Mid Autumn Festival and Taoism

The Mid-Autumn Festival, 中秋節, serves as a quintessential Chinese celebration, drawing families together to rejoice over the year's fruitful endeavors. The moon, radiant and full, symbolizes unity and prosperity, reflecting the collective energy of the family. Taoists of the Saam Law Tao tradition also partake in this time-honored celebration, but with nuanced layers of meaning that go beyond the conventional understanding.

Within the philosophical framework of Saam Law Tao, the sun and moon are not merely celestial bodies but potent metaphors in Taoist magic. The sun signifies the Celestial Court, the higher source of power, whereas the moon represents the Religious Court, the realm that receives and redistributes this power. If you're unfamiliar with these concepts, we have comprehensive articles you can delve into later.

As the moon reaches its zenith of fullness, disciples within the lineage use this symbolism to galvanize their spiritual practices. It's an auspicious occasion to open their altars and bridge the energies between the Religious Court and the divine entities above, thereby amplifying the lineage's collective magic power. During the ceremony, disciples extend their gratitude to the gods for the successes, triumphs, and divine assistance received in the realms of exorcism and magical combat throughout the year. Offerings of food are also placed on the altar as a gesture of reverence and thanksgiving. (Mooncakes too!)

On the human dimension, this festival is a poignant reminder for disciples to cherish their spiritual family within the lineage. This involves honoring the Cia Juans (masters), who have continuously guided them. Just as families reunite during the festival, disciples are encouraged to reconnect with their spiritual mentors, whether through the LINE chatroom or other means, especially if circumstances have kept them apart.

The importance of reuniting may seem trivial to some, considering many dine with their families regularly. However, consider the emotional impact when you've been away from home for an extended period. The anticipation leading up to this one day, the Mid-Autumn Festival, is something both you and your parents keenly await. It's a special day earmarked for family unity; regardless of how occupied you are, you make it a point to return home. This simple act warms hearts and fortifies familial bonds.

In the digital age, our lineage has blossomed into an international spiritual family, comprising disciples from around the globe. While not all may participate in our LINE chatroom, especially those in the pre-ordination Tin Yat Stage, a heartfelt email or warm message on this special day speaks volumes. It strengthens your presence within the lineage and resonates deeply with me, your Cia Juan.

Our lineage, you see, is much like a family. When you're confronted with challenges or difficulties, your spiritual family is your sanctuary. We unequivocally support our disciples, deploying our magical powers to help them overcome any obstacles they may face. Reciprocity is key: if you treat the lineage with sincere dedication, you will experience the same dedication in the form of magical love and support.

If you haven't yet taken the plunge into this extraordinary journey, consider getting ordained today. The doors of Saam Law Tao are wide open, inviting you to become a cherished member of our Taoist family.