Sending a Letter to Gods

Whenever we perform magic at the altar, we will submit a letter the gods at the celestial court. Every lunar 1st and 15th of the month, we will also submit a letter along with our god invoking ceremony. This is a very important part of the ritual, and many people overlook it. The even crazier part is that most people thinks that this can ONLY be done in Chinese – while it is not. Now, you are interested. Let’s begin this life-changing lesson.

Why Send a Letter

Whenever we do any magic ceremony, we need to submit a letter to the celestial court. It’s like opening a file and putting down things in record so that it can be tracked and traced back later on. Just like your doctor would file a report after doing a diagnosis or some body check ups with you.  If we need things to be recorded in nature, we must submit a black and white letter.

There are many people who thinks that they can just burn incense and tell the god stuff, and then somehow magically the gods will listen to you just at that moment, and somehow magically remembers it all, and HAVE to help you. I wished it would be that easy.

First of all, where are the information, who is involved, what is the cause of problem, what kind of help do you need, and how or where the help is to be deployed?  Everything can be very detailed, for the other side to be able to trace down every single detail and give you the help that you requested. A good letter is like a good request form, it allows the gods to be able to understand your situation, your concern, your problem, and be able to judge how to help, when to help, and what kind of help you need.

While you are burning incense and “talking” to the gods, you are really just shouting out and leaving a voice mail, things can be forgotten, unclear, and even distorted. You know how we think inside ourselves right? Sometimes we are talking then suddenly some distractions and some noises that got you wandered away from your strain of thoughts. All these adds up to nothing but a distorted, fragmented and unclear message. Sure, the gods would know your thoughts in general, but maybe not the details, or maybe cannot reference back anymore after 5mins. Compared to a clean, precise, concise, and detailed letter? I would say the letter is much better for serious matter.

Default Letters

To make life easier, we have default letters like “templates” which you just need to print it out after changing out the name and date section. They are very easy for the user, and since we submit those every 2 weeks for the lunar 1st and 15th ceremony, it just makes more sense to make the letter template easier for everyone. There are also templates for common things such as exorcism, healing, wealth boost, and so on. Those are good to use for the normal things, but you can always top it up with your own ideas too. The key point is not how well you write in terms of grammar and literacy skills, but the message that you actually want to say.

How to Write

To write a letter to god, it is very simple, there are 5 sections to a letter according to our standard.

  1. Connecting to who
  2. When and where is this letter being submitted, and what have you offered.
  3. What is the matter
  4. What do you want to request to be done?
  5. From who, submit to where, date.

Let’s give it a try here:


To the God of Wealth,

On Mar 3, 2022, I am submitting this letter at the Tin Yat Dragon Taoism temple. Along with my offerings and my faithful heart, I am here to submit the letter and asking for help.

Details put down as follow,

I have been struggling with my business for 3 months now, income is very low, business is very cold, and it seems like no matter how hard I try, there are no one coming.

Begging for,

I need help for bringing in customers, and of course, the customers who pays. I need help with ideas, so that I can think of ideas to promote my business better. I need helpers who can give me pointers or referrals. May the God of Wealth please give me some help and sprinkle some magical dust of wisdom upon me, and make my path easier.


Faithful believer John Smith,

Submit to the Celestial Court,

On Mar 3, 2022.


It’s just that easy. You can type it in any language you want too. As long as it is a human language. Gramar is not a problem, it’s your thoughts and intention that matters. However, better the grammar the better your thoughts can be delivered. It also shows some more respect when you put the effort into crafting your letter nicely too. Don’t be too “poetic” and end up being confusing.

For the Chinese audience – we can do it in modern Chinese or the “ancient” way like how we do in the default form. It really doesn’t matter that much to be honest, the thoughts is what the god cares about, not your literacy skills.

For disciples, if you want help with your letter crafting, feel free to talk about it on LINE!

How to Submit

You need to stamp the letter with the magical stamps in order for it to be sent to the right place. Therefore, normal people cannot do it. You need to have the Jo Si Stamp on the top and your Goon Stamp (officer stamp) on the bottom to submit it as an officer of the celestial court. Your local altar is the medium, you are the officer with the authority to submit it to the celestial court. (That is right, you need to be at least at Sun Lung Stage, and also has an altar setup and developed, plus you know how to do the god invoking ceremony etc. in order to do this).

For normal people, you can send your letter to us by email and have us submit it for you on our end. Request for the letter sending, and we will do it for you. We encourage you to write your own email, but don’t be rambling on and on with a whole book of things, keep it concise, use our 5 steps method!

For disciples who have the altar built, you can also submit the letter as normal Taoist through your altar. To do so, your need to stamp the letter with top “Jo Si Stamp” and bottom is “Saam Law Stamp”, then burn incense at the ground altar, read your letter once, and then take the paper and circle over the incense 3x CW, then burn the letter in front of your altar. This will be allowing your form to be submitted as a normal Taoist.

If you have a case going on, such as exorcism, sorcery busting, magic battle, and so on – make sure you submit a letter before doing the magic for the case, it allows the file to be opened in the celestial court and the proper troop then can be send to you for helping you deal with the situation. Letter of update is also good to do, because the gods also need to know if anything changed. Just imagine you are telling your doctor about your progress after eating the medicine, it allows them to understand your situation better.

Disciples, who have altar built, make sure you submit your letters every 1st and 15th, plus on all anniversaries. It is a minimal which you can do to show your heart and make sure your effort of doing all that ceremony is being “marked on the record” and not wasted.

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly, establish the connection with the Tao and celestial court soon. Interested in reading more? Read our My First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!