Taoist Magic Sanctification Explained

What we mean by “Sanctification” in Chinese is called “Chick” 勅, which directly translates to “bonding in the power”. It’s like when you write a cheque, someone needs to sign it for the cheque to be able to take money out of the account. The signature and approval is what “chick” the cheque to make it “real”. A Taoism FU is just like a cheque, but instead of taking money out of your bank, you are requesting the gods to give you the power or help.

There are 3 basic things that we need to do to get the FU officially sanctified, and make it a “real FU”.

  1. Injecting the magic seed for connecting to the gods
  2. Authorizing the powers with the sanctification spells
  3. Exposing it to the gods to witness and approve

Once these 3 are done, we will do a divination with the “moon cup” and confirm if the FU is approved. If the divination say yes, then it mean the FU is sanctified and can be used.

Sanctification Spells

In our spell book series, you can find the “sanctification spells” book, it is what we use for sanctifying the FUs.

There are a bunch of “general spells” and a bunch of “specific spells”. The specific spell will always be used FIRST, which usually is related to the object’s category and such. Then, we will do the general spell to authorize the level of power. Mind you that it is not more the better, just like you won’t need to use a carpet cleaning machine to clean the tabletop for dinner.

At Tin Yat Stage, your power will be from the power inside yourself (which was given from the lineage), and also from the local altar that you just built.

At Saam Law Stage, your power can reach up to the celestial court, but you will be getting the general power only since you are still a newbie. The power is enough for cultivation need and getting general purpose help.

At Sun Lung Stage, your power grows a bit more, with the Sun Lung network that allows you to do distance magic, flying the magic power here and there, to wherever that needs the help.

At Tin Ting Stage, your power at the celestial court will upgrade because you are now working for the court, and so you can start to have higher powers for the work that you need to do, such as fighting evils and magic battles etc.

At the Sun Ting Stage and Tin Si Stage, that’s the master level, and you will need more power to deal with tougher cases, maybe a disciple who went betraying or evil, or maybe even need to communicate with the other worlds, etc. More fun stuff to be discovered by those who are interested and have the opportunity to be in that stage!

However, even you are sanctifying a FU and you are at Sun Ting Stage, you won’t need to use all that power all the time, since the FU might only need to draw power from the local to do a quick job only. You would only need to use the higher powers when needed.

A FU that has not been sanctified is no different from a cheque that has not been authorized, it does not work at all and have no power. In order to sanctify a FU you must be a legit disciple, have your heart spells, and also be able to chant these spells correctly to channel the power down.

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