Sending a Letter to Gods

During our magical rituals at the altar, it is essential to submit a letter to the gods at the Religious Court. Additionally, on the lunar 1st and 15th of each month, we should include a letter as part of our god invoking ceremony. This aspect of the ritual holds great significance, yet it is often overlooked by many. What's even more surprising is that some believe this practice can only be conducted in Chinese, but that is not the case. Now, as your interest is piqued, let us embark on this transformative lesson that has the potential to change your life.

Why Send a Letter

In every magic ceremony we perform, it is crucial to submit a letter to the religious court. This process is akin to opening a file and recording the details, ensuring that they can be tracked and referenced later on. It's similar to when a doctor files a report after conducting a diagnosis or performing a medical examination. Just as we need records in the natural world, we must submit a formal letter to the gods.

Some individuals mistakenly believe that simply burning incense and expressing their desires to the gods will instantly and effortlessly ensure that their requests are heard, remembered, and fulfilled. However, I must clarify that it is not that easy.

To effectively communicate with the gods and seek their assistance, it is essential to provide specific information. Who is involved? What is the cause of the problem? What kind of help do you require, and where and how should it be deployed? A well-crafted letter serves as a comprehensive request form, enabling the gods to fully comprehend your situation, concerns, and problems. This clarity empowers them to evaluate how best to assist you, when to provide aid, and what specific help you need.

While burning incense and "speaking" to the gods may feel like leaving a voicemail, it's important to recognize that these interactions can be prone to forgetfulness, confusion, and distortion. Just as we experience distractions and external noises that divert our train of thought, the same can occur when communicating with the gods. These factors contribute to a fragmented, distorted, and unclear message. Although the gods may grasp the general essence of your thoughts, they may not have access to specific details or be able to recall them after a short period. In comparison, a well-written letter that is clean, precise, concise, and detailed proves to be far superior when dealing with matters of great importance.

Therefore, I strongly advocate for the use of letters to communicate with the gods during magical ceremonies. They ensure that your intentions are accurately conveyed, allowing the gods to understand your situation thoroughly and provide the most effective and appropriate assistance.

Default Letters

In order to simplify the process, we provide default letter templates that serve as convenient "templates." All you need to do is print them out and customize the name and date sections. These templates are designed to be user-friendly, making it easier for everyone to submit their letters during the lunar 1st and 15th ceremonies, which occur every two weeks. By utilizing these templates, we aim to streamline the letter-writing process.

Additionally, we offer templates for common purposes such as exorcism, healing, wealth boost, and more. These templates can be utilized for everyday needs, but you are always encouraged to personalize them with your own ideas. It's important to note that the primary focus is not on grammar or literacy skills, but rather the message you wish to convey.

Ultimately, the key lies in expressing your intentions and desires effectively, rather than worrying about the technicalities of writing. These templates are designed to facilitate communication with the gods, allowing you to convey your heartfelt message in a clear and concise manner.

How to Write

To write a letter to god, it is very simple, there are 5 sections to a letter according to our standard.

  1. Connecting to who
  2. When and where is this letter being submitted, and what have you offered.
  3. What is the matter
  4. What do you want to request to be done?
  5. From who, submit to where, date.

Let’s give it a try here:


To the God of Wealth,

On Mar 3, 2022, I am submitting this letter at the Tin Yat Dragon Taoism temple. Along with my offerings and my faithful heart, I am here to submit the letter and asking for help.

Details put down as follow,

I have been struggling with my business for 3 months now, income is very low, business is very cold, and it seems like no matter how hard I try, there are no one coming.

Begging for,

I need help for bringing in customers, and of course, the customers who pays. I need help with ideas, so that I can think of ideas to promote my business better. I need helpers who can give me pointers or referrals. May the God of Wealth please give me some help and sprinkle some magical dust of wisdom upon me, and make my path easier.


Faithful believer John Smith,

Submit to the Religious Court,

On Mar 3, 2022.


It's truly that simple! You have the freedom to type your letter in any language of your choice, as long as it is a human language. Grammar should not be a concern, as what truly matters is the clarity of your thoughts and intentions. However, it's worth noting that well-crafted grammar enhances the delivery of your thoughts. It also demonstrates respect when you put effort into composing your letter in a thoughtful manner. Avoid becoming overly poetic, as it may lead to confusion.

For our Chinese audience, you can opt for either modern Chinese or the "ancient" style, similar to the default form. In all honesty, the gods care more about the essence of your thoughts rather than your literacy skills.

For disciples seeking assistance with letter crafting, please feel free to discuss it on LINE! We are here to support and guide you through the process.

How to Submit

In order for your letter to be sent to the appropriate destination, it needs to be stamped with magical stamps. This means that regular individuals cannot perform this task. The letter requires the Jo Si Stamp at the top and the Doe Ging Si TYHQ Stamp at the bottom. Your local altar serves as the medium, and you act as the authorized officer responsible for submitting the letter to the religious court. Please note that to fulfill this role, you need to be at least at the Sun Lung Stage, possess a developed altar setup, and be knowledgeable in performing the god invoking ceremony.

For regular individuals, you can send your letter to us via email, and we will submit it on your behalf. We encourage you to write your own email, but please keep it concise and utilize our 5-step method!

For disciples who have a built altar, you can also submit the letter as a normal Taoist through your altar. To do so, you need to stamp the letter with the "Jo Si Stamp" at the top and the "Doe Ging Si Stamp" at the bottom. Then, burn incense at the ground altar, read your letter once, and circulate the paper over the incense three times clockwise. Finally, burn the letter in front of your altar. This process allows your form to be submitted as a normal Taoist.

If you have an ongoing case such as exorcism, sorcery busting, or a magic battle, it is essential to submit a letter before performing the associated magic. This ensures that the case file is opened in the religious court, enabling the proper assistance to be dispatched to help you deal with the situation. Updating the court with any changes is also recommended, as the gods need to be informed. Consider it similar to updating your doctor on your progress after taking medicine—this enables them to better understand your situation.

Disciples with built altars should submit letters every 1st and 15th of the month, as well as on all anniversaries. It is a minimum requirement to demonstrate your sincerity and ensure that the efforts put into the ceremony are duly "marked on the record" and not in vain.

For those interested in delving deeper into Taoism and establishing a connection with the Tao and the religious court, consider ordaining and embarking on a journey of learning. To learn more, we recommend reading our book "My First Taoism Book" to gain a better understanding of Taoism's principles and teachings.