Farewell the Bad Luck (CNY Day 6 and 7)

Chinese New Year Day 6 and 7 is an important day, which many traditions call it “farewell the poor” or maybe more accurately is the “bad luck” that you want to say good-bye to. Here we will explain about this and how to make it effective for you and not just following another tradition that doesn’t make sense to you.

How it Works

The Chinese New Year, or the first month of the lunar year, is like a small model that represents a pattern for the whole year. Therefore, if you follow a good pattern in this month, your whole year will be just like a bigger version of this month’s pattern, which results in good luck and smooth year.

According to the 9-star theory, the 6 and 7 is very important, as 7 is the phase when things get “out the ground” and 6 is like the phase that build up the internal pressure before things are launched. What do you want to launch out of the ground is the question.

You want to say goodbye to things that make you poor or whatever symbolizes poverty, leading all the bad energy to go away. Gather them up and kick it out

What to Do

On Day 6 of CNY, gather up the garbage and don’t throw them out yet. You should also find things at home that symbolize the luck you don’t want to have, such as broken items, clothing, and things that are bad or worn out.  Then on Day 7, throw them all out and say bye to them.  It is also good idea to do cleaning starting from the center of your house or the back of your house, and work your way OUTWARD, which also lead the energy to go OUTWARD and kick out the bad chi too.

If your intention is there, the preheaven energy will listen to you and understand what you want. If you just follow a tradition and don’t really know what is going on, then it will not work.

This day 7 is also a good time to do promotion, social networking, and launching out things for your business too. Don’t hesitate to do ads and make announcement on this day too!

Also read up on our CNY post and the one on big cleansing day!  It’s very important that you know about the importance of CNY and not create some energy bomb for yourself for the whole year!

Even better, it's time to ask Mo Choy Sun (God of Wealth for spending) for help and get his blessings to empower your promotions!