Taoism FU Secret Work - Dragon Dance

Taoism FU or FU Talismans, are very sophisticated magic, it’s not just scribbling something on paper and expect it to work. There is a whole system behind it like how engineer make a fully functional computer. This article will be able a section in the FU Sanctification Ceremony, which we call “Dragon Dance” 舞龍.

The set of “dragon dance” magic is and advanced magic on top of chick fu (FU sanctification). After the FU is chicked, it’s legit and the FU will work, the power will shine, and your FU is like a glowing light bulb in the spiritual world side. However, just like a new dish of food is made, you cannot just let it be exposed or else the flavor and everything will be gone very soon. The whole set of “dragon dance” is to make sure the FU is secured and programmed to only open and work when the user receives it.

Here are the few things we do in the process, which you can see in the video demo as well:

存光 Chuen Gwong – Store up the light, it pushes everything into the object or fu, and let the power be contained. Just imagine how you are done cooking a dish, and now it is packed inside a container, stored up.  You can also imagine a document is printed, and now you put it into an envelope to seal it up. It gives the product some protection against the exterior factor, and also let the power be contained inside and not shine until it is ready to be used. This spell can also be done on the protector of the FU, so it can carry the fU around and protect it from leaking its light.

封光 Fung Gwong – Sealing the Light.  This is the famous SEAL magic, it seals the light like putting TAPE over the container and not let it come out or open up. Packing the document is good to do, but putting a SEAL over it is like putting a LOCK over things. Unless you are the owner and have the password, it won’t open up.  Locking and sealing is important to keep the FU secured and staying away from hackers.

藏光 Chong Gwong – Covering the light.  After the lock is on, what’s even better than hiding it and putting a cover or something over it to not let people even SEE the fu exist? This magic lets you use the magic to HIDE the power in d6, and so it cannot be visible and seen by any spirits.  You can also use this on yourself, or human, to avoid being cahsed by evil crap too.  You can imagine the “hide mode” button, and once it is applied, the subject will be hidden and invisible. This will avoid any “challengers” who want to loot the energy or challenge the powers later on.

保光 BO GWONG – Protect and guarding the light.  This magic is done to protect and give a guardian power to ensure the light comes out without problem. Just like a president is now on a plane, and he is about to walk out, this magic is like the bodyguard that ensures he can walk out safely.

生光 SAANG GWONG – Birth of Light Boost – This is a power boost to ensure the FU will shine its power better and enhance the FU power when being used or when the power is being exposed. Imagine a light bulb is about to shine, and this spell gives it a boost and makes it shine 3x brighter.  For FU that needs more range for the power to shine outward such as those business booster fu and such, this will be very useful. It increases the range of effectiveness and gives the FU a boost of power.

還光 WAAN GWONG – Return of Light – This is the spell that ensures the FU can know its way to return back home, and if any power is not used, or any message need to go back to HQ to get help, or the FU needs to contact the celestial court to get help, it will know its way back home. This is very useful for people who just get a fu and forget about it, so that the fu will at least know when it is time, the power will know how to go back to the celestiasl court and not have the FU power being “hang” out there.

圓光 YUEN GWONG – Rounding the Light. Rounding off, concluding, finishing touches… this is the magic to use when you want the FU to be doing its job and have the celestial court overwatch the result. When job is done, the gods will be there to “round it off” by giving it help that it needs to finish the job. Just like a soldier is sent to do a mission, but he cannot finish everything, then this magic allows the HQ to send in the missing things and help the soldier to finish off the job.

神法通靈 SUN FAAT TUNG LING – The channeling magic booster- This magic is used to put on the guardian power for the FU, so that it can be channeling to the HQ better. While the FU is powerful, if the channeling power isn’t strong, then it cannot get reinforcement when needed, or even to scream help when under attack.  This magic is like having a bunch of guardians to help your FU communicate back with HQ/Celestial Court and make sure they don’t lose the connection for power and for instructions.

All spells are in our ebook for the Consecration Spells.

Simply said, if the FU need more power and is going to do some big mission outside of the altar range, then it is best to do dragon dance for the FU.  It’s like eating food in the house, you don’t need to pack it up and seal the packaging and such. When you are going to ship the food out to a customer, you need to pack it up, bag it up and put some tape over it to ensure it is going out safely.  If FUs are used in the house and for some quick job, you don’t need dragon dance. If the FU are to be used for a big mission and outside of the house, you will need to use dragon dance. This is our common practice in the lineage.

Okie, let’s go, video time, Dragon dance start at 23:35:

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