Taoist Way of Farming for Magic Power Through Chanting

Everyone is packed up, and there seems to be no time for chanting, or maybe “serious” chanting, I should say. You know, the style like you have to get all dressed up and chant at the altar with all the instruments and such. This lesson is written for everyone, not just the newbies. Read carefully and digest the wisdom because this is a lesson that I was instructed to write (with god’s guidance and teaching). The god just said, type, and they will start telling me what to write. From now on, I am only a medium!

Read in order, don’t skim, and read carefully with your eyes and feel with your heart.

The Purpose and Goal of Chanting

You don’t want to chant or don’t feel the need to chant because you don’t see the purpose and importance of chanting. Here, let me tell you this in a few words. Chanting is a way to build a relationship with the Tao and show your commitment to the gods. The goal of a Taoist is to die in the most comfortable and happy way, then go to the Taoist heaven we call Daai Law Tin. To go there, you must be qualified by the gods. Chanting is a way to show the gods how much you are willing to output for this goal.

While chanting, you are also cultivating the magic power, just like doing exercise to build your strength and energy. It strengthens your magic power and helps you improve your health and energy flow because of the exercise. However, all these benefits are just like the “side dish.” The main one is that you are showing the gods your heart to commit and how much you want to achieve the end goal.

Sometimes chanting is done as a form of magic for something to happen. For example, chanting for exorcism, empowerment, cleansing, or even harmonizing and bringing wealth, etc. These are powerful methods to get magic done, but they are also just a “side dish” or a process. The most important part is still the commitment that you are showing the gods for your end goal to get the “green light” at the end.

Starting Now, No Excuses

When should you learn to chant? Do you need an altar and tools? The answer is very simple; you start NOW. You don’t need any tools but access to eBooks for the scriptures and rites. You can use a Kindle, but if you don’t have one, you can still use the Kindle APP to read books.

Starting now means you have already shown the god you are committing to and taking action for the goal you want to achieve. It means you are already building up your credit right now.

What about starting later, like next week? Then you are still showing god something TODAY –you are NOT willing to commit and making another excuse to drag. If you somehow died this week, don’t expect the god to have any good feelings about you since you already gave them one negative impression. Not taking action is also an answer and an attitude showing god. There is no middle ground, you choose YES or NO, and there is nothing in the middle. Start today is a positive credit for you in god’s heart, then the other way is a negative credit, simple.

You have heart spells, and they are for connecting to the gods, which is already enough to get your chanting to work. You do not need to use the altar and instruments to make your chanting work!

Casual is FINE

You feel chanting is hard because you need to be glued to a chair or the altar and maybe even put on your robe to begin the ceremony. It’s not like that in reality; this is not the case here!

This is what you can do and what you should be doing. What is chanting again? Building your credit and showing your commitment to the gods. It’s not about getting all dressed up and looking fancy. You can get fancy later when you are ready. The first step is to let the god know about the event (that you are chanting). Heart incense handsign at the heart, heart spells (stomp left foot 1x each), and bring the handsign to the forehead level and say you are starting to chant (bow). Next, open the eBook and start chanting. When you are done, heart incense, handsign again, and bow to conclude. This is just as simple as it gets.

You get the idea – it’s about telling the gods you are doing it, then doing the chanting, and then saying you are done. Once you get the concept and know how to do it, then it can get even more casual.

Before you begin, grab the kindle/phone, stomp the heart spell, and chant right away. When you are done, bow to conclude, god will know what you mean.

Once you get used to it, it’s time to level up your game, blend it with other things, or do it anywhere. For example, you can start chanting while waiting for the bus, cooking, doing laundry and ironing clothing, cleaning your house, and so on. If you are chanting with the phone APP, you can put the phone on a wrist mount and chant anywhere!

For most people, you would think that chanting is a big commitment because the whole book will take about 1 hour to finish. Now that you know how easy it is to start and stop the session, you can do a bit here and there throughout the day. When you wake up, chant some spells, do some parts when you are cooking breakfast, some parts when you are in the shower, etc. Break it up into small fragments, and you will get a lot done in a day. Think about it, compared to the other “you,” which is chanting NOTHING for weeks and “waiting” for something to happen, you are making much progress already.

