Taoist Wedding Explained

If you are looking to host a wedding for someone as a Taoist, or you might want to do a Taoist wedding for yourself or your children, here is what you need to know and prepare!  

Why a Taoist Wedding

A Taoist wedding means that you are submitting the whole wedding record to the celestial court, letting the gods and deities also witness and keep a record of your wedding and marriage. The benefit of that is to have the gods and deities bless the married couple to help them harmonize and face the hardship in life with more power from the back helping them to face their life issues and so on. Beside that, the marriage is recorded in the celestial court, which means it goes beyond this life. When the couple dies later, they will also have able to reconnect in the other world, if they both cultivate as a Taoist to the day they die. Extending a relationship from one lifetime to more than one lifetime – to me, that is a big deal, and that is why my personal wedding was done the Taoist way.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a Taoist wedding means you have the gods witnessing you saying what you promise the other half, and if you betray them, the gods are going to go after you with the punishment as well. Remember the post I did about “god punishment”? Read up on that and you will know why you should not be cheating or betraying the other half. If you are TRUTHFUL, HONEST, and FAITHFUL to the other half, you won’t have any issue. After-all, a marriage is supposed to be about love, and not hate. If you started the marriage wrongly, the gods will also give you opportunity to fix it by pointing out your flaws and letting you see the wrong mindset – however, correcting it or not is up to your own decision.

I have to say that a Taoist marriage is VERY powerful, because it is not like a human thing only where you just sign some papers. It’s about making a promise to the other half with the gods looking over it. If you go naughty-mode later, you know the gods will also punish you and such. Besides, you will also lose all your Tao-support and even be losing your chance to be going to Dai Law Tin (the Taoist heaven) as well. You better treat your other half 10x better than you would usually do!

How to Do

To perform a Taoist wedding, you must be a higher level Taoist priest here, which of course requires you to be in at least Sun Lung Stage or Tin Ting Stage. You need to have an altar, and all the outfit and tools it takes to do a Cheng Sun (God Invoking) ceremony.

On the wedding day, the couple will arrive at the altar, and the altar will go through a ceremony to open altar, invoke the gods, submit a letter to the Celestial Court, and the priest will have a gift for both couples to carry on their body, it could be their wedding ring or some sort of pendant, anything works. This object will be consecrated and activated as a magical tool. The two bow and accept the gift, then do their offerings to the gods, bow, and the ceremony can move onto the human part where they will serve tea to the parents (Kneeling) and the parents will give them back a red packet for good luck wishes. The letter will be burnt and send to the celestial court afterward. Optional things to do is a purifying and cleansing ritual for the couple to clean up their energy and cast some love harmonizing FU on them – but that is really the optional part. The most important part is the gods witnessing and making the promise etc.

It seems like a simple ceremony, and it is indeed a very simple one. However, the one being the Taoist priest must have done a lot on their normal day to cultivate the altar, to learn the magic, and to have good credit in the celestial court. These are all small things required to build up to the point where one is able to host a ceremony like this.  It is a very serious thing, and definitely should not be taken like its just some “traditions”, because the result of a magical wedding also come with consequences if you dare to challenge the god and betray your loved ones.