Taoist Magic for Itch and Inflammation

Our previous article talked about Taoist magic for pain and bleeding, then let’s go one more step further to talk about itch and inflammation! As I said in the article “Qi Gong Misunderstanding, “people always misunderstand magic metaphors. As we say in the previous article, it is not about the physical issues but more about the energy side of things, which can be a much greater issue than the physical ones.

What is Itch

Itch doesn’t have to be just from the body; you can see itch happening with dead objects or even your house or cars. Itch happens when energies keep bugging you from the outside; something trying to get in and banging into you will make you itch. You will feel itchy when you have attacks, or some people always try to connect with you with their soul energy.

A common sign of itch is when you put something on the table and suddenly fly or bugs just keep trying to get into the area to disturb or loot it away; that shows something about this object is itchy at the moment. It’s not the bug that is the problem, but the energies at the back are facing similar attacks in which the physical symptoms are just showing you the signs of what’s going on. If you let it be, the itch will worsen, and the attack will eventually penetrate and cause inflammation.

Sometimes this spiritual itchiness will cause you to have illusionary hearings or senses, such as always hearing something and thinking someone called you or knocked on your door, but there is no one there. You might think this is just a small thing, but it is already a sign that something is after you. Sometimes you might feel that someone is around or at the back looking at you, making you turn your head and look around, but there is no one there.

When we are being attacked or disturbed by some energies constantly, we might also defend ourselves with a big sneeze out of the blue. Sneezing is what our body does when we are repelling a source of disturbance in the spiritual side. However, you cannot sneeze anytime you want, and you don’t have to sneeze to deal with these “itch” problems.

Remember to look for a sign of something that kept returning and returning to bug you. For example, this troll kept e-mailing me (even though I didn’t reply to him), and it was very annoying. After blocking him off, it was quiet for a while, but then he came back out of the blue and started to bug me again. If you realize this is itchy!

Sometimes the itch is not on you but on objects and property, such as your house or car. For example, a sign would be like an insect flying around a spot outside your house, but they are not “attacking” you. They are always flying around that area, sticking around, and it gets very annoying. You would have to deal with them physically, but before you can clear them out, you should do magic on them first to prevent the itching problem in the spiritual dimension from worsening.

Itch problems should be dealt with immediately to stop the threat from penetrating further, or they could cause real damage. Just like food on a table with bugs trying to attack them, you can cover the food, and the bugs won’t be able to get in. Another way is to kill the bugs and relocate the things elsewhere to prevent them from being “seen” by the bugs again.

Magic for Itch

When you see anything getting itchy, you can use the Daai Law Jo Si FU HEAD to give the subject a coating of golden light that protects and repels the disturbing elements. If the problem worsens, you might have to use the Tin Law FU HEAD and the 4v5h seal to empower the seals for a more repelling force. If the itch still tries to penetrate, then you might have to use the Dei Law FU HEAD to suck away the disturbing elements to remove them completely.

A good magic tool for fixing itch problems in the house is the horsetail whisk which you can use to whack the itch-causing elements. Sometimes it could be the energy on the surface of your body that is attracting the trouble makers too; doing a purification and cleansing bath can help you remove the itch if that is the case.

For a quick solution, carrying a protection FU or taping one at your house's entrance area could also help repel these bothering elements. That’s why we always have FUs taped in the house to set our boundaries and not let ourselves become free targets.

What is Inflammation

While itchiness is caused by external elements bugging you, inflammation is caused by internal problems inside the system. If itchiness is not dealt with and the threat penetrates, these elements try to get out of the system like a bird trapped inside a house; they bang around and crash everywhere while destroying things but cannot get out. This is when inflammation happens. For the energy type of inflammation, you can see it through physical symptoms, which can be like something kept having trouble which surfaces from itself. Like your phone suddenly crashes, your kitchen always gets damaged, and everything is not working properly; that is how inflammation feels.  When you interact with these things, it might also drive you nuts and get you mad too.

Inflammation often likes to come with pain too, which will worsen the situation and make it harder to fix. For example, if someone is mad and beats you up, the punches that hit you will carry that person’s energy and penetrate your soul layer, which causes inflammation afterward.

When you or anything is inflamed, it will cause the internal energies to “act up,” which is how you get annoyed and frustrated easily, or the objects start to “not behave” when interacting with them like the chair kept wanting to hit you or something like that.

Magic for Inflammation

To deal with inflammation, you need to use the Ng Lui Sin Si FU HEAD to break up the harmful elements and then use the Dei Law FU HEAD to absorb the elements and trap them away into the lineage to neutralize these elements.

To prevent the energy in your house from getting inflamed, disciples should learn and do the Chut Saat ceremony every lunar 15th to clear and refresh the energies at home, which deals with the itchy and inflaming elements, if there are any. The harmful elements can be very strong and stubborn if it is from a professional sorcerer, which can be harder to remove. You must cultivate the powers at the altar to build a stronger army for handling tougher enemies.

Ordain today to learn and apply this magic to remove these threats from your life. Itchiness and inflammations are around us all the time, even on dead objects and your house; if you are unaware of them, luck is being affected here and there. This is what we call daily life Fung Shui; observe and see how energy is being affected; it’s very easy to see, but also easy to overlook.