Memorizing the chant is fun because it becomes much easier and faster once you memorize it. You can memorize the common parts first, which will appear in almost every book. Once you have them in your heart, you will not even need to READ from the page; you can chant while taking a shower or doing other things. You can work toward this, and eventually, you will be able to do it sooner or later. It’s like a mini-game you play with yourself to test your memory and ability to memorize chanting—no pressure, though; it’s not like a test or exam. Memorization is done by chanting daily for a period, not by chanting more in just a few days.

Stay casual, chanting in short segments, and try to finish a book in a day. Even if the book is not finished, it’s fine! You can continue the next day too. Another option is to ONLY aim at doing some parts of the book daily, not the whole book – hey, it’s still a way to show commitment. Quality over quantity, trying to make just a few parts better, is also a good way to make your chanting sessions enjoyable.

Caring and Commitment

You committed by putting time and energy into chanting and making it happen. Great, but that’s not enough; the missing element here is the heart, which is demonstrated by passion, love, and care. If you care about what you are doing, you will put effort into making it nice, pretty, and perfect. Some people chant to complete the book and rush it to the end. That is commitment, but no love and passion, which makes the commitment very low in value. Even though there are four hours of chanting, every hour is worth a 1 dollar only, while the other guy chanting with passion and love only did 10 mins, but it is already like $10 worth of value.

To express your passion, love and care, you have to have the mindset of always trying to make them better, and you will learn from the MP3s to chant like how it should be done. The better you get at chanting, the more valuable your chanting is. Chanting less is fine, but quality can make a huge difference.

Is singing hard? No worry, you can start just by reading the words like a robot; take it step-by-step; it’s ok too. However, reading the words means you need to be able to read them in Saamlawnese and pronounce the words properly. Be stable and consistent; try to get something to tap on and make a consistent beat to follow along (imitate a wooden fish). The more stable your pattern is, the better it is for your chanting flow.

Whatever approach you take is all about showing your passion and love, so you CARE about what you are doing and want to make it nice, better and perfect. Never do it for completion; you won’t get much good credit by doing that. It’s like someone asks you for a date, and you go just because you were told to go, but you don’t have any hype and feelings; then what good does that date do for you two anyway? You just wasted your time for nothing in return. If you want fruits from your commitment, you need to invest your heart into it by showing it through your passion, love and care.

Any Taboos?

You might be afraid of chanting in the washroom or something like that – don’t think too much. Chanting can be done anywhere. Just avoid doing it when you are doing your business in the washroom. That’s the time you should focus on “pushing out the energy” to the bottom and out the body, not out the mouth. Otherwise, you can chant during the shower anytime, anywhere; it’s fine. The washroom itself isn’t a place that is banned from chanting. If you have to go to work and chant in the washroom to “hide” for a bit, it’s acceptable even though it might not seem very “respectful.” However, to the gods, they will understand that you are just trying to pack in the chanting time within your busy schedule.  Remember, doing it in this fashion is better than nothing at all.

Imagine the gods are just like people; you will understand them if you put yourself into their position and think from their perspective.  In case you are afraid that you would be thinking the wrong way, always bring up questions and ask them on LINE (so that your seniors can teach you the right way).

Building in Details, Use in a Flash

The process of chanting, grinding through memorization and learning the parts of magic is very painful, just like you are trying to learn a new language. However, it is not like you will have to remember everything to “use” them for real. For example, cultivating the heart spells would require you to be clear and precise to slowly and clearly say the words, making sure your pronunciations are correct, and you cannot just slur through the words. When you need to use the heart spell, it is just a “thought” that is required. It’s like asking yourself to recall the memory of your house, you just thought of it, and the house is there. You don’t need to sketch it or “print” it line by line. It’s that thought that brings up the house, and the same goes for your spells.

Chanting is like trying to draw things out in detail; it is slow and painful. However, when you need help, you need to think, and god’s power is already there. It sounds magical and easy, but it will only happen if you have spent time chanting and grinding through the “slow” part.  It’s like you are drawing a piece of detailed art on the computer every day, and when you need to “use” the magic for a real situation, you need to click the icon to open up the file; just one click and the drawing is there. If you have not spent the time to draw before, even if you click 100x, nothing shows up.

Start building your foundation today, or ordain if you still need to be in the lineage. Awards are only given to those willing to commit, not the lazy bums. Only a scam religion or path will encourage people to believe in shortcuts, don’t fall for those wrong paths. Nothing comes easy in life, and why should magic power be? I wish you all the best in building your Tao power!