Invite the God of Wealth 接財神 – CNY Day 5!

On the 5th day of Chinese New Year, it is the anniversary for the God of Wealth, and if you want to have a better year with extra wealth coming to you, then you need to be not missing out the opportunity on this special day!

What to Do

There are 3 things that you must do today to get the most out of it and ensure you will get the blessings from the God of Wealth!

  1. Upload your “sacred letter” and “give offerings” to him, through the HQ here.
  2. Print out or learn to draw his FU HEAD, then draw one and put it at your altar or near where you will do step 3 below as a connection point.
  3. Chant his prayers at home facing the sky or your altar (that connects to our lineage!), or if you want to do more you can chant the whole scripture/rite too. After you are done, bow 3x and put this FU HEAD somewhere you need the help to channel to for the year and secure it there. For example, facing your working desk, in your shop, or in your wallet etc. You can find the scripture HERE.

Want to learn more?

We suggest you read up on 3 posts:

Ordain today to learn the Taoist magic that can utilize their powers more and have a better and more wealthy life!  Wish you all a happy Wealth God anniversary day!