Taoist FU Talismans Red or Black Ink

Taoist FU Talismans Red or Black Ink

Many people are curious about why we use different ink color for Taoist FU Talismans drawing. Most of the time you see the yellow paper with red ink, but why some with black, which one is more powerful?  This is actually something very specific and it’s about choosing the right color for the right job, and not which one is more powerful. A powerful chainsaw might be cool and destructive, but now you are just trying to cut a steak on the plate, is that a bit overkill for the job?  FU Talismans are done with precision and by that, we mean it, there are tons of knowledge behind the FU writing work.

As we have explained in our previous article on the nine flying stars Fung Shui, there are 9 types of pre-heaven energies or creation energies that form a complete universe. The yellow paper we use for FU Talismans are to correspond to the D5 yellow energy, which is the energy of creation, bringing things to life, and of course, being able to suck in essence from d1 and into the processing system, for life and things to happen. If you feel confused, please read the Fung Shui article!

The FU talismans that are done on yellow paper are the most commonly seen type, but we also do FU in a few other basic colors such as green, red, black and white, or even purple. The color of the paper will make the energy output to a different dimension, or property, making the energy useful for a certain kind of work.  Yellow paper deals with the “start” or “create” power, which brings things from the “inside” of things to start up.

Yellow paper FU Talisman with black ink is for bringing pre-heaven essence “into” the system or into the happening or inside of something. In another word, let’s say if you are using the FU for yourself, a FU talisman for FU water drinking. This FU will help you suck in pre-heaven essence into your body’s energy system and empowers you. That is why our FU HEADS are done in this color most of the time because it is to bring in new elements or new essence from the pre-heaven side. This style of FU talisman is called the MUNN FU 文符, meaning that it is more like a “mild” FU, or a FU that brings the essence in, and not to cause effect or use it up.

Yellow paper FU Talisman with red inkis for bringing things to live, or giving birth to things, causing effect, or exposing power from within the system. For example, if we are drinking the FU as FU water form, it will push our inner power out to cause the specific effect or changes. The color of red is corresponding to the d7 red in the theory of nine star, which is the energy of “life”, and it means something needs to be born, or come out of the system.  This type of FU is mostly called the Mo FU 武符 meaning the FU that causes effect and interacts with the externals.

What if we are using a protection FU, what kind of color is the best?
To be honest, it depends on the FU and the purpose. A yellow paper FU is mostly for helping you start up things or work with your inner energy body or your spiritual body layer. If you are wearing a FU for protection, yellow FU is best for preventing spiritual attacks or sorcery attacks. A yellow FU with black ink will help you bring in pre-heaven energies to empower you when you need the help.

Yellow paper and red ink will help you expose power and blast things off when you need it to work. Which one do you prefer?  If you saw some ghost coming at you, and you need help to fend them off or blast them away, the yellow FU with red ink will definitely work faster, while the black text will bring in helpful resources to pump you up and protect you by making you stronger. To be honest, both can work, it depends on the FU itself and what is done on the FU to program it.

The red paper FU Talisman with black ink is better for dealing with physical things, such as physical accidents and physical threats. Therefore, if you are working in a high-risk environment, you might want a protection FU but done in red paper and black ink instead of the yellow paper.

As you can see, FU talisman is not simple, even the color of a FU can make such a big difference already, and if the person writing it does not know about the theories, they will not be able to make these energies move and do work for them either. Pre-heaven energy is move by wisdom, intention and the proper “mindset”. If you do not know them, they will not know you either. If you want to learn about proper FU Talisman making, or even get your hands on the real Taoist magic, ordain today and get your hands on right away!