Taoist Magic for Pain and Bleed

When you see Taoist magic for pain or bleeding, you might immediately relate to the physical bleeding or pain from a physical hit, but that is completely wrong. Many people misunderstood this and thought you could replace common sense with magic, like in the movies, write a FU, and the bleeding immediately stops. There was news of people practicing magic and getting hurt by their own “magic” practice, chopping themselves with a knife, bleeding and cannot stop the bleeding. These people end up in the hospital because they don’t even realize what magic is for. I was also fooled by these when I was young; how come razor cuts cannot be cured by magic that I do? Um! As I said in the article “Qi Gong misunderstanding, “ people always misunderstand magic metaphors.

Pain and bleed-stopping magic are real, but they are not about physical pain. When you have actual physical pain and bleed, you should always use the physical remedies and add magic on top to help. Magic is not the element to fix physical things; just like when you break a bowl, you cannot use magic to undo it.

What is Bleeding

The PreHeaven energies create reality, which means whatever happened here is a sign of what is happening in the PreHeaven already. If you don’t do anything about it, the PreHeaven matter will only worsen and manifest to become something greater in the physical world.

For example, if you dropped your phone and the screen cracked, that didn’t happen because it was an “accident.” If your Preheaven energies are not having issues, how could this happen? If you don’t do something to seal the energy leakage, the problem in the PreHeaven will manifest to create something worse for you. This is where bleed-stopping magic should be applied to avoid energy leaks, which lead to your luck leaking. Some people wonder why their life seems to be “drained”, and luck is always “drained” away; maybe they don’t even realize how many bad habits they have in their life that are causing it, such as using a lot of broken things, cracked things, and not replacing them or repairing them.

The phone is cracked, the leather on the chair is cracked, the wall is cracked or has a hole from the past that is not patched up, all sorts of things like this can lead to bad luck because the energy leakage is going on, which means your life essence is being drained out for nothing, like water running from the tap that you forgot to shut. It’s wasting your life resources, eventually decreasing your potential in all the other important things.

To deal with these problems, you can use the physical method to “teach” the PreHeaven to stop leaking its energy through this spot. Naturally, we all know what to do- patch the holes and tape up the cracks; even if you cannot do a permanent fix, you can do something to temporally fix it to symbolize that you don’t want this leak to keep leaking. Once you have the mindset and do the physical activity, you have taught the PreHeaven energies to make changes, and hence the leak will stop, and the bad happenings will stop coming. However, watch out for a second break or crack that might happen after your fix!  If it breaks again, you must do the “magic” again.

For disciples, you can do the magic to seal the leak right away without doing the physical work, which is very handy for magical tools or FUs that are leaking, while you cannot sit down to repair or rewrite the FUs.

While objects can have energy leaks shown with the sign of a physical break or crack, your physical body can do the same. Let’s say you got a cut and started bleeding; your preheaven energies are also bleeding. Your energy and physical blood will bleed together if you don't stop the bleeding. Therefore, if you do magic on a physical bleeding wound, it doesn’t stop the bleeding right away. Still, you are sealing the energy in the soul to stop it from leaking further, which helps speed up recovery and prevent the wound from worsening in the physical body. It helps but cannot replace the physical method of bleed stopping, such as applying pressure or using bandages, etc.

There was a time when a person chopped his finger during cooking, and the bleeding was very bad; the person started feeling dizzy, floating, and blurry, all symptoms caused by the soul. Magic is applied to the person, then all these symptoms start to fade out, and the person can calmly deal with the blood and flesh matter without the extra anxiety and panic. You can see how this could help in case of a bad wound like a gunshot or car accident. The physical bleed still needs to be dealt with, but at least you feel much better during the process and will have a much better experience during the treatment.

However, this magic for bleed stopping is not mainly for stopping a real physical bleed; it is for dealing with the Preheaven energies leaks or the soul body leaks, which can cause greater damage that you cannot see with your naked eyes. For example, a person with much bleeding in the house (broken things) could face much bad luck, like a snowballing effect of bad luck that never ends. These leakages can also attract evil spirits to “loot” the energies away. Therefore, you will face spiritual attacks and looting.

As mentioned in the “Moon” article, ghosts love looting these energies. Beware!

Check your house for broken or old things, and fix or trash them. Before you can make the physical changes, do magic to at least stop all the leakages and prevent them from worsening.

Magic for Bleed

You can use two FU HEADs to deal with the bleeding spot for a quickie method. You would use the Tin Law Jo Si Fu Head to “patch the hole” and then add Gum Lung Sin Si Fu Head as the bandage to reinforce the seals and help them heal. The second one is optional and depends on the severity of the case.

