Communicating with the Gods Daily

After your statues has been consecrated, they are LIVE and they are not just a “statue” anymore. There is a god inside, and the statue is the BODY of the god (not the home), the altar is the home for the god. Don’t just go to your altar daily and burn incense blindly, make sure you communicate with them, and treat them as a real human being who is above you.

When you burn incense in the morning/evening, you should look at the altar and call out the god’s name in your heart, then bow and greet, like saying good morning and such. You can also talk to them, bring your incense up to the forehead level and close your eyes, talk like a human being, and the gods will get your message.

One biggest problem with “Taoism” in China for most people is that the language barrier is extremely disastrous. Not only that it is mostly super “ancient” in terms of the words and grammar, but also there are many things made up that is to “please the king” more than building the communication with the gods (or else your religion cannot survive in history). If you are a non-Chinese and you want to learn from those prayers?  No luck, you will be scratching your head like crazy. Surprisingly, even a Chinese in the modern society won’t be able to understand those scriptures and prayers too, because they are written in “poetic way” to show off more than to talk. Seriously, a Catholic prayer is much easier to understand in English if you looked around and compare them.

For our lineage, we do not go by those “ancient” method of writing, because they are useless for the people these days. Maybe it’s nice to have in history, but they are impractical and not even going to help the Tao to be known better. What I suggest everyone is understand what you are doing, and there goes a way you can communicate with your god, in any language that you speak, and even in the grammar that you understand.

When talking to the gods, you only need to treat them as uppers, and know what respect means. Just like you don’t talk to your dad by calling their name directly, like “Hey Jack” and then expect them to be “fine” with you. Just imagine you are talking to your boss at work, or your grandfather talking to you etc. It is very easy right? Just talk properly with the right mindset, respect and virtue, it’s good enough. You don’t need to be perfect too, just like I never speak perfect in my life either. Sometimes you said something and realized you said it wrong, so you go back and rephrase it and going back and forth until the message is clear, that’s ok too. As you can see in this post, I am writing in a tone like I am really just speaking to you in person, simple, casual and easy to understand, with no high-level vocabulary, and no fancy poetic crap. You can do the same with your prayers and talk to the gods just like that as well.

There is always a structure by default, such as – you call someone first, say your message and then end with thank you or something like that. It’s easy to understand right?  Same to the communication with the gods. You start by a bow and calling their name in the heart, then you talk, then you bow to conclude and say you are done or maybe add “please help me on XYZ” or something to end your conversation.

Every god has their personality, strength, and even “special power” too. Do you know them? If not, then you should learn about them more!  Ask on LINE or in class, my disciples!

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