Quitting Addiction with Taoist Magic

Addiction is hard to quit, especially the bad ones like smoking, sex, drugs, and whatever bad things that harm you and not help you. With Taoist magic, you can get rid of these addictions, and here is a post to get you started.

First, you need this scripture book called “Quitting Evil Scripture”. It is a scripture that is for our disciples to cultivate for getting them back on track with their Taoist journey if they are being distracted or disturbed by evil forces. At the same time, this is also open for anyone who have trust and faith in the Tao to use for cultivating their heart and getting rid of those evil forces that suck you into a bad habit which you want to quit and cannot do it with your own power.

To use this scripture as a beginner, you need know the main purpose of chanting this scripture is for XYZ – and this XYZ is the goal you want to achieve, for example, quit smoking weed.

You will then set a time and a schedule to cultivate with this scripture book daily for a set number of days. One day fail will result in 3 days to be added on to the schedule. I would say that you can set a small goal like 7 days in a row, or 9 days in a row. If you are ready for a harder challenger then you can go to the double digits such as 36 days, 48 days, etc. The harder it is, the more determination is required, but also the more powerful it is because of your commitment.

Try to do it at the same time daily, and keep it consistent. It is like taking medicine, you want to take the medicine in a disciplined schedule manner so that your effort is not wasted. The best time should be before you sleep or after you wake up, have the scripture beside the bed and you have no excuse.

You have 2 options, one is doing the whole book from beginning to the end, which is preferred. If you are running short in time that day, then you can skip everything but keep the “opening scripture”, the main scripture, and then the “closing scripture”. You can call this the “shortened version”. It is ok to do if you are really in a rush.

Before you start chanting, place a cup of water in front of you, put your palms together and recite the heart spell (you need to be initiated – free), and then bow to greet the god. Then, you will bring the palm up to the forehead level and tell the god that you are going to do this scripture now and ask him to put the power into the water. Bow and open your eyes. Now you can begin chanting in front of the altar. After it is all done, then you bow to thank the god, and drink the water to consume the power that has been empowered by the magical scripture that you just chanted. Repeat this until your schedule is finished. This is one of the easiest ways you can do to help you get rid of addiction.

If your addiction kicks in during the day out of nowhere, you can put the palms together and recite the heart spell and think of this scripture, then continue reciting the heart spell to beam the power in to help you control yourself.  You can also do the heart cleansing spell if you got it memorized.

Quitting the addiction is hard, but this is also why you are doing the scripture, getting the EXTRA HELP from above, and not just using your own POWER to do so. Your FAITH in the gods will help you reach the gods and channel down the power that you need. Remember you are not trying to quit it YOURSELF; you are doing all these so that the Tao can give you the power and help you quit!