We can use another symbol with the word 田 (farm). The spell:

一二三四五 Ya Yi Saam Si Whuo

金水木火土 Gim Su Mu Whuall Tu

黃河不流血 Wong Koh Bu Liou Hioh

填入井中土 Tian Yip Jiang Jong Tu

急急如律令 Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong

Sometimes the bleed isn’t very bad, maybe just a small crack, then you can bring out the power with heart spell HS2 and smudge some power over the spot to “patch” the spot immediately, which works too!

What is Pain

Pain in magic means that when energies are being obstructed, pain is a signal telling you that more pressure is building up to push through this obstacle. Just like when you squeeze yourself very tight or hit yourself hard, blood circulation gets jammed up; then the pain will happen.

While bleeding is often inside-out, pain is often caused by external factors obstructing the energies. A good example would be your house’s wall being damaged by something which left a mark on the wall. The mark is not a problem, but the energies from the mark will be like someone’s hand constantly pressing down on the spot, which causes the energy from the wall to face an oppressing force. This causes the wall to have pain.

Pain will affect things from “moving” and manifesting. That means things about to happen could be delayed or blocked; in a way, you will face a “luck blockage,” which results in dreadful or slow luck flow. It’s like problems would take forever to leave or end.

A bleed is often shown with a physical symptom of breaking, cracking, etc. The pain is often shown with a physical symptom of having some mark or stain “added” on top of a surface. A common one is bird droppings from your friendly visitors above, poop on the windows or windshield of your car/house. All these show you a sign that something happened on the Preheaven side, which manifests in reality, showing you a sign of pain. Quickly remove them, or else the pain will affect you more things that will cause more damage. Bleeding will make you lose something; pain will make you “have” something you don’t want. Adding “negatives” to your life, such as buying bad products, knowing bad friends, lawsuits, troubles, etc.

If someone spilled coffee over you, the coffee left a mark on you, then that’s pain. Before you can get changed or clean up completely, you could have done magic to the situation to clear the pain and reduce the chance of worsening, leading to more problems later. Some people would say that bad things keep coming at them one after another, mostly caused by this kind of pain that isn’t dealt with properly, then the energy problem manifests into other places in your life to give you more trouble.

Much vandalizing leaves a big mark behind, scratches, paint, rotten eggs, etc. Why do people do this to “curse” each other? Naturally, we all know how “pain” can damage someone’s luck, which is why people love using this method to avenge their enemies, causing them pain by leaving a mark, which carries their soul energy to keep sticking and pressing onto that spot, which obstructs your energy flow, like a bruise but in the spiritual side. If a spiritual bruise is not fixed for a long time, you can see the problem getting worse in the soul and even heart level, leading to depression, anxiety or even suicide.

A mark is often shown as a sign of the pain left behind. If you clear the mark or cover it, it will teach the energy to flow well again; however, sometimes, it doesn’t work because the energy source is too stubborn or strong. With magic, you can deal with the pain by breaking it up before dissolving it, and eventually, you can also absorb it away to let god take the impact for you. Without magic, there is a limit to what you can do.

That is also why it is important to clean up things often, like wiping your phone and tablet screens, or even your eyeglasses, all the way to cleaning your house- because you don’t want your house or belongings to feel PAIN. At the same time, the marks on top accumulate more energy on top of the surface, giving PRESSURE to the object and creating obstructive forces that block your luck. Naturally, we all know to clean up and do something to reduce the amount of pain around us, but sometimes we get lazy because we don’t realize what this cleaning can do to help us beyond the physical and visible effects. For example, I was typing my documents on the computer and suddenly felt very stuck and unable to type as fast as usual.  I took my tools and started wiping and cleaning my monitors, keyboard, and even the table. After all that, I am back to normal again, no more “pain”!  How magical!

Magic for Pain

For dealing with pain, we can use the Dei Law Jo Si FU HEAD to absorb away the obstructive force and then apply the Jee Lung Sin Si FU HEAD to speed up the energy flow (like rubbing your body very fast to make blood flow again). These two combined will help to remove the threat and ease the pain.

There is also a method using symbols of無 (clear) and 馬 (horse).

Both symbols use the spell of twelfth earthling branches to teach the energy to clear the obstruction and speed up the energy to rush through the clogging spot.


Ju Jiou Yin Miao Sin Ju Whuo Mia Sin Yiou Su Haai

Sometimes the problem is very light, such as someone touching your belongings and leaving their energies behind. These won’t have a physical mark but will have some impact because the energies are left behind for some time. To “dust off” these energies, you can also use the heart spell HS1, bring out the power to your palm, and slap off the energies immediately.

Ordain today to learn and apply this magic to remove these threats from your life. Pain and bleeding are around us all the time, even on dead objects and your house; if you are unaware of them, luck is being affected here and there. This is what we call daily life Fung Shui; observe and see how energy is being affected; it’s very easy to see, but also easy to overlook.