How Does MP3 Magic Empowerment Work

If you have been visiting our website’s mp3 download page, you should have noticed that they are not just for downloading the mp3 files, but also for the empowerments. I don’t mind giving out free mp3 samples for my disciples to learn the chanting, just like you have seen my free podcast lessons, YouTube lessons, and even blogs on this website. Why is there a price tag for these empowerments and mp3 downloads?

Each mp3 file has a small price amount attached, a symbolic offering you give to the lineage to build your TE (credit in the god’s heart).

Upon purchase, you get the mp3 file download link, which is FREE.

Then, the magic will kick in and take effect. Your action will trigger the preloaded magic power, allowing the gods to connect to you and empower you. This is what your offerings are for. You supported the lineage with your offerings, and the gods returned you with a magic power boost award.  This magic is automatically triggered upon purchase because the magic work was done in advance.

Ask yourself this question “Why did I purchase this mp3?” The reason will direct the god’s magic power in that direction. For example, if you bought this mp3 because you need to cleanse and purify yourself for this incident, the boosted power will kick in when you do the magic work. If you just bought it for “learning the chant,” you will get the magic boost for learning when you are studying and chanting along to learn. One empowerment is for one specific boost. You could be getting the empowerment for the ceremony you will be doing on the 15th, then that’s one purchase needed. If you want another empowerment for something else, you need to request that again by making another offering/purchase. The god’s power will go to you automatically upon your purchase, but your intention sets where the power will be deployed.

What does “empowerment” do exactly? It makes your magic stronger! It helps you achieve the goal and gives you extra power to back you up.

When will you want empowerment? Anytime is fine, but whenever you need help to overcome your limit or hurdles, you must remember to get empowerment. For important things like the god’s anniversaries, empowerment would also show the god how much you care for their big day, and that would make your work a lot more impressive to the gods since you are outputting more FOR THEM.

Empowerment and MP3 are not linked; you don’t have to be listening to the MP3 to be receiving the empowerment or for the empowerment to work. Once you have purchased the item, the empowerment will kick in, and you don’t need to open the MP3! You can be already good at chanting and don’t need the MP3 to tag along with, but the empowerments are separately done for you upon the offerings you submit through the purchase. Do you see how important it is to re-purchase them from time to time whenever you are doing something big and important?

This method of empowerment is very time-saving because everything is automatically triggered, and the gods will already give you the power right after your purchase.  Be grateful and thank god for giving us such a good way to utilize technology; it makes the impossible possible!