing all the magical power’s flow.
  8. Final empowerment to coat you over with the powers
  9. Sending off the representative to you (flying the magic out)
  10. Concluding and close altar.

The ceremony is about 1 hour long and that does not include the prep time like FU writing and all that. You are paying the money as an offering to the gods and lineage, not for the ceremony “work” as a “service”. That is why your payment cannot be refunded, especially when the work has been done. An offering is like a gift, you cannot take it back once you have given. For our policy, we will allow the refund of this payment if the ceremony was not done on our end. Once it is done, it’s done, then no more refund allowed.

A disciple can decide to quit or withdraw anytime, but nothing will be refunded just because you gave up your Tao. There is nothing that will be done on you if you just leave by peacefully telling us your will to withdraw.

How to Get Ordained

Ordaining is simple, just go to our store and start there. Nothing hidden is involved. You don’t need to meet us in person or even match timing. Welcome to ordain and start learning!